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With vast territory and long borderline, Xinjiang boasts of its charming natural beauty and abundant cultural sites. When taking a Xinjiang tour, you will be fascinated by the histories of Turpan, Kashgar, Kuqa and other towns along the way. The Ancient City of Jiaohe, Loulan Ruins and Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves show you the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road. Furthermore, Kanas Reserve, Yadan Landform and the boundless grasslands and deserts will add more fun if you love to adventure.

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What to visit in Xinjiang?

The top three cities for Xinjiang tour itinerary are Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar. It takes 3 or 4 days to visit Urumqi and Turpan, but 7 days are needed if you add Kashgar as well.

To learn more about Xinjiang, you can extend your visit to the northern or southern Xinjiang, with Tianshan Mountain as their boundary. Touring northern Xinjiang, including Urumqi, Altay and Ili, needs around 8-14 days. You will indulge in the enchanting natural sceneries with vast grasslands, galloping horses and limpid river... Besides, you can also choose to plan a 9-11 days' trip to the southern Xinjiang, like Kashgar, Hetian and Aksu, if you are fond of discovering the local customs and historical sites.

As you can see, Xinjiang is such an amazing place that is worth a deep exploration. We are always ready to customize a memorable private Xinjiang tour for you.
Top 10 Things to Do in Xinjiang
Top 10 Things to Do in Urumqi
Karakuri Lake
Nalati Grassland

When is the best time to visit Xinjiang?

May to October is said to be appropriate for arranging a Xinjiang tour itinerary, during which July to September is the best time.

Owing to the cool weather, most travelers would like to go to the northern Xinjiang during July to September. In summer, not only can you admire the sea of lavender fields and golden rape flowers, but you will also be amazed by the spectacular views at Colorful Beach and Devil City. What's more, the most beautiful autumn scenery in Kanas Reserve is definitely attractive to shutterbugs and nature lovers. For southern Xinjiang tours, we recommend the months of August to October, during which you are able to taste the sweet fruits, such as the apples in Aksu, pears in Korla and the honey-dew melons in Hami etc, in addition to sightseeing.
Id Kah Mosque
Kashgar Bazzar

How to get to Xinjiang?

Normally, flights and trains are two popular transportations to enter Xinjiang. A large number of travelers choose to start from an Urumqi tour. However, there are still some people prefer to travel to Hami or Turpan by land transfer from other places nearby, such as Gansu province.


The most convenient way to Xinjiang is to take flights. For instance, it needs only 4-5 hours to fly from Beijing to Urumqi, but the train from Beijing to Urumqi usually takes no less than 30 hours on the way.

Xinjiang has several airports, among which the Urumqi Diwopu International Airport is the mainly used one. This airport is 16 kilometers (9 miles) away from the downtown area and runs regular flights to more than 60 cities at home and abroad so far, including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Islamabad, Moscow and Novosibirsk.


In China, the most economical transportation for travelers is train, by which you can commence a Xinjiang tour directly from most cities in mainland China. As Xinjiang is located in remote area, the train ride normally takes a very long time. Therefore, the train trip is suitable for the tourists who have enough time but less budget. If you are interested, you can also reach Lanzhou or Xining first and then have a high-speed train experience to Urumqi which is faster than the normal trains.

Ancient City of Jiaohe
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    4.725 Reviews
    Tracy Langley
    the United States
    Posted on March 19, 2021
    We visited many cities during this Xinjiang tour. I had a deep impression on the beautiful scenery along the way. The responsible and experienced guides arranged the accommodation and itinerary well. The cars were spacious and comfortable with yogurt and fruits supplied for us. Even taking a long ride, we still felt very steady and relaxing. Xinjiang was so unforgettable that I would go to Xinjiang next time!
    Lothar Prentice
    Posted on November 17, 2020
    Xinjiang was so beautiful! I admired the pure beauty of Karakuri Lake. The Kumtag Desert was worth to see by riding a camel.

    We paid a special home visit to a local Uyghur family in Kashgar Old Town and enjoyed some delicious local food. It was amazing! The restaurants were perfect with a good environment and delicious food. Finally. I’d like to thank the guides’ hard work. It was a pleasant Xinjiang tour!
    Posted on August 03, 2020
    It was an excellent 4 days Urumqi & Turpan tour. Highly recommended!
    Posted on July 07, 2020
    It was a good Xinjiang tour! The scenery was very beautiful and the itinerary was organized well. No forced shopping. The guides and drivers were responsible. We had a lot of fun during the trip. It is highly recommended to travel to Xinjiang!
    Posted on June 17, 2020
    The experienced guides served us thoughtfully and considerately. They strictly fulfilled the travel contract with a reasonable schedule. It was not easy to describe the beauty of Xinjiang in words. The local people were very friendly and enthusiastic, which was more impressive than the scenery. This trip gave me a deeper understanding of Xinjiang. I was pleased with the Xinjiang tour! TravelChinaGuide would be my top choice if I travel to China next time!!
    Posted on May 27, 2020
    The Inner Mongolia trip was very enjoyable! When it rained in the morning, we were a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to explore the scenery of the prairie well. Our guide kept us from worrying. Surely, the grassland was more beautiful after the rain, and the rainbow was gorgeous!

    Special thanks to our guide, a native Inner Mongolian, for his detailed explanations along the way. We enjoyed a good time on the Inner Mongolian grassland!
    Posted on May 06, 2020
    I was pleased with the Xinjiang tour! The beautiful scenery of Xinjiang was worth to pay a visit. I was satisfied with the meals and accommodation. The consultors answered our questions patiently and offered many helpful suggestions. We didn’t feel very tired in comfortable and big cars when we rode for a long time.
    Posted on April 02, 2020
    Our tour guide said that although Xinjiang was a vast and sparsely populated area in China, its scenery was absolutely no less beautiful than that of other provinces in China. First thank TCG for professionally arranging such an amazing 4-day Xinjiang tour to Urumqi & Turpan!

    The views we visited at the Heavenly Lake had been one of my most unforgettable travel experiences! Its snowy mountains and alpine lakes were so enchanting and impressive! And we also learn some interesting facts at the Ancient City of Jiaohe. According to the guide’s introduction, we knew that it was the largest city in the world built entirely from the earth. Very amazing!

    Overall, this Xinjiang trip was fabulously organized by TCG and the hotels were much better than our expectations. Thanks a lot!
    ... More
    Posted on March 13, 2020
    An 8-day Xinjiang tour brought us a unique travel experience! We visited so many attractions, some better than others, but all good. I liked the Kashgar trip to Karakuri Lake most. The reflection of snow-capped mountains on the lake was a gorgeous view impressing me deeply. The guide had a good attitude in serving travelers.
    Posted on February 29, 2020
    It was a good experience of the 8-day Xinjiang tour itinerary of Kashgar, Turpan and Urumqi! The guide was sociable, dependable and energetic. I was not used to eating mutton with a strong smell from Xinjiang, but the western buffets arranged by the hotels were to my taste. Overall, the attractions were very rich and we had a good experience except for being a little tired.
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