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A holiday experience should be joyful and relaxing! Whether you take merely a Yangtze cruise tour or in combination with a tour of hot cities, our diverse Yangtze cruise tours are always flexible for you.

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With essential parts with a guide plus some open free days, our budget itineraries are particularly designed for clients who are on a limited budget and enjoy a measure of independent travel.
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    FAQs on Yangtze Cruise

    What is the difference between taking the downstream cruise as opposed to the upstream?

    Yangtze River Cruises 2019/2020 have downstream and upstream sailings. Downstream sails from the higher part of the river – Chongqing to the lower part - Yichang. Conversely, upstream sails from Yichang to Chongqing. The main difference is that downstream takes one day less than the upstream. The onshore excursion programs may differ a little in some of the ships, but the Yangtze three gorges sceneries and the dam project are all included.

    How long are the Yangtze vacations? Can I do it in 3 days?

    Basically it takes 4 days/ 3 nights for a downstream sailing, and 5 days/ 4 nights for an upstream journey. At present, there is no reputable cruise company operating only 3 day/ 2 nights along the river.

    When is the latest possible time to board the ship? Is there a ticket for me?

    Usually you need to arrive several hours before the ship sets sail. We will offer you the detailed boarding information beforehand. You just need to show your passport when you board the ship. If you take a guided China cruises tour, the guide will escort you to the boarding port and help you check in the ship.

    There is no dinner mentioned on the day when we board the ship. Where should we have it?

    Before boarding the ship, we suggest you have dinner at a restaurant in the city area. Chongqing is famous for the hot pot and Sichuan cuisine. Also, there are many local flavors for you to taste. The guide will help you choose a good restaurant according to your preferences. You can also have dinner at the restaurant on board after check-in, but it might be expensive.

    Is there a balcony available in the cabin?

    Not all ships have balcony cabins available, but all cabins on the ships we use for our valued clients have a private balcony, thereby ensuring that our clients have a comfortable stay and a truly memorable experience.

    Are the main deck cabins noisy? Do you recommend cabins on the upper decks?

    Please rest assured that you will not be bothered by the noise, as the ships assign guests to cabins on the main, 3rd and 4th decks, which are well away from the engines, anchor gear and entertainment areas.

    As for higher decks, the cabins certainly have better views, but they are mostly executive cabins and deluxe suites, so the cost is much higher.

    Are special diets catered for?

    Yes. Most ships can accommodate vegetarian, salt-free, Kosher, or other diet preferences in the best possible way. However, requests must be made in advance, so be sure to advise your travel consultant of your requirements when you make a booking.

    Is Wi-Fi available on board?

    Free Wi-Fi is not available in most of the ships. Clients need to pay an extra fee for that. Sometimes the Wi-Fi connection is not very good due to a poor network.

    Can I have the service of your private tour guide when on board?

    Sorry, this is not going to work. As your travel agent we purchase the cruise tickets for you, but all activities onboard are arranged by the cruise company. After helping you board the ship, our private guide in Chongqing or Yichang will say good bye to you. Then all activities and shore excursions will be managed by the cruise company. There are always an English-speaking guide and a manager ready to serve passengers onboard.

    Is there dress code during the Yangtze vacation?

    Actually casual and comfortable clothes during travel are most people's choice, but dressing up for some particular occasions, e.g. Captain's Welcome Party, is welcomed.
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      4.85 Reviews
      Yvonne Kimman
      New Zealand
      Posted on February 14, 2019
      We had a wonderful time on the Gold cruise ship over the Yangtze. The treatment by all the employees of the ship was very, very friendly; all the meals were excellent; the organization of the excursions were well arranged. We also appreciate China Travel Guide too for their excellent service; we have got all information needed and also the change of the location of the ship in Yichang was well communicated. We are very satisfied about that. And yes, there were two bottles of water in the room each day. Thank you. ... More
      Alison Hendy
      United States
      Posted on February 07, 2019
      WE all had a fantastic time and would like to thank Emily for her excellent service and organisation. Both the drivers and guides were of a very high standard. They were informative and flexible giving great advice on what to do and how long to spend in each place. A special mention for John who was our Beijing guide. His English was exemplary and his knowledge of the sites was detailed. His easy going and friendly manner made our holiday a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

      WE all felt that, whilst we enjoyed the cruise from Chongqing to Yichang, there were a few problems. We did not consider that the Cruise was worthy of a 5 star rating. Overall we would have to say it was an excellent trip. China is a fascinating and beautiful country and in the short time we had we experienced a great deal of it. This was wholly down to the professionalism of all guides and excellent organization from Travel China Guide.

      Thank you once again for making it the trip of a life time. We would not hesitate to recommend this tour to all our friends.
      ... More
      David S
      Posted on December 21, 2018
      We have returned home in the UK from our holiday and would like to take this opportunity to say that we had a most wonderful and memorable cruise along the Yangtze River on board the gold cruise.

      Also, to thank Abbey for arranging guides to meet and drop us off at the airports and cruise boat.
      Carol Harper
      Posted on December 02, 2018
      We were very pleased and impressed with the 4-Day Yangtse River Tour, 9-12 Nov. Travel China Guide from the first contact was very effective and efficient in planning the details, in communicating to us, and in insuring that we were met by agents in Chongqing & Yichang. The Staff of the Gold Cruise did an excellent job in all respects. Very good service from both the cruise and the company.
      Paul B
      Posted on November 10, 2018
      All the services provided for us by Travel China Guide were excellent I would definitely use the company again and would recommend the company to friends and other people.

      All our guides were excellent - they were friendly, helpful, spoke good English and were very knowledgeable about the places they took us to. The drivers were excellent too. Also, the cars were very good.

      Travel China Guide helped us to have a fantastic holiday. It is our intention to visit China again in a few years time and I will be really happy to use Travel China Guide again. Thank you for helping us to have such an enjoyable holiday. ... More