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Xian is rich in the tourist resources and is reputed as the famous historical city in the world. Our Xian 2 day tour packages with both min group and private travel styles are designed to introduce you to the history and culture of this fascinating place. You will be led to wonder at the essence of this ancient city - Terracotta Army, City Wall, Great Mosque, History Museum, Banpo Museum, Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas and more. Follow us to enjoy your 2 day trip to the full.

2 Days Xian Mini Group Tour

2 Days Xian Private Tours

Good to Know

  • Mini Group Tour: Our mini group size is 1 to 6 guests. That is to ensure every member in the group can have more individual attention and maximum enjoyment of the tour while keeping wallet-friendly price. We have included all highlights attractions in Xian 2 day tour, which leaves you no regrets. Our free cancellation 24 hours before will guarantee you a worry-free booking.
  • Private Tour: The private guided tour is tailored for you, your family or your friends exclusively. No other participants will be in your group and you will not take part into any tours with others. In our Xian 2 day private tours, you will enjoy the services from a private guide and driver. You will have flexibilities on daily departure time and sightseeing time. Get inspired by our ready-made itineraries, if you want to tailor make a trip to your hearts' desires, we will be glad to assist with a response within 12 hours.
  • 100% No Shopping: When TravelChinaGuide says No Shopping Tours, we mean there are absolutely no shops, no factories and no detours. While some tour operators claim they have no obligatory shopping, please be cautions as they just give their shopping tours a happy gloss. If you compare similar itineraries of different operators carefully, you will find our itineraries always include more attractions than others. Why? That's because non-shopping tours save the time. You can not only spend more time on highlight attractions, but also visit one more site in the day. We never waste each minute of our clients. Surely, if you want to buy some gifts or souvenirs in Xian, the local market is a nice place to go and it will be our pleasure to help.
  • Meal Suggestions: In our Xian 2 day tours, we do not include the lunch for clients. There are three reasons: the first one is that we do not think the tourist restaurants near the sightseeing spots can reach the serving standards of TravelChinaGuide; the second one is that for the short tour of 1 to 2 days, we want to make sure our clients can visit as much as we can arrange, so we suggest an abundant breakfast at the hotel and a light meal for lunch; the third reason is that we will arrange the food street or the guide will recommend some local restaurants for clients, so that they can try local food on their own at very reasonable prices.
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    4.811 Reviews
    Paul Melkonyan
    Posted on March 29, 2021
    In short, we spent an exciting Mt. Huashan tour from Xi’an. A thrilling activity to climb the precipitous crags, narrow and steep paths! We got to the north Peak to see a wonderful view of the other three peaks and continued hiking for the Black Dragon Ridge - one of the most famous steep paths on Mt. Huashan.

    The cable car was very close to the North Peak, only 8 minutes’ walk. If you plan to hike up the mountain, it is highly recommended to wear slip-proof gloves and do not carry more than 2L of bottled water. ... More
    Armen Lietzow
    Posted on October 17, 2020
    Our guide was a professional guide who arranged everything reasonably and gave us vivid and humorous explanations on the 2 days Xi’an tour.
    Posted on August 11, 2020
    There were still a lot of tourists in the scenic area of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. Thanks to the guide, we can visit it orderly…
    Posted on July 14, 2020
    The itinerary of this Xi’an 2 days tour was well arranged and the tour guide was responsible. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses were so remarkable that they impressed me deeply. I would say that if you go to China, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses is a must! The first time I booked a tour on TravelChinaGuide, and I was satisfied with the service. In a word, I was so happy to have this indelible trip!
    Posted on June 21, 2020
    Everything was fine except for the hot weather. Thank you for the service of the guide!!!
    Nina Higgins
    Posted on May 25, 2020
    This Xi’an 2 days tour to Terracotta Warriors, City Wall was really satisfactory! The guide’s positive attitude and his laugh were infectious. He did a comprehensive and wonderful interpretation. And a reasonable itinerary was also provided by him. Thanks a lot!
    Joan Mansour
    Posted on April 27, 2020
    Our Xi’an 2 days tour was full of famous attractions and interesting activities. The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Muslim bazaar and Shaanxi History Museum were unmissable ones on the Xi’an trips! We were happy to visit a local family to taste the authentic home-made Chinese food and learn to cook Chinese dishes.

    Our guide was quite humorous and experienced, telling us some facts about the city’s past. That helped us to experience the ancient charms of this old city.
    Posted on February 27, 2020
    The Xi’an 2 days tour gave us superb experiences. We all loved Xi’an, a beautiful city full of culture and history. But it was rainy when we visited the City Wall so we didn’t cycle around on the wall as we planned. But the Wall was a good place to overlook Xi’an. Detailed introduction to the attractions and Xi’an was given by our guide Coral through the trip. Thank Coral for her hard work!
    Lampl Hallin
    Posted on January 07, 2020
    We all marveled at the profound and extensive Chinese history and culture by visiting these famous attractions and the interpretations of the guide! Well…I'm lost for words… it’s fantastic!!!
    Posted on November 12, 2019
    I booked this trip on TravelChinaGuide on my friend's recommendation. My parents and I were looking forward to it. The weather was very good these days and I successfully completed my 2 days Xi’an tour. We were all very joyful for this trip!
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