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Kunming is also called Spring City, because of its mild weather all year round. It attracts visitors with so many places of interest spread all around the city and the beautiful and peculiar natural landscape. This 3-day private itinerary will take you to visit all the major attractions from the dramatic Yunnan Stone Forest to the local bustling street.
Minorities in Yunnan have long illustrious history intriguing to people home and abroad. Join this private Yunnan tour with extension to Vietnam, you will be indulged in the amazing countryside landscape in Jianshui, the delicate Terraced Fields in Yuanyang and Sapa as well as the breathtaking scenery along Halong Bay. You may find it not hard to fall in love with China and Vietnam.
Along this route, you will have a chance to witness the most marvelous natural scenery and distinctive human landscape of Kunming and Lijiang, including Stone Forest, First Bend of Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang Old City, and the Baisha Murals.
This tour will take you to admire the splendid works of nature in Kunming and explore the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism in Shangri-La. You will also fully experience the custom of the minority people in the old village.
Follow us to marvel at the Stone Forest - the landmark of Kunming and the famous sight of the lake's reflection of Three Pagodas in Dali. Apart from that, the visit to Dali Ancient City and minority villages are also the focuses of this tour.
Rice terraces of Dongchuan Red Land, resembling colored ribbons waving on hillside, is regarded the paradise for shutterbugs. Take this itinerary to capture the splendid scenery with your camera. Besides, the Stone Forest and karst landscape at Jiuxiang Scenic area won't disappoint you either.
This itinerary will lead you to take in the natural wonders of Kunming, like Stone Forest and the karst caves of Jiuxiang Scenic Area, and make you soak up the ethnic atmosphere of Yi minority at Chengzi Ancient Village.
KM07: One Day Kunming Tour
Have a day trip to the Stone Forest - the symbolic attraction of Kunming City, as well as the Western Hills in suburb, from which you can have a full view of the city and vast Erhai Lake.
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Independent Travelers
Located in the south of Yunnan province, Yuanyang is widely well-known by the world with its strong ethnic flavor and spectacular terraced fields. This independent travel itinerary is suitable not only for the photography enthusiasts, but also for travelers who would like to experience diverse local ethnic culture.
Apart from the well-known Stone Forest, Yunnan contains more than a hundred extinct oryctocoenose fossils. This attraction may stir your great curiosity and interest. Moreover, Fuxian Lake is the best resort near Kunming.
After a tour in Kunming, you will visit Yuanmou County to appreciate local two famous sightseeing spots: the Yuanmou Man Archeological Site and the Clay Forests.
Taking tours around the frontier will make you feel quite special. This trip let you to visit South Lake in Mengzi County, with your first exploration to Yuanshi Cave. Daweishan Nature Preserve Area and Vietnam Street will be arranged for your second day.
The splendid Dadieshui Waterfall Scenery Zone and the graceful ancient A-Lu Cave nearby make this ecological tour itinerary exceptionally colorful.
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    4.812 Reviews
    Rodney Lee
    New Zealand
    Posted on December 02, 2019
    I thought highly of this cost-effective trip. Taking a child with me, our guide took good care of us during the whole trip. At this time, we chose 10 days private tour of Kunming. Yuanyang Rice Terraces, one of the world's largest and most imposing terraces, leaving me a deep impression. It was so beautiful!
    Posted on November 11, 2019
    Great satisfaction with our itinerary! Accompanied by a qualified and funny tour guide, our Kunming tour was full of joy. The quiet environment guaranteed our good rest and delicious food offered us energy. We had a great time in Kunming! I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my tour guide! A pleasing trip!
    Denise Wesselow
    Posted on October 30, 2019
    Well informed guide. Appreciated the fact that she tried to take us away from the crowds. Provided us with a wonderful history lesson and a great recommendation for lunch. I would definitely recommend Travel China Guide tours to other foreigners.
    Peter Kent
    Posted on October 22, 2019
    On the Kunming tour, we had experienced the Ancient Tea Horse Road on a horse. Amazing! Our itinerary was well organized and we also had enough time to explore on our own! Very reasonable! Our tour guide was outgoing, energetic and dedicated. A great trip was brought to us! Thank you!
    Rory Orpaz
    Posted on September 29, 2019
    With an average altitude of more than 2000 meters, I didn’t feel well at the beginning, especially the first day. But I got good care from my tour guide. Luckily, I felt better the next day and my Kunming tour started. Safety was always going first. I took the advice from our tour guide to visit Stone Forest. It was a set of limestone formations, looking like a forest made of stone. Without our tour guide, we could be lost in the stone maze. Amazing! We had a great time on the Kunming tour. Thank all of you guys very much!! ... More
    Roberto Montejo
    Posted on September 09, 2019
    Absolutely satisfied! With a well-designed itinerary, we had great fun on the Kunming tour! We had seen scenic sights and tasted delicious local food. Well, the accommodation was excellent and we had a good rest. All in all, Kunming was worth visiting! I would like to go there again if time permitted. Sincere thanks were going to my responsible tour guide! Thank you for your company!
    James Cole
    Posted on September 03, 2019
    We had fun on 5 days Kunming and Dali tour! We visited Green Lake Park. It was a paradise for red-billed seagulls and thousands of them stayed there overwinter every year. Unfortunately, we went there in September without seeing them. We also visited the origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. We had a chance to ride a horse to walk on the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It was fantastic! What’s more, the air there was so fresh and we felt relaxed. Also, we took lots of photos. An unforgettable trip!
    Posted on August 27, 2019
    We were very satisfied with this Kunming tour. Our whole itinerary was well-planned and both the airport pickup and hotel check-in were considerate. With a thoughtful and dedicated tour guide, our trip was smooth! He took good care of everyone in our group. No shopping! He also introduced some local delicious cuisines to us. Very nice tour guide and great appreciation!!!
    Jamie Andres
    United Kingdom
    Posted on August 19, 2019
    Kunming is a beautiful city and I had a wonderful trip there! It was a good chance for me to have a visit to Kunming. I finally chose the Kunming day tour. It was compact and well organized. I had fun there!
    Posted on August 12, 2019
    Good sceneries in Kunming! Our travel consultant Lexi was responsible and helpful! Well, our tour guide was humorous and dedicated. With his company, we had a great time on the 3 days Kunming tour. Highly recommended!
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