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Xian Tours
Xian Tour FAQs
One Day Xian Bus Tour to Terracotta Army from $49
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Bus Tour with 2 Nights Hotel & Transfers from $119
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Xian is rich in the tourist resources and is reputed as the famous historical city in the world. In our brief one day and comprehensive private two days tours package, you will be led to wonder at the essence of this ancient capital - Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, History Museum, Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas, Great Mosque, Mt. Huashan and more.
XA03: 3 Days Private Xian Tour
This private Xian local tour takes you to enjoy the China's ancient capital through thirteen dynasties to learn the city's history and culture in depth. You will visit all the major attractions from the Terra Cotta Warriors to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and experience the local family visit with home cooked a la carte lunch.
Beijing and Xian are two ancient capital cities famous worldwide for their brilliant culture and abundant historical sites. If you are an enthusiast of development history of Chinese civilization, this six days discount small group package should not be missed. It will tell you the story of changing times of the great country.
Our 4-day private tour package will not only show you the essence of the city such as the Terracotta Warriors and the ancient encircled City Wall, but also take you to the amazing Mt. Huashan to appreciate its majesty and supernature atmosphere, or visit the imperial Famen Temple of the Tang Dyansty, where to worship the remains of Sakyamuni.
With more than 4,000 years history, Luoyang attracts visitors by its world renowned cultural and historical relics. A one day private tour from Xian to Luoyang by high speed trains allows you to enjoy the splendid cultural treasure in Longmen Caves and the essence Kung Fu Show in Shaolin Temple in a tight schedule.
XA06: 5 Days Xian & Luoyang
Take a high speed train to Luoyang, another ancient capital. Luoyang is proud of its Buddhist historic sites like Longmen Caves, Shaolin Monastery and the 'Cradle of Buddhism’ - White Horse Temple. Each April, the entire city becomes a sea of gorgeous blooming peonies emitting a sweet fragrance.
XA07: 7 Days Lanzhou & Xiahe
Xian is one of the pearl cities of the ancient Silk Road. After visiting it, this vacation package will continue to Lanzhou and Xiahe, where you can further learn about the history of the Sangke Grassland, the sacred Labrang Monastery and the artistic stone sculptures of the Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves.
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Independent Travelers
Standing there as a bright pearl necklace, City Wall makes the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties more radiant. It is truely a must see and worth all the effort to get there. Following our itinerary, you will find so many pleasures and witness the changes throughout history.
The one day independent route is designed for those who want to seek adventure and find the fun by themselves. Detailed information is provided for visitors to unveil the mysterious of the Terracotta Warrior and Horses Museum.
For those who have visited the highlight attractions in the city and still have ample time, we would like to suggest the Huaqing Hot Spring, Lintong Museum and Ch'in Shihuang's Mausoleum as an extension for one day.
This 2-day vacation will lead you to touch Chinese ancient civilization by visiting the famous Qianling Mausoleum, Famen Temple, and the Maoling Mausoleum.
For mountain-hiking lovers, we strongly recommend the Mt. Huashan, not only for its fame, but to experience a real and absolutely memorable hiking adventure. No one will not be surprised when seeing the cragginess and steepness of this mountain.
Two surburb itineraries include the historical sites around, like Han Changling Mausoleum, Xianyang Museum, Zhaoling Mausoleum, Qianling Mausoleum and Bin County Great Buddha Temple.
Known as the land of folk paintings, Hu County is very famous and popular among foreign travelers. Take this one day journey, you will not only appreciate the real peasant paintings but also experience the peasants' life in northwest China.
This itinerary will display a vivid picture of the city by visiting the Site of Xian Mutiny, the Bell & Drum Tower, the Great Mosque, the Forest of Stone Steles Museum, the City Wall, the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Tang Paradise and the Qujiang Ocean Park.
The splendid Taoism culture in Shaanxi Province has attracted more and more travelers all over the world. This 2-day journey will guide you to the renowned Taoist shrines of BaXianAn Monastery, Chongyan Palace and Mt. Tianzhu Forest Park.
XA17: Yangling
