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Private China Family Tours

Little can be as much fun as a memorable family holiday. Traveling together, spending real quality time with each other as you discover new places can be truly rewarding. We welcome you to take our private China family tour packages especially designed for family and family with kids to the most popular travel destinations in China and aim to ensure that enjoy every aspect of them.
Kids-friendly Flexibilities Seeing adorable pandas Learn to make dumplings Dining at a local family Hotels with swimming pool
This private vacation includes the most popular travel destinations in China. It enables you and your children to enjoy not only the centuries-old historical sites, but also the booming civilization and culture of the modern city.
Covering the hottest parts of the country, this comfortable itinerary is a perfect combination of Chinese rich culture and history, incredible natural beauty as well as the prosperous modern civilization.
Assembling the majestic Great Wall, stately Forbidden City, royal Summer Palace and other noted places of historic interest, our capital city Beijing is no doubt a must see in your family travel plan.
Five cities with different natural environment and cultural atmosphere will provide the first impression of modern China to you. Shaolin Kung Fu and lovely pandas are the highlights for your child.
Starting from the capital Beijing and ending at Hong Kong, this private trip takes you to the most popular attractions, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Armies, Li River cruise and family-friendly Disneyland.
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FAQs on China Family Tours

What kind of activities are in China that children may like?

We focus on providing enjoyable private holidays for families by having activities that suit children, such as Kung Fu shows, kite flying, pottery-making, biking on the City Wall, dumpling-making and the panda experience. We can also create a custom trip according to your specific interests.

Which is the ideal month for traveling to China with our family?

The best time is in April, May, September and October when the weather is nicest. But honestly speaking, there is no absolute perfect time of year. There will be crowds during the high season and unpleasant weather during the low season. If you travel with infants or toddlers, choosing a time with pleasant climate would be more important. However for teenagers, just go when you can and make enough preparations. China is waiting for you all year around.

Will we have the right guide who is concerned families, especially for children?

We will arrange a family oriented tour guide for you. Our guide will be patient and always sensitive to the needs of your family. Our guide will also take extra care of families with children. Also you will have the guides' cell phone number with you before you enter China.

Will we have a chance to visit a local family?

If your destination includes Xian, you will have a chance to visit a local family and have lunch there. We will specially arrange dumpling-making for you. It will be a fun and bonding experience for your entire family.

Is Great Wall hiking tough? Which section of the Great Wall is better for elders and kids?

We recommend Mutianyu Great Wall for families. You can take a cable car up to the wall. The children may like a toboggan (slide) ride down. The hike will be at a moderate pace lasting about 2 hours.

Will seniors or children enjoy discount entrance fees at attraction sites?

Children under 12 years old can enjoy preferential rates on land service and discount airfare. The majority of scenic spots only offer senior rates for those that hold Chinese Senior Card or equivalent ID Card. And not all scenic spots offer children rates. If you would like to have a try if children tickets would be available on the spot, we can remove ticket prices from the tour package leaving you to purchase entrance tickets fees on your own.

Shall we get interconnecting rooms?

We use our carefully selected comfortable hotels for our China family vacation and we will take interconnecting rooms as the first consideration when booking hotel rooms for you. If not available, we at least promise adjacent rooms for you.

Are the activities involved in your tours safe for kids?

We choose kids-friendly activities. There are no adventurous elements in our tours. There would be some walking involved but usually no more than 2 hours. You can just talk with your guide anytime your kids need a rest. But of course, do not let your kids go out alone, keep them close by at all times.

Will there be a lot of driving during the land tour? Will there be seat belt equipped vehicles?

We keep the time spent on driving to a minimum for leisure family holidays. Generally, the longest land transfer will be around 1.5 hours to 2 hours in our itineraries. And yes, there will be seat belt equipped vehicles.

Are there any special local customs that we should follow?

For travelling to the cities included in our tours, there are no special conventions other than the basic social etiquette. If you have any questions, just follow advice from your local guides.