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Undiscovered Bangladesh, a land of unspoiled nature!
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Welcome to Bangladesh, a country blessed with rich culture, enchanting natural beauty and the most hospitable people.
To explore the hidden gems of Bangladesh, our Bangladesh tours crafted by the specialists will take you to Old Dhaka, Sundarban National Park, Chittagong Hill tracts - the habitation of the tribal groups, the green tea gardens in Sreemangal and the World Heritage archaeological ruins in Rajshahi city.
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Bangladesh Private Tours

How to Plan My Bangladesh Trip?

It depends on how many days you want to travel in Bangladesh. If you only have 3 or 5 days, the multiple choices are: travelling to Dhaka city and exploring the largest mangrove forest - Sundarban; going Barisal to experience the local fishing market or visiting the green tea capitals in Sreemangal. If you stay around 6 to 9 days, you could cover most highlights of Bangladesh, including Dhaka city, Sundarban mangrove forest, the historical ruins of North Bengal, and the tribal groups in Chittagong.
Ahsan Manzil, Dhaka

When is the Best Time to Travel in Bangladesh?

Most of the areas in Bangladesh are affected by the subtropical monsoon climate. June to October is the rainy season, and the rainfall during the period accounts for about 80% of the year. The best time for Bangladesh tours is in winter time from November to February, when the average temperature is 11°C (52°F) to 23°C (73°F) and the weather is dry and pleasant.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Bangladesh?

Most of the foreign travelers need to obtain a visa before entering Bangladesh. Passport holders from the countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, USA, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, etc. can apply the visa on arrival. Please check with the local embassy for details before your Bangladesh Trip.

How to Get to and Travel Around Bangladesh?

Most of the international flights land at Dhaka airport. There are direct flights from London, Dubai to Dhaka. Flights from America will have a stopover at Doha or Dubai. The main vehicle in our tours of Bangladesh is private car, however, you also have chance to experience old rocket steamer, boats, trains and tuk tuk.
The beach in Cox's Bazar
Star Mosque, Dhaka

Is Tipping Customary in Bangladesh?

Tipping is not mandatory in Bangladesh. While, in most areas, people are still struggling with poverty, a small amount tip would be appreciated. There is no standard of the tipping amount, guest gives from his/her satisfaction.

What Should I Pay Attention to During My Tours of Bangladesh?

When visiting the temple and mosque, woman should wear the scarf to cover her head, and the shoes should be put outside. Before you take photos of the local children or villagers, please ask their permission first. If you want to try some local food, consult your guide and get some advice. And the most important is to take care of your belongings in public.
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