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  Day 1 Pick-up Service; Visit Han Yang Ling, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and Great Tang All Day Mall
Your professional guide and driver will pick you up at Xi'an Airport or the Railway Station on time according to your arrival schedule. To ensure enough time for sightseeing, you’re suggested to take a flight or train that arrives before 10:00am.

Your 2-day Xian tour will start with a visit to Han Yang Ling  (Yangling Mausoleum of Han Dynasty), where an emperor and his empress of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD) are buried. Located in halfway between airport and downtown Xian, their tombs were fortunate to survive a span of 2,000 years. Into the museum, one of the first spectacles that comes into your view would be a glass gallery, showcasing the dead’s pottery funeral objects just a third of life size. Strolling on the transparent floor through the dimly-lit corridor, you’ll wonder at those armless and naked little figures, whose wooden arms and clothes have all decayed in the dust. Speaking of their littleness, you may also discover another interesting fact when comparing them with life-sized Terracotta Warriors: the Han emperor might not be as spendthrift.

Next, we will drive to downtown Xi'an to visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a well-preserved holy place for Buddhists and China's oldest and largest existing brick tower in square pavilion style. It’s where the Buddhist sutras brought back from India by the famous monk Xuanzang were stored. To the north of the tower stands the largest fountain square in Asia, another scenic delight to visitors.
Exhibits at Han Yang Ling
Exhibits at Han Yang Ling
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Afterwards, your guide will escort you to visit the Great Tang All Day Mall, south of the pagoda. It’s also known as Great Tang Everbright City, named such for its spectacular lighting and nightlife from six thirty through late midnight. Here, you’ll find a veritable one-stop shop where you can buy souvenirs, enjoy local food, watch cultural performances, etc. Chinese-style buildings, lit Chinese poems hung on trees, and girls and boys dressed in ancient costumes... There are just lots of special sights to marvel at. A paradise demonstrating the prosperity of Tang Dynasty (618-907), this is a place you can’t miss out.

At the end of the day tour, you can choose to stay here to hang around till late and take a taxi back to hotel, or call it a day and be escorted to the hotel by your guide. Hotels are carefully-chosen, and your guide will help you with check-in procedure.
Day 2 Visit City Wall Park & City Wall, Terracotta Army Museum and the Discover’s Family; See off
After breakfast, your guide will escort you to the City Wall Park, which is a large park surrounding the City Wall of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 AD). It is also a good place for locals to have fun and exercise, as well as for tourists to get close to local life. Afterwards, you may follow your guide to ascend the City Wall, where you can appreciate the traditional beauty of Xi'an from different angles.

You can walk, cycle, or take an electric power cart on the City Wall, each with its own advantage, but we can assure you that cycling on the long City Wall could make the whole experience unique and enjoyable. Tandem bikes are also available. Or if you don’t feel like moving your body, the cart can be an alternative. Please note that renting bikes or carts is at your own expense, and your guide is very glad to help.

Then we’ll have lunch at Muslim Quarter, another hot attraction in Xi’an, for both tourists and locals. It’s a snack street on which stalls and restaurants were all run by Muslims. You can find all kinds of local food here, the most classic of which include You Po Mian (hot oil noodles), Liang Pi (cold skin noodles), and Rou Jia Mo (Chinese hamburger). Your local expert guide will lead you to a selected restaurant serving all these types. Here, a unique noodle experience awaits you.
Cycling on the City Wall
Cycling on the City Wall
Taste Local Noodles
Taste Local Noodles
After lunch, you will be taken to visit the Terracotta Army Museum, an epic archeological site where 6,000 life-sized terracotta warriors and horses were excavated and found to be the funeral objects of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of Qin Dynasty (221 – 207 BC) and China’s history. There are many striking discoveries, one of which is that the location of each warrior and horse forms a battle array as a real one when viewed entirely. And, despite being underground for more than 2,200 years, these warriors' facial details could still be clearly seen. If you take a closer step to examine, you will also find curious Chinese characters engraved on each terracotta figure. Archeologists say they have been proved to be the name of each responsible artisan and the place where the craft took place - a policy made by Emperor Qin Shi Huang to hold participants accountable for their works, reflecting the strict management system under his rule. Follow your guide to see if you can spot one for yourself!

There are also unearthed chariots and weapons worth visiting in the museum. Given the length (0.9 m or 3 in) of a Qin sword, it’s assumed that the sword of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang might be 1.2 m (3.9 in) long. But interestingly, the Emperor almost got himself killed with his sword, for he couldn’t draw it because the sword was too long. It’s recorded that when the Emperor encountered an assassination, he failed to draw his sword three times to fight back. He was pursued until he gave the last try and chopped the assassin to death. You may imagine the funny scene before those imposing Qin weapons and terracotta warriors.

★ What makes us different

► Special visit to home of the discoverer of first terracotta warrior
Mr. Yang Zhifa’s discovery of the first terracotta warrior in 1974 has become something of a legend. With us, you will be guided to visit his home and get to know how the discovery changed his life, as well as the local villagers’. Mr. Yang’s home keeps a history. Go see for yourself the hoe used to dig out the first warrior, the cart carrying it, and its 1:1 copy in his house!

► Make your own miniature clay warrior
Today you’ll learn how to make a cute clay warrior at a local workshop, an old cave dwelling that symbolizes traditional local folk culture. Choose your favorite warrior figure and then the mold will be provided for you. Put into the mold a kind of special clay taken from 7-9 meters (23-30 feet) underground exclusive to this area, and start to make your own clay warrior following the instructions of the artisan. It will take around 30 to 40 minutes to finish your little handmade masterpiece, on which you can engrave any logo of your own design, just as what the artisans did 2,200 years ago. You can bring it with you after completing your work.

Finally, a private ride will take you to the airport or railway station for your travel to the next destination. It's suggested you book a ticket of plane or train departing after 18:00. Your Xi'an 2-day itinerary will come to an end at this point. Thank you for having travelled with us!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Local flavor lunch
Terracotta Army Museum
Make a Mini Terracotta Warrior
Make a Mini Terracotta Warrior
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