Chongqing Hiking Tours

01: Chongqing - Baiyun Temple - Tiancheng Temple
Jiefangbei, downtown of Chongqing
You can begin this hiking tour at Nanping Coach Bus Station, located at No.3 Nanping South Road. At Nanping Coach Bus Station, take a bus to go to Qijiang County in the south of Chongqing. Qijiang is not far from downtown and it will take you about an hour to get there.

Upon arrival at Qijiang, you should hire a car to go to Yingshan Mountain in Shijiao Town. It may take around 40 minutes to climb up the Yingshan Mountain, which has beautiful and dense forests. You can also visit the Baiyun Temple in the mountain, and if you arrive in the late afternoon, you can stay overnight there. 
After that, we recommend you visit the Tiancheng Temple, making sure you enjoy the extraordinary scenery along the hiking route!
After visiting Tiancheng Temple, hike down the mountain and get to Zhoujia Village. There, you can find the bus that will take you back to Chongqing.
Tip: How to Get to Nanping Coach Bus Station:
The subway line 3 leads to Nanping Station. Take the Exit 3, and you will see the bus station.
Take the one of these listed buses, you can also get to Nanping: No.115, 121, 125, 178, 306, 315, 318, 321, 338, 346, 347, 352, 354, 363, 368, 373, 375, 376, 426, 808, 839, 872 and 873.
02: Chongqing - Jiefangbei - Ciqikou - Fengdu Ghost City
Fengdu Ghost City
The Jiefangbei (Liberation Monument) is a hot travel and shopping spot for tourists. The buses No. 402 and 462 can take you there directly, or you can take the subway line 2 to Linjiangmen Station, take the Exit C and walk southeast for 250 yards to reach the monument. There is also a pedestrian walk leading to the monument. Local citizens also tend to shop in this area as Jiefangbei is a prosperous place, and tourists can experience their way of life there.
Following that, a hiking tour to ancient Ciqikou Village will show you traditional Chinese architecture as well as give you a chance to sample delicious local snacks. The subway line 1 is available, and Ciqikou is about 350 yards walking distance from the exit 1 of the subway station. Besides, the buses to Ciqikou include No.202, 220, 224, 261, 467, 503, 808 and 843.
After visiting Ciqikou Village, you can return to Chongqing and head for Fengdu Ghost City, which is located on the Mingshan Mountain in Fengdu County. You can find buses to Fengdu at Chaotianmen Port. The bus takes around six hours or alternatively you can go to Fengdu by ferry in nine hours.
03: Tracking Mystery in Mt. Simian and Zhongshan Town
Zhongshan Ancient Town
Trekking to the Simian Mountain and Zhongshan Town will make your one day hiking tour fruitful and memorable. Besides, you will learn about the virgin forests and some knowledge about the plants after your visit. Simian Mountain, located to the south of Jiangjin District, 100 miles (160 km) from Chongqing, is considered to be a storehouse of rare plants by botanists. With the virgin forests, the beautiful mountain scenery and waterfalls, the Simian Mountain attracts a lot of tourists. The admission fee is CNY 110. You can take a coach from Longtousi Bus Station or Chenjiaping Coach Station to Jiangjin, and the bus ride is about one hour. Upon arrival, take a connecting bus to Simian Mountain (cost of CNY 20)
You will see scarce plants and many stunning waterfalls there. The highest waterfall is named Wangxiangtai Waterfall and it descends 498 feet (152 meters). After you enjoy the enchanting scenery, take the coach back to Jiangjin and then take a coach to Zhongshan Town. It will cost you CNY 13 to get there. Zhongshan Town has a style similar to the water towns in south China, with well preserved ancient workshops, old bridges, trails and temples. The hiking trail ends here and get back to Chongqing after visiting the town.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by michal finci from ISRAEL | Feb. 27, 2017 08:55Reply
thank you for your answer.i would like to know were can we stay overnight near longgang park.
we want to see the park and the glass skywalk.i hope the skywalk is open to visit. i heard it was closed after some cracks. is there any place to stay in the park.
Answers (1)
Answered by Zhang | Feb. 27, 2017 18:38

You can stay at the hotels in Yunyang County. There is a lot of choices. Or you can stay at the hotel in the scenic area. The park is still open now and I can not find any news about the cracks. You may contact the park directly at 023-55333111.
Asked by michal finci from ISRAEL | Feb. 26, 2017 13:01Reply
how can i reach longgang national park? maybe you have organized tour to the park .
Answers (1)
Answered by Zhang | Feb. 26, 2017 21:14

You can take bus from Chongqing North bus station to YunYang (Lotus Bus station) and then transfer to Dongcheng bus station, where take bus to the park. The whole jurney takes around 5.5 hours.
Asked by Mr.Andre Cadet from USA | Oct. 18, 2010 20:10Reply
Hi, Is the water safe to drink? Or should I always buy bottled water? Are the any health food stores?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mrs.Ruth from CHINA | Oct. 20, 2010 20:35

Hi, The tap water in China is undrinkable. It need to be boiled before drink.
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