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Remote countryside, unsophisticated minority people, colorful ethnic dress, unique folk customs, peculiar styles of architecture, traditional bazaars, livestock markets and many others, all make Guizhou a mysterious, charming land. Traveling to Guizhou is not just for sightseeing, but a way of approaching and experiencing the real life of the locals. You will surely be fascinated with our Guizhou tours.

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    What to expect in Guizhou?

    Guizhou is home to 48 China's ethnic groups, second only to Yunnan, each of which has developed their own unique customs and cultures. Among them, Miao and Dong minorities are the two biggest groups in Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture. Start your journey from Kaili and onward, you will see villages of different minorities one after another and marvel at the amazing off-the-beaten-track natural sceneries.

    Besides, many traditional festivals are celebrated among different ethnic groups each year, which attract a lot of travelers from far away. When a festival is held, they dress up, prepare a lot of festival food and celebrate it with rich activities, such as singing, dancing, trading and all kinds of competitions. It will be quite interesting if you take our private guided tours to Guizhou and try on their traditional dress and join them like a local.
    Old-Han Chinese people in Guizhou
    Miao girls dressing up for the festival

    What is the best time to visit Guizhou?

    The climate in Guizhou is often mild and moist, neither extremely hot nor cold. Although the best time for taking Guizhou tour packages is in late August, spring (March-May), summer (June-August) and autumn (September-November) are all wonderful seasons for sightseeing as well as for experiencing the traditional festivals, like Sanyuesan Festival and Sister's Meal Festival in spring, Liuyueliu Festival in summer, and the Shui New Year Festival in autumn. The best seasons for visiting Huangguoshu Waterfall in Anshun are summer and autumn when the scenery is the most splendid.
    Huangguoshu Waterfall
    Colored rice terraces in Guizhou

    How to get there?

    The best way to get to Guizhou for a Guizhou tour itinerary from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and other cities in China is by flight. If you prefer to have a look at the landscape along the way, taking a high-speed train is a good choice as well.
    By flight
    Beijing Shanghai Chengdu Xian Kunming Guangzhou Hangzhou Hong Kong
    Guiyang 3h 3h 1.5h 2h 1.5h 2h 2.5h 2h
    Kaili / / 1.5h※ / / / 2.5h※ /
    ※ indicates not daily
    By High Speed Train
    Beijing Shanghai Chengdu Xian Kunming Guangzhou Hangzhou Hong Kong
    Guiyang 9h 9h 4h 8h 2.5h 4.5h 8h 5h
    Kaili 9.5h 8.5h 4.5h / 3h / 7.5h 5.5h
    Questions & Answers
    Asked by JTKS from SINGAPORE | May. 22, 2019 05:08Reply
    Transiting in Shanghai to Tongren
    I have 10 hours of transit time in shanghai. I would like to check whether am i able to exit Shanghai airport and my connecting flight is to Tong ren airport. I'm touring in china for about 14 days. Singapore - Shanghai - Tong ren. my return is Shanghai - Singapore
    Answers (1)
    Answered by ZUPAN | May. 22, 2019 06:48

    Actually, this is not a transit in the sense that is defined in Chinese visa free transit rules, but a travel from one country to China, i.e. to Tongren via Shanghai. Having that in mind, you are not eligible for 24 hours visa free transit in the sense that is defined in Chinese visa free transit rules. Anyway, assuming that you are a Singaporean citizen, you have right to enter and stay in China visa free for 15 days, so you will be absolutely free to exit the airport and return back to continue your journey to Tongren. In case that you are a citizen of a country that cannot enter China visa free, then you need a pre-arranged Chinese visa.
    Asked by Tony B from USA | Aug. 01, 2018 06:40Reply
    How to Get to Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve ?
    What is the best way to get to Tongren and the Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve ?
    Answers (1)
    Answered by Allen | Aug. 01, 2018 17:50

    You can arrive at Tongren by flight or train first. If you take flight, you will arrive at Tongren Fenghuang Airport, and there are direct shuttle bus from the airport to Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve. The ticket fare is CNY 50 per person.

    If you intend to get to Tongren by normal train, you will arrive at Tongren Railway Station. Upon arrival, walk to Tongren North Bus Station opposite the railway station and take the shuttle bus which will take you to Fanjing Mountain. The charge is around CNY 30 per person.

    Besides, you will reach Tongren North Railway Station if you take a high-speed train. In Tongren North Railway Station, there is also a tourist bus that head for the scenic spot, and the fare is CNY 56 per person.
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