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Our luxury China tour packages for 2019 are specially designed for our most distinguished guests with superior arrangements of hotels, meals, activities and so on. The quality of our premier grade service ensures maximum luxury and comfort during your China vacation. They are the best of the best.

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    What's special for a luxury China tour?

    Activities: Besides the normal sightseeing visits to the major attractions in each city such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors and ancient City Wall in Xian, Li River cruise in Guilin, the Bund in Shanghai and Pandas in Chengdu, our luxury China tours also feature some special activities, aiming to offer our guests a richer and more authentic travel experience.

    Learning Tai Chi at the park of Temple of Heaven, trying to cook Chinese food and dining at a local family, picking fresh tea with the local villagers, biking on the 600-year-old Ming Dynsaty City Wall, cycling in the countryside to explore the idyllic scenery and many others, all these are popular activities among travelers. You can see the locals go about their lives and enjoy some interesting interactions while learning about the splendid history and culture of China. If you travel with children or elderly people, we are ready to make more customized arrangements for you.

    Hotels: We carefully arrange 5-star luxury hotels and high-end deluxe hotels with good locations in each city for your selection. As long as you tell us your preference, we will recommend the hotels to meet your needs. Or, if you are the member of some brand hotels and prefer to reserve on your own, we will be glad to leave it to you.
    Luxury hotel with nice views
    Sample the authentic Beijing Roast Duck
    Learn to make dumpings at a local family
    Go cycling in the countryside of Yangshuo
    Meals: We select the distinctive restaurants for you and you choose the favorite dishes for yourself. It is not merely an elegant dining arrangement, but a cultural experience of the city and its food. In particular, we arrange restaurants specializing in Beijing Roast Duck, Chengdu Hotpot, old Shanghai cuisine, even a home-cooked lunch at a local Chinese family for you to enjoy a variety of Chinese food. Moreover, we would be happy to reserve seats for you at your favorite restaurants.

    Entertainments: A cultural performance at night would enhance your travel experience greatly. There are several wonderful shows that we specially recommend and have been included in our deluxe China tour itineraries: Chinese Kung Fu show at the Red Theater in Beijing, Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance at the Tang Dynasty Palace in Xian, ERA Acrobatic Show in Shanghai, Impression Sanjie Liu directed by Zhang Yimou and performed on the Li River of Yangshuo.

    No matter which country you come from, USA, UK, Australia, Canada or other regions of the world, or no matter what you are interested in China, our professional team is able to offer a unique tour with more focus on customers' experience, that will bring you the feeling of dignity and luxury.
    Forbidden City - the largest and most complete imperial palace complex in the world
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      4.967 Reviews
      S S
      Posted on July 08, 2019
      We thought the quality, knowledge and friendliness of our guides made our trip enjoyable. Linda in Beijing, Jaime in Luoyang, Jackie in Xian, Rex in Guilin/Yangshuo, and Sara in Shanghai. They were awesome! Thanks guys!!!
      Jose P Cordova
      Posted on July 06, 2019
      I can't think of anything we didn't like. The guides were great very knowledgeable. They were always on time. Every restaurant was good. Specially liked the one we had lunch in Chongqing. Lunch we had at Guilin in a restaurant at a small hotel was the only one that was not very good.
      The drivers were very good, you have to with that many people on the road that don't know how to drive.
      The home visit in Xian was a little uncomfortable; I think we stayed there a little too long. Our guide in Guilin took us to a house at the end of the Li river cruise. That was great, my wife really enjoyed it. It seemed very genuine.
      To sum it up, everything was great and I will strongly recommend your services to all my friends.
      ... More
      Jahangir and Cheryl
      Posted on July 06, 2019
      We were happy about our recent trip. Our guides were knowledgeable, and each of them did offer us good service. The food that was provided to us was delicious! Admittedly, before the start of our trip, Cheryl was concerned about the meals, as some American tourists have complained about Chinese cuisine. But our guides knew what foods to order for us, and our meals were always scrumptious! That must come from experience! Our drivers were also very friendly, always offering us a smile; and they were always prompt and ready for our next adventure. They always opened the door for us, and bottle water was always available. We were very comfortable. In a word, we would happily recommend their services to my friends. ... More
      Marian Houser
      Posted on July 04, 2019
      Everything about the trip itself exceeded our expectations. We felt that the tour was pleasantly different in many aspects. In addition to the main attractions, that were magnificent, we enjoyed the family meal experience, the shows and the many cultural experiences. We had great fun taking the tour.
      Posted on June 28, 2019
      My tour from June 10 to June 19 was a success. I really appreciate the efficiency of this company. Everyone was very professional and friendly. We were impressed with the guides who all did a wonderful job and I appreciated the great skill and safety of the drivers. We had no problems in any city and the guides always met us on time and were there when we needed them. The hotels were all great and the meals were all great as well. Thanks for arranging our tour of China.
      Diana Ha
      Posted on June 23, 2019
      Although a little late, we want to thank TCG for the wonderful experiences we had during our vacation. Although we read a lot about China and were well informed, we still did not know what to expect. We want to let you know that all was very well organized from beginning to end. Thank you very much.
      Posted on June 23, 2019
      They did a great job to adjust the schedule in response to the cancelled flight from Beijing to Xian. It was nice to spend an extra day in Beijing. We appreciate everyone's flexibility to accommodate the changes.
      Posted on June 19, 2019
      I would like to tell you that we were very very pleased with our recent trip in your country. If we go to China again I would certainly use your service for our trip.
      Posted on June 16, 2019
      Let me comment on my travel with TravelChina:

      Our guides were knowledgeable, accommodating and polite. Very good!
      The food was always more than plentiful and tasty. Our only suggestions as far as the food would be that in Guilin we had a western-style lunch as the only option: we'd like to suggest that you offer a Chinese option for lunch. While the food was very good, we went to your country to enjoy the local foods, and would have much preferred trying something local rather than something we could eat at home. Our other suggestion is that you don't downplay the dumpling dinner at the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance! The dumplings were excellent, the service great, and the show quite nice.
      All of the hotels were very nice, especially the hotel in Yangshuo, where our room and balcony overlooked the river, and we quite enjoyed watching all the river activity, and the incredible Li River scenery. Our drive through the countryside on our way back to Guilin was also quite enjoyable. We wish we had researched a little so we knew we could have biked that portion! Next time.....!
      In a word, we truly enjoyed our experience and will definitely recommend it to my friends.
      ... More
      Paul Huffman
      United States
      Posted on June 06, 2019
      TCG's service is efficient and useful. Response to my inquires was prompt and what was promised was delivered flawlessly. Special credit goes to Linda who handled my trip. She was knowledgeable and professional throughout. She even went out of her way to arrange transportation to the Xian airport. Well done.
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