Code: GZ03

Cultural Landscapes

Day1 Guangzhou
Today you will have a brief tour of the city. There are many places of interest in Guangzhou; our recommendations are Baiyun Mountain, the Site of the Huangpu Military Academy and the South China Botanical Gardens.

Baiyun Mountain is located in the Baiyun district, 17 kilometers north of the downtown area. You are advised to take bus No.24, 245, 285, 63 and b16 to Yuntai Garden or bus No. 46, 127, 175, 179, 199, 210, 223, 257, 540, and 841 to Baiyun Cable Way stop. Walk forward for 300 - 400 meters and you will arrive at the foot of the mountain. You can either climb by yourself or take the cable car up the mountain.
Then take bus No.63 for three stops to the Garden Hotel. Move forward to Taojin Station and take subway line 5 to Yuzhu Station. Walk southward to the Yuzhu Ferry Terminal and catch the ferry to Huangpu Military Academy Ferry Terminal. From there you can visit China's equivalent of the West Point Military Academy, the site of Huangpu Military Academy. The site is free to enter but is closed on Mondays.

Today's last stop is the South China Botanical Gardens which is located at the Huolu Mountain, Tianhe district. Take the ferry back to Yuzhu Ferry Terminal and take subway line 5 to Dongwuyuan (Guangzhou Zoo). Walk across the street and take bus No.30 for 16 stops to Zhiwuyuan (botanical garden). The admission fee is CNY20 per person.
Day2 Guangzhou - Kaiping
Get up early in the morning and take a long-distance bus to Kaiping Yici from Fangcun Long-distance Bus Station. The bus trip takes about 2 hours and costs CNY49 per person. Upon arrival, transfer to a bus going to the Zili village where the Kaiping Watchtowers are located. The towers were built by overseas Chinese to protect their families in their hometown during the 1920s. The towers are famous for the unique combination of Chinese and western architectural styles. The Mingshi Tower is the tallest and most beautiful one among these towers; it is owned by the richest people in this district, the Guangren family. The oldest one is the Longsheng Tower which was built in the year of 1917. The admission fee for this site is CNY80 per person.

Then take a taxi or hire a car to Jinshan Hot Spring in Enping City which costs about CNY150. Relax by yourself and enjoy the natural hot mineral water which has a temperature of 80℃ all year around. The admission fee for the hot spring is CNY100 per person. Stay overnight in the Hot Spring Resort (accommodation is not included in the admission fee).
Day3 Kaiping - Yangjiang
In the morning, take a taxi to Enping Coach Station to catch a bus to Yangjiang City (the bus is available every 20 minutes from 06:20 to 18:25, taking less than one hour and costing CNY40 per person). Then transfer to the bus going to Zhapo Bus Station, which is located on Hailing Island. The bus ride costs CNY12 per person. The shoreline of the long silver beach is 16,000 meters long and is already recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. You may also pay a visit to other sites in this area such as the pseudo-classic architecture Songcheng Town, Yinhai resort and the nationality villas. Your memorable tour will end here.
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