A side trip to Yangling will lead you to get acquainted with the agricultural history and high-tech in China. You will visit the Entomological Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Agricultural History Museum, the Botanical Museum and the Agrologic Museum.
This route will not only show a vivid picture of Tongchuan, a satellite city, but also display China's ancient culture by visiting Mt. Yaowang, Yaozhou Kiln, Yuhua Palace and Huangdi Mausoleum.
Optional one-day Explorations: one is to the “First Happy Land” of Taoism - Louguantai, where you will also have a chance to visit the pandas in its Breeding Center near the spot; the other is to the Theme Park of Epang Palace and the Guangren Temple.
XA20: Hancheng
This 3-day itinerary will lead you to discover a historical and cultural city - Hancheng, the hometown of Sima Qian, the famous historiographer of China. You will visit Sima Qian Temple, Dang Village, Ming and Qing Ancient Town and Confucius Temple.
These 3 days will show you an amazing picture of the frontier - Yulin in the north end of Shaanxi Province, with a one-day extension to Baotou, a city in Inner Mongolia, to visit the Genghis Khan's Mausoleum.
Tianshui, an important stop on the Silk Road, is praised as one of the birthplaces of the ancient Chinese culture. This journey further westward to Gansu province will take you to visit the Maiji Grottoes.
Hanzhong is abundant in history, culture and natural resources, such as the Ancient Han Platform, Baoxie Plank Road and the Wuhou Memorial Temple, which all make the city an ideal destination for visitors.
XA24: Yan'an
Yan'an is regarded as the cradle of Chinese revolution. This 3-day itinerary includes the most important historical sites in this revolutionary mecca, such as Baota Hill, News Agency Memorial, Yangjialing Village and Revolutionary History Museum.
This 2-day itinerary offers a chance for you to get close to the geologic spectacles created by uncanny workmanship of nature by visiting the marvelous Cuihua Mountain Geological Park and Zhashui Karst Caves.
There are many famous mountains nearby. Although they look alike from the outside, each one has its own features and history. According to your interest, you may choose one of them to spend your weekend there leisurely.
The Xixia County is famous for its Dinosaur Relics Park that is regarded as the ninth largest miracle in the world, following the finding of the Terracotta Warriors.
There are two recommended one-day trips here for those who are interested in geology. One is to Wangchuan Limestone Cave in Lantian County and the other is to the Moon Cave in Shanyang County, Shangzhou City.
XA29: Baoji
Baoji is known as one of the ideal tourist destinations with natural and historical resources like Yan Di Mausoleum, Baoji Bronze Ware Museum, Guanshan Grass Land, Taibai Mountain and other famous sightseeing spots.
Feng County, a small town in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, is a strategic point in the past and a scenic spot at present. Other than its profound history, the county is famous for Jialing River Headstream and Tongtian River National Forest Park.
By taking this 7-day route, you will see how history and culture meet the natural beauties in the Wudang Mountain Scenic Zone and the Shennongjia Natural Reserve. Both of the sites need in-depth exploration with energy.
This is a leisure 3-day trip to Hechuan Scenic Area to appreciate the charms of the Yellow River. A pleasant rurality will be found here while you are sightseeing the Yellow River wetland, the Maiden Spring and other sites.
A three-day exploration to Ankang will broaden your views on Shaanxi Province, which is also known as “the authentic history museum in China”. Explore the most attractive scenic spots in Ankang: Yinghu Lake and Xiangxi Cave.
Shaanxi is a center of Buddhist culture in Chinese history. There are around 460 Buddhist temples located in the province. This one-day temples combo will show you the most representative ones among them.
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When is the best time to visit Xian?
As one of the hot tourist destinations abundant with historical relics, Xian is favorable for traveling all the year round. However, in view of the climatic conditions, the best time to visit Xian is from March to May and September to October, when the weather is pleasant and sceneries are good. Traveling during the National Day Holiday in the first week of October is not recommended as the main sightseeing spots can be crowded with domestic visitors.
How long should I stay in Xian for a basic trip?
For the normal sightseeing, two days are needed to cover the main attractions of the city, including the Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Wild Goose Pagoda, Provincial History Museum and the Great Mosque. For those who are interested in China's history and wish to explore the city further, you can extend your visit to the Famen Temple and Qianling Mausoleum, which requires another extra day.

