2 Days Private Lugu Lake Tour from Lijiang

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Day 1 Drive to the Lugu Lake from Lijiang, Visit the Liwubi Island and the Daluoshui Village
Panoramic view of the Lugu Lake
In the morning, your professional tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby in downtown Lijiang at the appointed time. After a warm greeting, your 2 days private Lugu Lake tour from Lijiang will begin with a comfortable private drive for around 3.5 hours. Situated about 200 kilometers (125 miles) from Lijiang City, the Lugu Lake is well-known as 'A pearl of the Plateau' because of its enchanting lake scenery and is regarded as "the Mother Lake" by the local mysterious Mosuo people. Along the way, you will not feel bored as you will see picturesque forests, terraces, meadows and folk dwellings.

Upon arrival, you will first take a small wooden boat from the Daluoshui Dock, which is a perfect way to tour the Lugu Lake, as you can not only appreciate the mirror-like lake view, but also enjoy the whisper of the soft breeze. The sculling boat drifts slowly in tranquility, passing by the islets dotted on the lake. After a 20-minute boat ride, you will disembark and have an onshore trekking on the Liwubi Island, which boasts lush plants, and towers exotic Tibetan Buddhist temples and a white pagoda.

Afterwards, we will return back to the Daluoshui Village by boat again. The village is the inhabitation place for the Mosuo minority people, where you could further explore the Mosuo people's folk culture and customs. Walking (male-leaving) marriage and matriarchy are the biggest highlights. Mosuo people maintain the last matriarchal society in China by leading an almost isolated life. Women dominate the family, and they can date with any man they wish to; they probably have one of the most open relationships in the world. Women earn the money and raise the children on their own, while their male mates usually don't need to take responsibilities for the kids. Descendants are accustomed to following the surname of their mothers. After the visit, you will be transferred to the lovely Shilili Inn to have a good rest tonight.

Meals: Lunch
Accommodation: Shilili Inn
Day 2 Visit the Zhamei Monastery, Drive back to Lijiang
Lugu Lake
After enjoying breakfast in the inn, your tour guide will escort you to the renowned Zhamei Monastery, where you can get in touch with the old Tibetan Buddhist culture of Yunnan. Built in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), it is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan's Mosuo and Pumi ethnic areas. With exquisite murals and splendid color-engravings, every breath of air in the monastery would arouse the sense of mystery and holiness in your heart. The monastery enshrines bright-colored Buddha statues inside. If lucky, you may hear monks chanting sutra in Tibetan.

Afterwards, we will have a comfortable drive back to your hotel in Lijiang. It's time to say goodbye to your memorable Lijiang to Lugu Lake trip now. If you want to explore more wonders with us, please feel free to contact your travel consultants. We wish you a wonderful journey.

Meals: Chinese Breakfast, Lunch
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