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With a history of over 5,000 years, China has much to see and to experience in its vast land. Our professional consultants designed a variety of travel plans with different themes for special travelers with unique interests and ensuring the best deal.
  • Luxury Packages

    17 Itineraries

    Take the well-organized luxury tours in 2022 to have an unforgettable experience with our top-notch service and elaborate arrangement.

  • Budget Travel

    41 Itineraries

    We provide cheap tour options for travelers who have limited budget but want to enjoy a carefree China trip including must-see spots.

  • Panda Vacations

    9 Itineraries

    Panda, the chosen species to symbolize world wildlife, is everybody's favourite because it looks gentle and cute.

  • Family Holiday

    5 Itineraries

    Family holidays are fun. We can do things together and enjoy companionship unique to families & loved ones.

  • Student Groups

    14 Itineraries

    Traveling on a shoe string budget is the student’s way. Our tailor-made itineraries with cheap prices cater to your taste.

  • Muslim Tours

    6 Itineraries

    Muslims have created numerous cultural heritages, unique lifestyle and folk arts, making a notable addition to China's diversity.

  • Photography

    7 Itineraries

    In our itineraries, you will visit some of the most outstanding historical and cultural sites for marvelous photo opportunity.

  • Independent Train Travel

    11 Itineraries

    As the condition of the trains is getting better and their speed is getting faster, exploring by train is quite popular now.

  • Jewish Heritage

    4 Itineraries

    The Jews have made a name for themselves everywhere they have gone as being both shrewd and industrious.

  • Hiking Adventure

    Our hiking itineraries are for those who would like to add the spice of adventure to their travels and going at their own pace where few outsiders have gone before.

  • Bike Experience

    Come to try a different way to explore the highlights of China and totally appreciate the true soul of this country by taking a bicycle tour without time limitation.

  • Golf Vacation

    Many golf courses of international standard have been built in some of the top tourist cities. We have included some information about well-reputed golf clubs.

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Questions & Answers
Asked by salee from SAUDI ARABIA | Jan. 13, 2017 00:55Reply
Where to buy discount ticket for Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge. I am a student studying in China .
i heard that we can buy discount ticket at site . i mean at the ticket counter.is it true or we need to book online?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy | Jan. 15, 2017 20:40

It is suggested that you book the tickets for the Glass Bridge on its official website in advance as there are only 1000 tickets available daily. You may also purchase the tickets on the spot, but you need to get there as early as possible to get the tickets. There are discount tickets for children, students and senior citizens, you can take your valid ID certificate like passport when you purchase the tickets.
Asked by Yuan from THAILAND | Oct. 19, 2016 06:31Reply
I will stay near Jiuzhaigou national park and how much can I go to Fairy pool?
If by taxi, how much for return trip including waiting time?
Can I combine Fairy pool and Zhongcha village horse trekking trip in one day?
If I spend 2 days in Jiuzhaigou and one day in Huanglong, is this pool still worth visiting?

Answers (1)
Answered by Wong | Oct. 19, 2016 21:14

There is no public bus from Jiuzhaigou park to Fairy Pool, you can charter a car and the fare is around CNY300. The ride takes about 2 hours and the visiting time is around 3 hours. I think the Fairy Pool and Zhongcha Village can be done in one day. It takes about 30-40 minutes to drive from Jiuzhaigou to Zhongcha Village and the horse trekking time is 2-3 hours. The sceneries in Fairy Pool are the similar as the Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, but less crowded. If you have free time, you may consider visiting there.
Asked by Brendan from CANADA | Sep. 13, 2016 20:02Reply
Does the metro have English signs?
Does the metro in Shanghai have English directions and English signs? I just want to confirm as I know that the language will be an issue.
Answers (1)
Answered by Tan | Sep. 13, 2016 20:26

Yes. There are English directions and signs at metro station as well as on the train in Shanghai. On the train, there is also English broadcast.
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