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Our luxury China tour packages for 2022 are specially designed for our most distinguished guests with superior arrangements of hotels, meals, activities and so on. The quality of our premier grade service ensures maximum luxury and comfort during your China vacation. They are the best of the best.

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    What's special for a luxury China tour?

    Activities: Besides the normal sightseeing visits to the major attractions in each city such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors and ancient City Wall in Xian, Li River cruise in Guilin, the Bund in Shanghai and Pandas in Chengdu, our luxury China tours also feature some special activities, aiming to offer our guests a richer and more authentic travel experience.

    Learning Tai Chi at the park of Temple of Heaven, trying to cook Chinese food and dining at a local family, picking fresh tea with the local villagers, biking on the 600-year-old Ming Dynsaty City Wall, cycling in the countryside to explore the idyllic scenery and many others, all these are popular activities among travelers. You can see the locals go about their lives and enjoy some interesting interactions while learning about the splendid history and culture of China. If you travel with children or elderly people, we are ready to make more customized arrangements for you.

    Hotels: We carefully arrange 5-star luxury hotels and high-end deluxe hotels with good locations in each city for your selection. As long as you tell us your preference, we will recommend the hotels to meet your needs. Or, if you are the member of some brand hotels and prefer to reserve on your own, we will be glad to leave it to you.
    Luxury hotel with nice views
    Sample the authentic Beijing Roast Duck
    Learn to make dumpings at a local family
    Go cycling in the countryside of Yangshuo
    Meals: We select the distinctive restaurants for you and you choose the favorite dishes for yourself. It is not merely an elegant dining arrangement, but a cultural experience of the city and its food. In particular, we arrange restaurants specializing in Beijing Roast Duck, Chengdu Hotpot, old Shanghai cuisine, even a home-cooked lunch at a local Chinese family for you to enjoy a variety of Chinese food. Moreover, we would be happy to reserve seats for you at your favorite restaurants.

    Entertainments: A cultural performance at night would enhance your travel experience greatly. There are several wonderful shows that we specially recommend and have been included in our deluxe China tour itineraries: Chinese Kung Fu show at the Red Theater in Beijing, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance at the Tang Dynasty Palace in Xian, ERA Acrobatic Show in Shanghai, Impression Sanjie Liu directed by Zhang Yimou and performed on the Li River of Yangshuo.

    No matter which country you come from, USA, UK, Australia, Canada or other regions of the world, or no matter what you are interested in China, our professional team is able to offer a unique tour with more focus on customers' experience, that will bring you the feeling of dignity and luxury.
    Forbidden City - the largest and most complete imperial palace complex in the world
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      4.8120 Reviews
      Basciano Galvin
      Posted on April 25, 2021
      The service of the pick-up and drop-off at the airport was punctually and timely!

      The guides were kind and warm-hearted! The service was very considerate!
      Posted on January 23, 2021
      Our family would like to choose the 9 days luxury China tour to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai again! The journey was satisfying and especially the guides were awesome! They had a positive attitude toward work and offered good service for us. They took everything related to us into account. Thank you so much!
      Charissa Natarajan
      Posted on November 16, 2020
      The well-planned arrangements of this luxury China tour were satisfying!!! Our guides offered us considerate service and always enthusiastic! Highly recommend! Good trip to China!
      Posted on August 09, 2020
      We were satisfied with our luxury China tour! Our guides all were professional with abundant knowledge. They planned a reasonable schedule for us. Five-star praises! We had seen many shows this time and they were extremely fantastic! We watched a Kung Fu Show in Beijing, a Tang Dynasty Show in Xi’an, an Impression Sanjie Liu in Guilin, and an ERA Acrobatic Show in Shanghai!!! They were a feast for the eyes and we enjoyed them a lot!!
      New Zealand
      Posted on July 28, 2020
      The luxury China private tour was fantastic! Our tour included seven cities, Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang – Shanghai. We had seen many must-see sights. Our itinerary was colorful but we felt a little tired as we were in Chengdu. It was the only thing we felt unsatisfied with our whole trip. But the travel consultant Doris had helped us to make some adjustments and we liked the improvements. The TravelChinaGuide was so qualified and I would like to recommend it to my friends!

      Well, the cruise was the highlight of our trip and trouble-free from the minute we stepped on board. The views along the two sides of the river were splendid. The great mountains and crystal water accompanied us on the cruise and we felt at ease and relaxed. We had also seen the cute wild ducks. They were good at catching fishes and clever!!!
      ... More
      Posted on July 12, 2020
      We were touched by the guide Sara’s warm smile. We met in Beijing and she was a so lovely girl. The 4 days small group China tour let us realize that she was not only lovely but also very kind, enthusiastic and qualified. Her introductions about the Forbidden City were logistic and profound!
      Posted on June 28, 2020
      Our guide was warm and flexible in adjusting our itinerary according to the changeable weather. The group members of this luxury China tour were quite amicable and created a harmonious and pleasant journey.
      United Kingdom
      Posted on June 16, 2020
      Thank the guide for her patience and detailed explanations.
      The itinerary of our 12-day luxury China tour was planned in place. Every detail met my expectations. High praise to my travel consultant Kelly Wang for a profound experience and high efficiency. We had pleasant communications with E-mails.
      Posted on June 01, 2020
      A good China tour!We received detailed and comprehensive introductions on the whole trip, wherever we were and whatever we visited. We had been taken good care of and our demands were met well. We will choose Candy in Beijing, Jimmy in Shanghai, Carol in Xian, and Shirley in Guilin of our next trip to China! Our 11 days small group China tour was so attractive.
      Alan Brown
      Posted on May 17, 2020
      I had a 9 days luxury China tour with my parents in last October. The schedule was full but not too tiring, which could be easily accepted by my old parents. The classic spots were all visited with wonderful explanations. Our guide in Shanghai had strong organizational skills and a responsible attitude. We were so enjoyable during this trip, satisfied!
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