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Chongqing Tours

This Chongqing private tour will introduce you to Dazu Rock Carvings, where you can appreciate more than 5,000 exquisite and vivid artistic carvings with religious features, such as the graceful Kwan-yin, the Sakyamuni Prince bathing with nine dragons, or the Cowboy taming water buffalo etc. Every statue reveals a story or legend.
Chongqing and Chengdu both belong to the Sichuan Basin. It is a fertile land, rich in resources and composed of beautiful natural scenery, also the starting point of the Yangtze River cruise. This private Chongqing tour package will take you cross over the Sichuan Basin and covers all the world cultural and natural heritage sites and ends at the lotus city Chengdu.
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Independent Travelers
This Chongqing city tour itinerary will visit the Taibai Garden and appreciate the Yangtze River extending into the distance, the Tianzi City and the Qinglong Waterfall Scenic Area within one day in Wanzhou district.
A one-day trip to the Stone Fish of Baiheliang, Fuling Zhou-yi Garden and the Small Stream (Xiaoxi in Chinese) Scenic Area, will give you an idea of the wisdom of ancient Chinese people and appreciate the wonders of those times.
Visiting Xiaonanhai Scenic Area, the best preserved ancient earthquake relic site, and appreciating its famous barrier lake will be included in this two-day tour package. Then transfer to visit the grotesque peaks of Wuling for the rest of the day.
This short excursion covers the famous karst - Xiandu Karst Cave and the Golden Buddha Mountain, educating travelers about Karst and the beautiful exotic plants and flowers.
The two days vacation packages to Wulong will visit Three Nature Bridges, Furong Cave and Xiannv Mountain and you'll be enchanted by this small county with its natural beauty.
Visit the Jinyun Mountain on the first day, and marvel at its beautiful scenery and tranquility, and then stop at the Panyan Town to relax. Go to see the Jindao Gorge and the famous Northern Hot Springs on the second day.
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