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Karst Excursion

Day 1 Xiandu Karst Cave - Wansheng Stone Forest
The Yangtze River Three Gorges is the largest geological park in the world. Not only can you appreciate the beautiful scenery along this section by cruising, you can also visit it by land. There are also many unique sightseeing spots along the river.

Xiandu Karst Cave is located along the bank of the Xiandu River, Shihao town, Qijiang County, 180 kilometers from Chongqing. It is a famous karst scenic spot and sightseeing area. From Chongqing, you can take train K139/K141/K144 from the Chongqing Railway Station at 07:56 and reach Qijiang County by 10:00. Then transfer to a bus to Shihao Town to catch a mini-bus to Xiandu Karst Cave.

Legend has it that the cave got its name from a celestial being that stayed in the cave before crossing the river (in Chinese, Xian Du). It is said that the cave was formed around 100,000 years ago. It is the largest cave discovered in the upstream course of the Yangtze River. The cave is over 12,000 meters in depth, and about 3,000 meters has been opened to visitors so far. Various stelae, stalagmites, stone flowers and stone vines grace the inside and are especially attractive under the colorful lights.

In the afternoon, return to Qijiang County and take a bus to Wansheng District. Then transfer to a tourist special bus to Wansheng Stone Forest. The Stone Forest is said to be the second largest and the oldest in China, the first being the stone forest in Kunming. The stones have a seemingly infinite variety of shapes: some are like flying birds and beasts, and some are like exotic flowers and plants. The outstanding sites are Heaven Gate Cave, Goddess Peak, and Censer Mountain. You can also find ancient fossils at the site. It only costs CNY50 to see this fantastic stone kingdom. After a leisurely tour there, stay overnight at a local hostel.
Day 2 Golden Buddha Mountain
In the morning, return to Wansheng and catch a tourist bus to the Golden Buddha Mountain Scenic Area, a wonderful world with exotic flowers, plants, rare animals, karst caves and stone forests. The recommended sites here are Jinfo Cave, Gufo Cave, Yongling Ancient Path, and Wolong Pool Valley. It is an ideal summer resort and also a wonderful ski slope in winter. The admission fee is CNY75 during peak season and CNY50 in low season. A cable car is also available for CNY80. The charge for skiing is CNY80 per hour.
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