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A virgin land for natural sceneries and ethnic minority culture
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Located in Southwest China, Yunnan is the province with the most ethnic minorities. Its rich tourism resources, diverse ethnic culture, fantastic landscapes and pleasant climate in all seasons have made it a very popular destination for travelers. Our private guided tours to Yunnan including spring city Kunming, romantic Dali, World Cultural Heritage Lijiang Old Town, and heaven on earth - Shangri-La, will bring you exciting travel experiences.

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    What are the top things to do in Yunnan?

    The hot destinations of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La can't be missed for a thoroughly Yunnan travel package. The province boasts abundant natural sceneries and cultural sites, among which the most popular ones are Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang Old Town, Dali Ancient City, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Stone Forest.
    Stone Forest
    Tiger Leaping Gorge

    What is the best time to visit Yunnan?

    Yunnan has a generally mild climate all year round. Spring (March-May), summer (June-August) and autumn (September-November) are the best seasons because of the charming scenery with green hills and clear water. Due to the pleasant weather at that time, it is alright for you to wear T-shirts when traveling. Visitors are advised to carry light jacket or coat in case of the sharp temperature differences between day and night.

    How to plan a private tour to Yunnan?

    It is suggested to spend at least 4 days for a brief Yunnan tour itinerary. Any two cities of Kunming, Dali, Lijiang or Shangri-La can be covered. If you prefer to include all four popular cities, then an 8-day tour is needed. For photography enthusiasts, Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Jianshui could be a good choice.
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
    Minority people in Yunnan

    How to get there and around?

    There are direct flights from major cities of China to hot cities of Yunnan. It is quite easy to take Yunnan tour packages from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian or Hong Kong by either flight or high speed train. Also it is convenient for traveling within Yunnan.
    By flight
    Beijing  Shanghai  Chengdu  Xian Guilin Hong Kong Lhasa
    Kunming 3.5h 3.5h 1.5h 2.5h 1.5h 2.5h 2.5h
    Dali 4h 4h 1.5h 2.5h / / /
    Lijiang 3.5h 4h 1.5h 2.5h 1.5h / 2.5h
    Shangri-la / 5.5h 1.5h 2h※ / / 1.5h
    ※ indicates not daily
    By High Speed Train
    Beijing Shanghai  Chengdu Xian Guilin Hong Kong
    Kunming 11h 12h 6h 10.5h 5h 7.5h
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      4.88 Reviews
      Rowena Russack
      United Kingdom
      Posted on August 19, 2019
      During the whole Yunnan tour, our tour guide was considerate and warm-hearted and tried her best to bring us a pleasing tour. She made it!
      Brandon Bhansali
      Posted on August 11, 2019
      We really enjoyed ourselves on the Yunnan tour! Well, our tour guide offered us the best service and we had no shopping on the whole way. What's more, we had learned a lot from our tour guide!
      Chelsea Kar
      United Kingdom
      Posted on August 05, 2019
      We saw many attracting sights, including Stone Forest, Erhai Lake, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Lijiang Old Town. Only you would be there could you witness the beauty with your own eyes. However, our pleasant trip could not be separated from the staff who provided their support to us, especially our tour guide and driver. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my tour guide who explained the spots in detail!!
      Tomes Strecker
      Posted on July 30, 2019
      Our tour guide was good at taking care of old people and children. He was thoughtful and nice as well as humorous. We really enjoyed our time there! A wonderful Yunnan tour!
      Maxine Ramirez
      Posted on July 24, 2019
      Lijiang Old Town was so magnificent in the Yunnan tour. Yunnan was the place that I wanted to travel again. Next time, I would like to take my parents with me. The itinerary was highly recommended!
      Mark C.
      Posted on February 22, 2019
      Everything about our trip was excellent! The guides were fantastic, the hotels were great, and the drivers were excellent. We loved our hike along the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail, and were very pleased with all the arrangements throughout our entire trip. Thank you Travel China Guide!
      Sakon I
      Posted on December 14, 2018
      We are home now with a good memory of China. Our trip was fantastic from hotel, food and especially guides and drivers at Kunming and Lijiang. We are planning to go to China again next year and hope travelchinaguide arrange us the tour again.
      Posted on November 25, 2018
      We had an absolutely fantastic time in Yunnan. The trip far exceeded our expectations. We had a wonderful time exploring one of the most beautiful and interesting regions in China. Our guides were all outstanding. All spoke fluent English and all were highly intelligent, knowledgeable, wise, and friendly people. Gary gave us an outstanding tour of Kunming beginning with the Bamboo Temple which was lovely and fascinating. It was quite amazing to see the 500 painted clay sculptures of Li Guangxiu and the Shi Lin Park was spectacular. Our driver in Kunming was friendly and very professional. Marissa gave us a fascinating tour of Dali and environs and insight into Bai culture. She was absolutely charming and gave us a superlative tour of the area - far exceeding expectations. We tremendously enjoyed our visit to Dali, highlighted by our trip to the Three Pagodas, to a bustling market, and a boat ride on Erhai Lake which gave us opportunity to watch Cormorants fishing. Shirley was an excellent guide and provided us a fascinating visit of Lijiang and Naxi culture. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Baisha, the Baisha Murals, to an Embroidery Art Studio, and to Black Dragon pool. Our driver in Dali City and Lijiang was perhaps the most courteous and excellent driver in the world. Throughout our trip the food was outstanding and our accommodations lovely -- the Landscape and the hotels were especially noteworthy given their location and unique designs. All the transportation arrangements worked out wonderfully -- our flights from Nanjing to Kunming, Kunming to Dali City, Lijiang to Shanghai all went smoothly and our drive from Dali City to Lijiang was pleasant and interesting. We have been to China before and traveled on our own extensively-- I do speak some Putunghwa-- but our trip with TCG gave us exposure to cultures and places that we likely would have missed out on our own. This was a great tour and we hope to travel with TCG again in the future. We highly recommend TCG to our friends and relatives and anyone interested in traveling around China. They have made our visit so rich and rewarding. ... More