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Guangzhou Bicycle Tours

Guangzhou is a modern and flourishing City in South of China. You can see its boom from each respect in downtown. But if you prefer the natural scenery, you are advised to take the this two days' bicycle trip on the weekend. Do prepare for your trip well with the essential equipment before you set off, such as the rainproof, wash things and some medicine, etc.
March is the best season for cycling in the year round. The breeze skims through your face and you nearly smell the spring's fragrance. Riding in the sun, you will be brought back to the younger days. Now, let's set off right away.
You may live in Guangzhou or just stay there at the moment, but you may be bored with its crazy tempo of life and the pressure from the modern city. Then, you can follow this cycling route to relax yourself and encamp outdoors.
One day cycling trip in Guangzhou
When you check the days' cycling trip, you feel worried about your limited holiday time. Actually, you have another wonderful choice. You can experience the pleasant rural scenery outing just in one day. Now, check this route and you may find your interest.

When you check the days' cycling trip, you feel worried about your limited holiday time. Actually, you have another wonderful choice. You can experience the pleasant rural scenery outing just in one day. Now, check this route and you may find your interest.
Your starting point is Licheng and ends in Baishui Zhai. The whole trip is around 20 kilometers. It is the special lane for visitors to cycle on the weekend. Ride along the colorized bicycle roadway from Licheng and set off. This route is not the same with others. It will bring you to pass the natural scenery spots to cheer yourselves up. The winding part of the road will give you excitement and lead you into the woods and enjoy the birds' singing. It is a special relaxing trip and you have a stopover at any time. You may enjoy the cool and talk cheerfully and humorously under the trees along the road. When it is summer, you also can pick up the fresh litchis and longan. You will pass a river and stop to walk on the riverbank or curvet and dabble in the river. Besides, the road will guide you to the farm path, you can see the farmer life and the rice and fruit. When you arrive at Baishui Zhai, you can enter the landscape area to visit the Baishui waterfall and other interesting sights. After fully enjoy yourselves, you can ride back along the same road. That is the end.
Guangzhou Bicycle
Jiangbin Road in Guangzhou is a special urban cycling route. In the dusk, the setting sun produces amazing scenery in the sky and when the day is getting dark, you can see the distant lamplight along the river.

If you are a new rider or you want to give yourselves a short break. This downtown route can fit your interest. It begins at Guangzhou grand bridge and ends at the Haizhu Bridge. There are many small spot renting the bicycles. Its fare is around 10.00. You can start from the east part of Binjiang road to start this trip and ride along the road. You will pass by the Zhong Da port and there is is a weekly public cultural plaza. It is very lively and funny. Many people get together there, dancing, kicking shuttlecock and skating. The barbecue bars are also available nearby. If you have interest, you can go on your riding towards the Haizhu Bridge. After having a deep sightseeing at the bank of the river, you can return to finish your short but pleasant cycling journey.
Mountain to Haiou Island
Here is another recommended itinerary for you to have a short outdoor trip by bike on the weekend. This main cycling route is from Lotus Mountain in Panyu to Haiou Island (Sea-gull Island). Since there is no place renting bicycles along this itinerary, you are advised to take your own.
Considering the convenience, you can start from the Xidi port and take a boat directly heading to the Lotus Mountain in Panyu. After going ashore, ride to pass the grand bridge, you will reach your destination - Haiou Island (Sea-gull island). This island has not been fully developed, it still remain the original and true features of the local farm life. You can travel along many ridge paths in the farming field and feel the outdoor breeze and air to your heart. Occasionally, you can stop to take pictures. There are located farmhouses, which can provide the accommodation and meals for visitors. You will have a chance to taste the genuine peasant family dish and appreciate the rurality. Besides, you can buy some vegetables on the way from the farmers. It is the real green food. In the afternoon, you can follow your track back to Guangzhou, or you can stay at the farmhouse for one night to experience the farm life deeply. Your trip ends here.
Questions & Answers
Asked by Cecilia from GUANGZHOU | Nov. 24, 2019 08:51Reply
How to join cycling tour if I cannot cycle ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jemica | Nov. 24, 2019 20:00

It is not suggested to join a cycling tour if you can't ride a bike. I think you can consider to take a normal tour.
Asked by Rupert Correos from UNITED STATES | Oct. 14, 2018 20:29Reply
i want to join a bike tour in the coutryside this coming Nov 20
Where I can rent a road bike for a tour in the countryside
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma | Oct. 15, 2018 20:24

Generally, most professional bike shops offer road bike rental services. In Guangzhou, you can find the bike shop brands, like Giant, Merida, XDS, etc. and these shops also offer you cycling gloves and helmets to ensure your safety during the riding tour. I kindly suggest you download the Baidu Map App on your phone, which can not only help you find the nearest bike shops around you, but also provide the riding route on the way.
Asked by Chua Chew Teck from SINGAPORE | Oct. 21, 2017 00:55Reply
One Day Cycling Trip in Guangzhou
I intend to do the one day cycling trip in Guangzhou. Where can i rent a bicycle in Guangzhou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike | Oct. 22, 2017 20:21

You can rent the bike near Teemall, Dafushan Mountain, Bingjiang Road, etc. Another convenient way is to rent a dockless bike on the streets, such as Mobike, ofo. To rent this bike, you need to download the corresponding app and pay the deposit. For Mobike, you can use through a WeChat account without downloading the app.
Asked by Hashimali | Feb. 25, 2012 06:59Reply
Is there any good quality cycle [ like Fire fox] rental firm in Guangzhou. My arrival on 7 March
Answers (1)
Answered by Gundavarpu | Feb. 26, 2012 06:02

You may go to the North Gate A of the Tianhe Park (on service for 24 hours) to rent a good bicycle. You can also call the service hotline 020-81681000 for more detailed info.
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