In addition to the historical sites, the natural landscapes around Xian are also attractive, among which the marvelous Huashan Mountain is the best known. If you would like to do the Mountain trip, then one more day is required.
I see you arrange a local family visit in Xian. How long is the visit? Also, do I need to bring gift to the family?
To work as travel consultants, we are travelers too. We know that travel is not merely visiting some famous scenic spots, it is also a way of approaching different lifestyle. That's the reason we arrange a local family visit during our unique tours. It is indeed a very good opportunity for clients to get into a residential compound and visit a local family home in a foreign country. Clients will have the authentic home-cooked lunch. If interested, clients can learn to cook Chinese dishes with the hostess.

The family visit including lunch time normally lasts around two hours. There is no need for you to bring gifts to the family. Just feel relaxed, you will know more, learn more, and experience more than you expect. It is highly commended by our former clients who consider that this is the best experience they had in China.
What is the major difference between the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Small Wild Goose Pagoda?
Both Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda are the world heritage sites. From the site itself to the historic value, these two pagodas are quite similar.

By contrast, the big one is indeed more popular from the early time, so it is quite commercial and crowded now, and the admission fee increases a lot. The small one with quite peaceful environment and pleasant scenery is different, and especially it also boasts Xian Museum along with. Besides, this site is totally for free, but with equal and even more value to visit.
Your itineraries include some meals but not all, so what is the approximate cost for a meal at a local restaurant if I have it on my own? Is it easy for me to order from a Chinese menu?
The cost for meals depends on the level of the restaurants you choose and the dishes you order. It normally costs around CNY50 per person for one meal at an ordinary restaurant in Xian. Some fancy restaurants cost more, about CNY100 per person or above. Our guide will show you some restaurants near the hotel. Photographic menus are popular at most of the local Chinese restaurants, which makes it easier for you to order dishes on the menu.
What kinds of vehicle would you use for travel?
A responsible travel agency will provide their clients with the optimal services from every aspect. All the vehicles that we use are officially authorized with an operation certificate issued by the Chinese government, and well-equipped with air-conditioning and comfortable seats.

Hereunder we would like to list the types of the vehicles we are using according to the size of the group for your reference.


Ideal No. of Travelers

Besturn (5 seats)

1 to 2

Refine Business (7 seats)

2 to 4

Buick (7 seats)

2 to 4

Toyota Grace (9 seats)

4 to 5

Mercedes Benz Van (12 seats)

5 to 6

Coaster (22 seats)

7 to 12

Yutong (37 seats)

13 to 20

Do our guides and drivers have meals with us?
The guides and drivers will not have meals with clients. However, they will dine at the same restaurant and always be prepared to help you should you need any assistance throughout the entire meal.

For a la carte meals we arrange, your guide will explain the ingredients of the dishes and assist you in ordering the food based on your request and individual preference.
Does your quotation include tipping? Is it a must to tip the guide and driver?
The prices listed on our website do not include tips. Tipping the guide and driver is a recognized way of showing appreciation for the service received and now it has become more customary in China's tourism industry. If the guide and driver's services meet or even go beyond your expectation, you can choose to tip them accordingly.
Are Credit Cards widely accepted? Are Debit Cards accepted by merchants, hotels, restaurants throughout China?
Debit Cards are not used commonly for personal consumption in China. Credit Cards are accepted at the hotels, big restaurants and shopping malls in most of the major cities. We would suggest that clients should prepare with a certain amount of Chinese currency on the basis of the travel dates and destinations before leaving as the Chinese RMB is more popularly accepted by merchants, shops and restaurants.

If you happen to run out of cash when you are traveling, you can withdraw money from the ATM machines with your Credit or Debit Card. With regard to the money exchange, most four-star and five-star hotels offer an exchange service for their guests and it can also be done at banks in downtown area. It is a good idea to tell your Bank that you propose to use your card(s) in China before you travel so as to avoid any problems.
What is the best season to visit Mt. Huashan? Can I do it within one day?
The sceneries on Mt. Huashan vary in each of the four seasons. Generally speaking, the best time as well as the peak season for visiting Mt. Huashan is from April to October. Some people may choose to climb the mountain in winter, but it is not recommended by us as the steps can be very slippery on snowy days, which is not safe for visiting.

It is possible to visit the mountain in a day via cable car. There are two cableways, one is North Peak cable car starting from Wamiaogou and the other is the West Peak cable car starting from Donggoukou. Compared with North Peak, it is easier to walk to the South and East Peak from the West Peak.
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