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Mountain Huashan
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Mt. Huashan, one of the five most sacred mountains in China, is well-known for its precipitous crags and narrow and steep paths. Today this Xi'an to Huashan day tour will take you to see the natural vista of this mountain, which will definitely astound you.

In the morning, your guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel booked on your own at about 08:30 and then transfer you to Mt. Huashan, which takes about 2 hours on the way. Upon arrival, we will start this Mt. Huashan tour by taking tourism bus first and then transit to a cable car up to the North Peak at an elevation of about 1,614 meters (5,298 feet). After getting off the cable car, you will hike southward from the North Peak and pass through the Ear-Touching Cliff, and then you will see a long and narrow ridge called Canglongling (Black Dragon Ridge) - one of the most famous steep paths on Mt. Huashan. Finally, you will return to the North Peak in order to get down the mountain by cable car. At the end of this one day Mount Hua tour from Xi'an, we will take you back to your hotel.
Our clients on the mountain Huashan
Mt. Huashan
Due to the limited conditions on Mt. Huashan, we cannot arrange lunch during your visit. We advise you to have an abundant breakfast at the hotel, and then take along some snacks such as bread, biscuits and chocolate with you.

Our Friendly Tip:
There are four peaks on Mt. Huashan: East Peak, South Peak, West Peak and North Peak, among which the South Peak is the highest point. If you intend to get to the South Peak, you're suggested to take the cable car to the West Peak firstly, and then hike around 30 minutes to get to the summit. This route is suitable for travelers who are not physically fit but want to enjoy the splendid and dangerous landscapes above Mt. Huashan. However, we kindly remind you that the cable car on the West Peak is a bit more expensive than that on the North Peak. Your travel consultant is happy to arrange that upon your request.
Tour Highlights
The North Peak
The North Peak, also called the Cloud Terrace Peak, is surrounded by cliffs on three sides. It is the best place to have a bird's-eye view of the other three peaks of Mt. Huashan as well as the Black Dragon Ridge - a blade-like ridge, standing straight to the sky which looks like a dragon swirling around Mt. Huashan. In addition, the cable car line to the North Peak has around 1,524 meters (0.9 mile) long and the whole ride takes 7-8 minutes.
Climbing up the Mt. Huashan is no easy task, but the natural vista is worth your effort.
The West Peak
The West Peak, also named as the Lotus Flower Peak, is regarded as the most exquisite and precipitous peak on Mt. Huashan. Upon arriving at the top of it, the Lotus Flower Cave - a giant stone which looks like a lotus flower will come to your eyes. Beyond that, you can also see Cuiyun Palace, God Juling's Foot, Axe-splitting rock and Self-sacrifice Cliff etc. The cable car line to the West Peak is 4,211 meters (2.6 miles) long, and you can reach the top station in around 20 minutes.
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    4.78 Reviews
    Tor Aase
    Posted on August 16, 2020
    Good transfer from Xi’an downtown to Mt. Huashan. Beautiful view of nature from the top of the mountain. The snowy steps were slippery, but it was an interesting adventure. I suggest the elderly take the cable car up and down the mountain, which is safer and can save more energy.
    Posted on July 05, 2020
    The one day to Mt. Huashan tour came to a wonderful end. It was easy to climb the mountain by taking a cable car and its scenery was breathtaking and beautiful. Our guide also helped and encouraged us when we met some steep steps on the cliff. The suggestions about the best routine to explore the Mt. Huashan were also offered. Thank her very much.
    Posted on May 31, 2020
    I truly appreciated our guide Tracy who spoke fluent English and very helpful. She knew everything about Mt. Huashan such as the features of the main peaks, the best hike route and cable car fee. She didn’t recommend any product to us unless we asked her for suggestions about buying local products. On the way to and back from the Mt. Huashan, she also shared facts about Xi’an with us.
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