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Guangzhou is a city with the glory of traditional revolution in the modern history of China. It is also a prosperous metropolis. Join our private Guangzhou tour, you will be deeply impressed by the city’s vigor and bloom through meandering through the Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island and Huacheng Square. And you will also get amazing historical knowledge by visiting the Temple of chen Family, Museum of Nanyue King's Mausoleum and Temple of Six Banyan Trees.
Being one of the three most important cities of China, Guangzhou is always the economic, political and cultural center of the southern region. This private day tour itinerary will take you to the most famous sites including the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, temple of Six Banyan Trees, Temple of Family Chen, Huacheng Square and show you the history and present of this charming city.
You will spend two days in Guangzhou to see some of the landmarks, such as Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island, and Canton Tower, and then take a high speed train to Guilin. While traveling in Guilin, you can not only see the city's landmarks and take a cruise down the picturesque Li River to appreciate the rolling hills and clear water, but also view the idyllic landscape in Yangshuo.
This night cruise trip will offer you wonderful night scenes on the dazzling Pearl River. Along the way, you can catch sight of a lot of riverside high-rise buildings lit by bright shining neon lamps in various colors, such as the magnificent Canton Tower, the grand Southern Mansion, and many exotic buildings on Shamian Island.
If you want to see the rural landscape while staying in Guangzhou, you may want to go along this route to Kaiping Diaolou and Villages. There you can view old watchtowers, villas and fortresses, mostly built during the 19th century, with wide rice fields and streams as the backdrop.
If you are traveling with children, this 1-day family tour to Chimelong Safari Park will be a good choice for you. It is the largest wildlife zoo in Asia with more than 20,000 animals living an enjoyable life, including 14 giant pandas, 50 koala bears and 250 or so white tigers.
Follow this itinerary to set out for your side trip to Foshan. During the journey, you can experience folk customs as well as local religious and Kung Fu cultures at the Ancestors' Temple, meander around the exquisite Liang's Garden, and explore the profound pottery-making history of Foshan at the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln.
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    4.727 Reviews
    Rex Tantono
    Posted on March 09, 2021
    Chimelong Safari Park was a great place where there are various animals and a quiet natural environment! It was very suitable to take children to have a visit.

    The tour itinerary was very reasonable. And the guide helped me a lot and bought medicine for my little son. So grateful for her!
    Jhonny Adams
    Posted on November 17, 2020
    Really rich and satisfactory trip!
    The guide provided a considerate service for every visitor!
    Posted on August 04, 2020
    The guide was enthusiastic and dedicated. It was a great Guangzhou trip! Strongly recommend!
    Posted on July 26, 2020
    This trip left such a good impression on me. Especially the tour guide, she was pretty warm and generous! On visiting the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, the weather was very hot, and the guide bought tickets for us in the sun. I cannot help but admire her dedication to work. Then when we got to Shamian Island, it suddenly rained heavily. The guide took out her umbrella without hesitation and lent it to us. We were very grateful! She also actively took pictures for us along the way. This 3 days Guangzhou city tour was indeed the best memory of my experience! Next time, I will choose TravelChinaGuide and recommend it to my relatives and friends. Very thankful and recommended for its great experience and good service! ... More
    Posted on July 01, 2020
    The itinerary was reasonable and the lunch was really delicious! The clear and professional explanation of the guide gave me a deeper understanding of Guangzhou and Guilin. For some ancient buildings, I might have finished my tour in 20 minutes without the explanation, or maybe it was just taking pictures. Then… I still didn't know anything about the background stories of these scenic spots. So I feel it is necessary to book a guide to visit these ancient attractions in China. Well…Thank you very much for the guide! This 5 Days Guangzhou & Guilin Tour gave me a profound understanding of China's landscape and culture. I am looking forward to taking my family to visit China next time. I am going to choose this tour group as well! ... More
    Grace Higgins
    United Kingdom
    Posted on June 08, 2020
    With our tour guide, we had a night cruise on the Pearl River. With splendid lights blazing in all places on this beautiful night, the city looked most magnificent and we felt very pleasant! There is, in my view, you shouldn't miss the Canton Tower, the tallest TV tower (1,967 ft) in Asia. And the top of the tower is equipped with a Ferris wheel, which is the highest Ferris wheel in the world! So cool! It was a pity that there was no time to visit. Given the chance, I would visit it next time! TravelChinaGuide really did a good job! This trip was short, but I was satisfied with the service provided! ... More
    Posted on May 19, 2020
    I booked this 3 Days Guangzhou City Tours with my parents and it was the first overseas travel for us. We were satisfied with the food and hotel provided by TravelChinaGuide. And the tour guide service was excellent with reasonable itinerary and professional interpretation! The weather was too hot, and our guide worked very hard to lead us around gave special consideration to my parents. Thanks a lot! The Yuexiu Park, the Shamian Island, and the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family were very attractive! That, I thought, would be worth seeing! ... More
    Posted on April 21, 2020
    The enthusiastic and thoughtful service of the tour guide was appreciated by all the visitors. This Guangzhou day tour was pretty good! It was too hot in Guangzhou in the summer. So I suggest you choose your travel time properly!
    Posted on April 02, 2020
    We spent a wonderful time in Guangzhou. We couldn’t have found a better trip experience than we had on this 5-day Guangzhou tour to Guilin.

    The whole trip was quite smooth and we had timely transfers all the way. The drivers’ skills and cars were great in both cities. The hotels and meals were all fine but I enjoyed Guilin’s Rice Noodles most. Highly recommend tasting it!

    Our guides both in Guangzhou and Guilin offered enough knowledge about sites and could answer our questions professionally. We were very pleased with their smooth interactions. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. ... More
    Posted on March 23, 2020
    Satisfied with the schedule of the 3-day Guangzhou tour, excellent service attitude and high quality of the tour guides! An extraordinary trip!
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