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What comes to your mind when thinking of Greece? The blue ocean, the breathtaking sunset, the exquisite architecture, the white buildings or the beautiful islands? It is really a place to bring your romantic imagination into the real world. Moreover, with a history of thousands of years, Greece also offers opportunities to explore its incomparable archaeological treasures. Feel free to let us know your travel ideas, we will create a perfect Greece tour for you.

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What to See in Greece for First Time Travelers?

Anyone coming to Greece for the first time will fall in love with it. It is a fantastic country that offers everything from romantic islands and beaches to classical history and culture, as well as its delicate foods. The remarkable city of Athens, also known as the world's ancient capital, is a place you should not miss. It is a huge museum of the ancient Greek culture. The Acropolis and other ancient ruins, the area of Monastiraki, the neighborhood of the Gods - Plaka, the Metropolitan Cathedral and some museums are the highlights of Athens. For island tours, among thousands of the islands, Santorini is the most popular one for honeymoon or family vacations. Most of our Greece tour packages have included these two destinations, which will leave you with no regrets.
Santorini Island

When is the Best Time to Travel to Greece?

Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. Summer from June to August is usually hot and dry with average temperatures of 29-35°C (84-95°F). August is the peak season because of the holiday and it will be crowded to take Greece tour packages. Winter from December to March is cold and wet with average temperatures of 5-13°C (41-55°F), while for the south of Greece and the islands, the winter is milder. There are many sunny days throughout the year and the best time to visit Greece is from April to early June and September to November.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Greece?

Citizens from over 90 countries are not required to obtain a visa to Greece. They only need to present a valid passport to the Greek immigration control when arriving at the airport or borders, and are allowed to stay up to 90 days for travel purpose.

Residents of European countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement have travel freedom to Greece for an indefinite period of time, if they are carrying a National ID Card. For other countries, visa is still needed.

How to Get to and Travel around Greece?

Most people fly to Athens and spend time there before continuing on to other destinations for their Greece vacation packages. The main airport in Athens is Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH). There are also smaller airports throughout the mainland and islands of Greece. If you are connecting to another flight traveling elsewhere in Greece, usually two hours are needed to make connections. In addition, train, ferry, bus are all available and convenient for you to travel around the county. If you are taking our guided tours, everything will be arranged by our specialist.

Is Wi-Fi Available?

Yes, Wi-Fi can be easily accessed in the majority of restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels throughout Greece and is likely to be both fast and reliable.

Are Credit Cards Widely Accepted?

Unlike other destinations in Europe, cash is the most convenient in Greece. Large hotels and shops, especially in Athens and more traveled islands, do accept credit cards, but many restaurants and smaller shops do not. In fact, some hotels may request a card to hold a reservation but require payment in cash.

ATMs are widely available in airports and large cities, but small towns and villages may only have one machine, which may or may not accept your debit card. To avoid inconvenience, it is wise to travel with enough cash during your Greece tours.