3 Days Private Xi'an Highlights Tour

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Day 1 Pick-up Service, Visit Han Yang Ling Mausoleum
When your flight arrives, you will find your guide waiting for you outside the baggage claim area at Xi'an Airport, holding a welcome sign with your name on it. Be ready for your exciting journey ahead!

On your way to the downtown area, we will first take you to the Han Yang Ling Mausoleum, which buries the emperor and his empress of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC - 24 AD). This excavated joint tomb has been renovated into a world-renowned museum and becomes a great counterpoint to the Terracotta Army, with its unique funeral objects of wondrous doll-sized terracotta figurines. This is also the place to exhibit some unearthed tri-colored glazed potteries of Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD), known for their bright colored glaze dominant in yellow, brown and green and their artistic delicacy, which you’ll surely fall in love with at the first sight, just as others do.

★  What makes us different
With us, you get to have a Mixed Reality experience in this majestic mausoleum. Your guide will take you to enjoy immersive vivid displays realized by holographic imaging technology (fees included in our price). Join us to travel thousands of years into the past: stand right before those “revived” terracotta eunuch, officials and soldiers, and watch the emperor holding court!

After this magical trip, we’ll drive to downtown Xi’an and check in at a select hotel. Have a good rest of your day!
Han Yang Ling Mausoleum
Exhibits at Han Yang Ling Mausoleum
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Day 2 Visit Terracotta Army Museum, Family Visit, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
After breakfast, we will drive for around one hour to the Terracotta Army Museum, an astounding discovery found to be the mausoleum for Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259 - 210 BC), the founder of Qin Empire, the first empire ever existing in China’s history. You’ll shudder before this World's Eighth Great Wonder, wondering at those delicately-sculpted clay soldiers and horses, bronze chariots, as well as bronze weapons full of details, altogether forming a spectacle of a real war. About the earthy-gray terracotta warriors, there is a curious fact you might be interested - they were colorful once! Even at the moment they were unearthed in 1974! It’s a pity that the colors were then irretrievably stripped off within minutes by exposure to light and oxygen. Just take the chance to appreciate this marvelous feat now, as it might've been fading unnoticeably, just as the colors.

In the afternoon, we’ll take you to do something unusual, a privilege that otherwise you would find it hard to access.

★  What makes us different
►  Visit the family of the discoverer of the first terracotta warrior
After lunch, we will have a special visit to the home of Mr. Yang Zhifa, widely-known for his discovery of the first terracotta warrior in 1974. Have a short meeting with him and his family! Wonder what the first warrior looked like? You’ll find your answer from its clone in his house, in which you can also examine the cart carrying the warrior and the hoe used to dig it out.

►  Make your own miniature clay warriors
When you marveled at the heritage, did you wonder how they were made? Well, we provide an opportunity for you to directly do it yourself, but in a cute small way. Let’s meet a local artisan at a cave dwelling workshop featuring traditional residential style. He’ll teach you how to make miniature clay warriors using special molds and local red mud taken from 7 - 9 meters (20 - 23 feet) underground, exactly the same mud used by the Qin artisans. Don’t miss out this chance, if you want to bring home a terracotta warrior carved with your own name on it!

Then we will come to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a splendid pagoda specially built in the Tang Dynasty to store the Buddhist scriptures and statues brought back from India. It has developed into a landmark of Xi’an, with its surrounding areas being a must-visit tourism zone, including Great Tang All Day Mall at the southern foot of the pagoda, popular for its phenomenal one-stop service and spectacular lightings at night. Some two thousand meters (1.2 miles) long, the mall street was designed to reproduce the prosperity of Tang Dynasty. You’ll be guided around here, to experience its vibrant diversity.

We’ll take you back to hotel after a day’s trip. Have a good night and let’s look forward to a new tomorrow.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast
Terracotta Army Museum
Terracotta Army Museum
Make a Mini Terracotta Warrior
Make a Mini Terracotta Warrior
Day 3 Visit City Wall Remains Museum & City Wall, Great Mosque and Muslim Quarter, See off
Today we will first visit the City Wall Remains Museum at the foot of the City Wall. Here, you get to visit the ruins of the Tang Hanguang Entrance, which was the starting point of the Silk Road built during Sui Dynasty (581 - 618 AD) and a witness to the glory of the past. With an area as large as half a soccer field, it reminds its visitors of the magnificence of the original gate.

Then, we’ll climb up the City Wall, accessible from inside the museum. Constructed as the military defense system during Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644 AD), it has now become a vantage point to savor a bird’s-eye view of Xi’an. You’ll witness a modern city built over ancient ruins, with historical buildings scattered here and there across the entire land. You can also a take a look at the City Wall Park beneath, where real life happens. Walk, bike, or take an electric tourist car - we’ll leave your way of sightseeing on your choice. Please note that riding a bike or car is at your own expense, and your guide will be glad to help.

Next, we’ll continue to visit the Great Mosque, a standout among all mosques due to its classical Chinese garden architecture. With glazed tiles, wooden pavilions, and a landscaped symmetrical layout, the temple complex is a real testimony to the integration of Islamic culture into China’s society. For local Muslims, it is a haven of pilgrimage; for locals and tourists, a peaceful harbor in the bustling city.

Walking out of the mosque, we will head to the nearby Muslim Quarter for lunch. There will be various local foods for you: Yang Rou Pao Mo (bread and mutton soup), Rou Jia Mo (Chinese hamburger), Liang Pi (cold skin noodles)… All are popular specialties of Shaanxi province. You also get to watch the impressive making process behind some traditional foods, like it of brittle candy, pull candy and hand-pulled noodles, and your guide will tell you their stories.

After that, your guide and driver will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight, and your Xi'an 3 days tour will end here. Thank you for traveling with us!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast, Local flavor lunch
City Wall
Our Guests at City Wall
Chinese hamburger
Taste Chinese Hamburger
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The best highlights are all included in our 3 days Xi'an tour from Hong Kong, Singapore. By taking this tour, you will explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoy the authentic Xi'an cuisine. 

For your reference, currently there are two flights available from Hong Kong to Xi’an. Flight HU7954 15:00/18:10 is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, while the other flight CX946 11:35/14:35 is available on Tuesdays and Fridays. At present, there are also two flights from Singapore to Xi’an. Flight MU2070 15:20/21:05 is available on Mondays and Fridays, and the other flight TR134 19:10/00:35+ is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Please feel free to contact your travel consultant if you need any more travel information. 
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