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Day 1 Xian – Hancheng – Sima Qian Temple

Hancheng City is about 230 kilometers (143 miles) northeast of Xian. With a history of over 3,000 years it is one of the most famous ancient cities in China. Hancheng is known as the hometown of Sima Qian (206 BC-25 AD), an outstanding historian of the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD). Our trip today takes us to the memorial temple and mausoleum of Sima Qian; the most famous attraction in Hancheng.
Overview of Dang Family's Village in Hancheng City
Two trains travel from Xian to Hancheng. Train No.7001/7004 leaves Xian at 12:42 and arrives at Hancheng at 20:13, the fare is CNY 17.5. Train No.1096 leaves Xian at 02:31 and arrives at Hancheng at 06:49; the fare start from CNY 32.5. Buses are also available and depart from Xian East Coach Station every 23 minutes, and the fare is about CNY67.5 per person. There are several buses traveling to Hancheng, taking up to four hours, but there is one bus that can have you there in two hours, so when you get to the station be sure to ask for the fast bus. From Hancheng Coach Station, you need to take a bus to Zhichuan Town (CNY 3), and then take a taxi or motor-tricycle to the temple.
Sima Qian Temple was built about 1,700 years ago and over the centuries it has been repaired and enlarged. Sima Qian's life is reflected in displays in the four exhibition rooms, along with a number of his work. Sima Qian's cenotaph stands at the back of the temple for people to admire and pay their respects. The admission fee is CNY50. The temple opens from 08:00 to 18:00 in peak season (Apr 1st – October 31st) and from 08:00 to 17:00 in low season (Nov 1st – Mar 31st).

The temple sits at the bank of Yellow River, so you can enjoy the river views near the temple.
Take a bus back to the Hancheng City, where you can find many fine hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. We recommend the 2-star Hancheng Hotel at Taishi Road, or the 3-star Yinhe Hotel at the south section of Longmen Road. Soba noodles with mutton, crispy bread baked on pebbles, and wonton with pork soup are some of the famous local snacks available for you to taste. 
Day 2 Dang Village – Confucius Temple - Xian

Dang Village is about nine kilometers (5.6 miles) away from the city center. To get to the village, you can take a bus from Hancheng Coach Station to Xiayukou. The bus fare is CNY 3.
The village was built in 1331 and is the largest, oldest, and best preserved ancient village in Shaanxi. Walking along the narrow alleys of the village, you will see traditional houses built with gray bricks and black tiles, and decorated with delicate carvings on the wood, stones, and bricks, revealing the village's glorious past. The village also has its own towers, private schools, temples, archways, and watchtowers. We recommend three hours to fully explore the village, but if you like, you can stay overnight at a local farmhouse. The admission fee of the village is CNY 40 per person. Pepper is the local specialty in Hancheng, and you can find many vendors selling it at the entrance of Dang Village.
Sima Qian Temple in Hancheng
After having lunch with a local family, return to the city to visit Hancheng Confucius Temple. Take bus No.101 from Hancheng Train Station to its terminal and then change to bus No.102 to Dongxue Lane. This Confucian Temple is the third largest of its kind in China, and has 22 buildings and 78 rooms in total. Built in the Yuan Dynasty (1279 – 1368), the temple has retained the original style, even though it has been renovated many times. The admission fee is CNY10.

After visiting these interesting places and experiencing the local people's life, take the bus or train back to Xian for a well deserved rest. Train No.7003/7002 leaves Hancheng at 07:31 and arrives at Xian at 14:42, and train No.1095 leaves at 02:21 and arrives at 06:56. The last bus to Xian leaves at 18:00 from the Hancheng Coach Station.
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