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Our luxury China tour packages for 2020 are specially designed for our most distinguished guests with superior arrangements of hotels, meals, activities and so on. The quality of our premier grade service ensures maximum luxury and comfort during your China vacation. They are the best of the best.

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    What's special for a luxury China tour?

    Activities: Besides the normal sightseeing visits to the major attractions in each city such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors and ancient City Wall in Xian, Li River cruise in Guilin, the Bund in Shanghai and Pandas in Chengdu, our luxury China tours also feature some special activities, aiming to offer our guests a richer and more authentic travel experience.

    Learning Tai Chi at the park of Temple of Heaven, trying to cook Chinese food and dining at a local family, picking fresh tea with the local villagers, biking on the 600-year-old Ming Dynsaty City Wall, cycling in the countryside to explore the idyllic scenery and many others, all these are popular activities among travelers. You can see the locals go about their lives and enjoy some interesting interactions while learning about the splendid history and culture of China. If you travel with children or elderly people, we are ready to make more customized arrangements for you.

    Hotels: We carefully arrange 5-star luxury hotels and high-end deluxe hotels with good locations in each city for your selection. As long as you tell us your preference, we will recommend the hotels to meet your needs. Or, if you are the member of some brand hotels and prefer to reserve on your own, we will be glad to leave it to you.
    Luxury hotel with nice views
    Sample the authentic Beijing Roast Duck
    Learn to make dumpings at a local family
    Go cycling in the countryside of Yangshuo
    Meals: We select the distinctive restaurants for you and you choose the favorite dishes for yourself. It is not merely an elegant dining arrangement, but a cultural experience of the city and its food. In particular, we arrange restaurants specializing in Beijing Roast Duck, Chengdu Hotpot, old Shanghai cuisine, even a home-cooked lunch at a local Chinese family for you to enjoy a variety of Chinese food. Moreover, we would be happy to reserve seats for you at your favorite restaurants.

    Entertainments: A cultural performance at night would enhance your travel experience greatly. There are several wonderful shows that we specially recommend and have been included in our deluxe China tour itineraries: Chinese Kung Fu show at the Red Theater in Beijing, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance at the Tang Dynasty Palace in Xian, ERA Acrobatic Show in Shanghai, Impression Sanjie Liu directed by Zhang Yimou and performed on the Li River of Yangshuo.

    No matter which country you come from, USA, UK, Australia, Canada or other regions of the world, or no matter what you are interested in China, our professional team is able to offer a unique tour with more focus on customers' experience, that will bring you the feeling of dignity and luxury.
    Forbidden City - the largest and most complete imperial palace complex in the world
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      4.9100 Reviews
      United Kingdom
      Posted on January 13, 2020
      The travel agency TravelChinaGuide was amazing. The tour they organized for us was just wonderful! Good service! And the enthusiastic guides made our China tour pleasant! We were pleased to have a relaxing time with my family. All the guides were good and excellent! I especially liked the guide Candy in Beijing! She was outgoing, sweet and lovely. She also had a nice attitude and a high sense of responsibility! It was a satisfying trip to China!
      United Kingdom
      Posted on December 29, 2019
      Well, the rich historical and cultural heritage in Xi’an left us a deep impression. Both the past Chang’an and the modern Xi 'an let us enjoy ourselves so much and we wanted to travel once more.

      It was so fantastic to have a satisfying trip in China! We were extremely excited!!
      Kelley R
      Posted on December 15, 2019
      I loved my trip to China with TravelChinaGuide. I especially enjoyed my stay in Xi’an for a few days. I saw the spectacular Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, visited several historical sites and museums, and ate some special Shaanxi dishes. The tour guide Tracy gave a wonderful introduction, which impressed me a lot. I would like to make a special thanks to her.
      Posted on December 02, 2019
      We had great fun on the 8 days China tour! All the guides were very warm-hearted and considerate. Thank you so much!
      Todd Vincent
      New Zealand
      Posted on November 17, 2019
      I loved the guides on my China tour. All of them were excellent! What impressed me most was the guides. Our guide Sara in Beijing knew so much about the history and the artifacts in the Forbidden City. Likewise, our guide Jacky in Xi’an had profound knowledge about Chinese history. We had visited the Terracotta Army Museum. His explanations were detailed and colorful! And we met our guide Rebecca in Shanghai. She was extremely excellent and shared with us many interesting facts about the city and guided us to visit the World Financial Center. All the guides were very professional and their explanations were great!! The best-planned arrangements helped us save much time and we didn’t need to queue. The 12 days private tour left me an unforgettable memory! ... More
      Rebecca Walters
      Posted on November 03, 2019
      It was the most perfect luxury China private tour! We had spent 9 days in China and we had many good memories that we would like to cherish forever and share with our friends. What impressed me most was the professional guides and beautiful scenic spots. All the guides were enthusiastic and qualified. We had no problem communicating with each other and we were provided the high-level service. In short, it offered good value for the money! Highly recommend!!
      Posted on October 20, 2019
      We were so lucky to spend a great time with the best team! TravelChinaGuide was a travel agency that we would definitely recommend it to our friends. The other people on our tour were a pleasure to be with as well. Thank you very much for the great work in organizing a trip that we would never forget!
      Keith Gonzalez
      Posted on October 07, 2019
      The package tour we booked was in high quality and the service was the best!We had visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. They were both the most famous tourist attractions in Beijing. We were attracted to them and they deserved their reputations! They were so splendid and we were shocked by their magnificence! The guide Sara did a very good job in all respects. It was so nice of her! I liked this China tour in Beijing!
      Posted on September 24, 2019
      It was a little hot but I still had a good mood for this China tour. The itinerary was well organized and the guide Jacky was benevolent as well as responsible. We did have a great time in Xi’an!
      Roger & Lynne
      Posted on September 14, 2019
      Tour group's guides often act as a mediator between the tour group and China, protecting the tourist and ensuring there is not too much culture shock. We, on the other hand, have traveled widely in China without the use of guides, so that sort of protection is of no interest to us. What we need from a guide is someone who can open doors we would never find on our own and take us deeper into the culture. Wang in Yunnan understood this, but we were with him too briefly, Liu in Guangxi was more used to tour groups and took some time to adjust. When there was no programme for the afternoon and we sent her away for the rest of the day she thought that she had in some way failed as a guide. Not so, we do not need our hands held every minute of the day and find it more exciting to explore a city on our own. Dylan in Guizhou understood immediately what we wanted and played a significant part in making that part of our journey exciting and unforgettable. He did a truly excellent job. ... More
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