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Surrounding Scenic Spots

Day1 Guangzhou - Zhaoqing
This tour will take you to some very famous sightseeing spots in and around Guangzhou. On the first morning, take a train or bus to Zhaoqing city. We suggest that you take train K511, departing from Guangzhou Railway Station at 07:57 and reaching Zhaoqing at 09:50. The fare is CNY16.5 for a hard seat. Buses also run regularly from Guangzhou City Bus Station (near the Guangzhou Railway Station) to Zhaoqing. The bus takes 2.5 hours and costs CNY43 per person.
Upon arrival at Zhaoqing, take bus No.1 for 3 stops to Qixing Avenue, Middle, where you will reach your first destination, Seven Star Park. The park, also called Star Lake Park, covers an area of 8.23 square kilometers, consisting of five lakes, six hills, seven monoliths and eight caves. The admission fee is CNY60 per person. Once inside the park, you can take a sightseeing bus, taxi or cable car to travel around, all of which are very convenient. The best time to visit is from July to September as well as during the Chinese Spring Festival (January to March).
In the afternoon, visit Dinghu Mountain, one of the four famous mountains in Guangdong Province. To get there, leave Seven Star Park from the southern entrance and take bus No.21 which goes directly to Dinghu Mountain, and takes about half an hour. The admission fee for the park is CNY60 per person.
After visiting the mountain, return to the city and stay at a hotel near the Zhaoqing Bus Station.
Day2 Zhaoqing - Deqing - Fengkai
In the morning, check out of the hotel and take a bus to Deqing County. The bus runs every 20 minutes from 07:00 to 20:30. The trip takes approximately 1 hour and costs CNY20 per person. On arrival at Deqing take the tourist bus to Yuecheng Dragon Mother Temple which takes 30 minutes at a cost of CNY6. The temple is located on Five Dragon Mountain, in Yuecheng Town, Deqing County. It was originally built in the Qin (221 - 207 BC) and Han (202 BC - 220 AD) dynasties, and it has been rebuilt 13 times over a thousand years. The admission fee is CNY80 per person.
In the afternoon, return to Deqing County by bus and take a taxi to Xuegong (Palace of Study), which is also known as Confucius Temple. The palace comprises a group of dignified and magnificent ancient wooden buildings. It was first built in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279), and later rebuilt in the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368). A statue of Confucius is in the center of the palace. The admission fee is CNY30 per person.
Afterwards, take a bus to Fengkai County from Deqing bus station, taking about 1 hour. Stay overnight in Fengkai.
Day3 Fengkai - Guangzhou
Today, visit Banshi Scenic Spot and Marking Tower for the Tropic of Cancer. Take a bus to Banshi Scenic Spot from Jiangkou Coach Station. The site is located in Banshi Village, Xinghua Town. The admission fee is CNY20 per person. From a distance, you see a small hill covered with trees and grass. When you get close, however, you will find that the hill is actually a huge rock. Erosion by wind and rain has left spots on the surface, so it is named Banshi (rock with spots). It is also an ideal destination for rock climbing lovers as the largest climbing club in Guangdong and Guangxi Province is based at the site. They are able to provide professional support to visitors.
Return to Fengkai County by bus and take a leisurely walk to Jiangbin Park where you can see the Marking Tower for the Tropic of Cancer.

Take a bus back to Guangzhou from Jiangkou Coach Station. 
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