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Guilin Tours

When referring to Guilin, the first thing that springs to our mind is its fascinating natural scenery wonders. The mountains and waters of the region are the finest under heaven, and traveling here can be more varied from cruising to hiking. Our private Guilin tours offer clients a possibility to travel in different ways within limited duration.
Guilin can be regarded as 'Paradise on Earth' in view of its stunning natural beauty. This comprehensive private tour packages will introduce you to this city including the Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park and the city's symbol - Elephant Trunk Hill. The highlight is a cruise along the beautiful Li River to Yangshuo. Nowadays traveling to Guilin directly from Hong kong has become more and more popular.
The town of Yangshuo lies in the shadow of stunning karst formations along the Li River. You will be trasnfered through the countryside with all of its eye-catching views during the day. In the evening, you can sip tea at the 'Earth Village' Yangshuo’s West Street. This marvellous landscape is easily approachable by direct flights or trains from cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
GL04: 2 Days Guilin Packages
This private tour with two options satisfies your desire of being close to both natural scenery and ethnic groups. What you could see are more than relaxing Li River cruise, extensive terrace fields, simple rural villages and beautiful hills, all of which will truly make you enthralled.
What natural beauty could possibly be more tempting than the landscape in Guangxi? This vacation package fires your fervor with meandering Li River, well-known Yangshuo, spectacular Reed Flute Cave and extensive Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces. You can take this private tour directly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Hong Kong either by air or train.
Guangxi Province is endowed with unparalleled natural beauty as well as a wealth of minority folk culture and customs. The enticing Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng have seasonal variations in appearance. You will meet the fascinating Dong and Yao minorities in their villages in Sanjiang. Guilin is also readily accessible from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Hong Kong.
By taking this affordable small group tours, you can learn about China’s history and culture when visiting the ancient capitals Beijing and Xian. Then you will have a relaxing travel in Guilin by cruising down the Li River, viewing the graceful hills and roaming about the bewitchingly Yangshuo countryside.
Guilin and its surrounding places are ideal for hiking where the terrace fields and the little hills with various shapes rise and fall, the sky and waters merge at the horizon. This itinerary is mixed with hiking and rafting, covering not only the natural sights but also the minority and ancient town cultures. Discovering this scenic city in a different way!
The scenery along the Li River is dominated by the imposing karst formations rising into the sky. The most popular route for hikers is the trail between Yangdi and Xingping. This trip requires a lot of hiking and you need to be physically prepared.
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Independent Travelers
A visit would not be complete without a cruise down the Li River if you ever travelling to this city. Cruising on the Li River will not only show you a scroll painting of the quintessence of the landscape but also bring you a joyful and pleasant mood. Follow an independent trip and relax yourself!
Yangshuo is a little village known for its breathtaking scenery and local people's simple life. Cycling around the village provides a fantastic way to appreciate this paradise on earth and learn further about the farmer's life.
The Crown Cave is famous for its picturesque scenery. Take yachts on the river, visitors may both be fascinated by the marvelous sights, and may understand the exploration pleasure. This ecological exploration gives you opportunity to feel the rural life and the miracle of nature.
This one-day Guilin tour leads you to landmarks of the city. You can encounter a giant ‘elephant’ standing beside the river at Elephant Trunk Hill Park, and admire dazzling stalactites in various shapes by visiting Seven Stars Cave and Reed Flute Cave. At night, a cruise along Two Rivers and Four Lakes can be a nice choice to add more fun.
This tour itinerary extends to the rural area of Guilin and starts with a Li River cruise from Yangdi to Xingping. After a short stay at Xingping Ancient Town, continue the trip to Silver Cave to enjoy the crystal white stalactites and finally spend some leisure time at West Street in Yangshuo.
The peasants are always expecting good harvest every year. For travelers who are staying in the cities and never experience the life of the peasants, we suggest you take this route, for it is far from city life and you may also experience the local village life and the peasants joyance for harvest.
You will not only enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, but also experience the different life style of the Yao ethnic minority.
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