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Yangtze Explorer

Discount Rate in 2017 (Based on double occupancy)

Sailing Date: Chongqing - Yichang (Downstream), Yichang - Chongqing (Upstream)
SeasonHigh Season
Shoulder Season
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24:00Set sail from Chongqing
213:45Shore excursion to Fengdu - "Ghost City"
19:00Captain's Welcome Reception and A la carte Dinner
20:00Crew Talent Show and Staff Welcome
306:40-07:00Viewing of Qutang Gorge
08:00-10:00Viewing of Wu Gorge
10:30-13:00Excursion to Shennong Stream
15:00-16:00Sailing through western section of Xiling Gorge
16:00Arrive Taipingxi Dock - Disembarkation
16:00Three Gorges Dam Project - Shore Excursion
18:30-22:30Pass through the five level ship locks
19:00Dinner - A la carte Dinner
20:00Dance & Music Show
410:30Arrival in Yichang and disembarkation
5 DAYS/4 NIGHTS UPSTREAM ITINERARY (Yichang -> Chongqing )
208:00Depart Yichang
09:00-10:30Sailing through eastern section of Xiling Gorge
10:30-13:00Pass the five level ship locks
14:00-17:00Shore excursion to the Three Gorges Dam site & Exhibition centre
17:00-18:30Sailing through western section of Xiling Gorge
19:00Captain's Welcome Reception and A la carte Dinner
20:00Crew Talent Show and Staff Welcome
309:00-12:00Excursion to Shennong Stream
13:00-14:45Viewing of Wu Gorge
16:00-16:30Viewing of Qutang Gorge
19:00Dinner – A la carte Dinner
409:00-12:00Shore excursion to Fengdu "Ghost City"/ Shibaozhai
13:00-18:00Entertainment on board
19:00Emperor Farewell Dinner & Dance and Music Show
507:00-09:00International Breakfast Buffet
09:00Arrival in Chongqing and disembarkation

Ship Information

Yangtze Explorer, a well-designed and deluxe cruise ship, is regarded to be the prior choice of travelers to cruise on Yangtze River. Quite different from other cruises which carry much more than 300 travelers, Yangtze Explorer only accepts at most 124 guests and offers them the most personalized, considerable, comfortable and wholehearted services.

From March to November per year, there are many scheduled sailing dates of Yangtze Explorer between Chongqing and Yichang. In each four or five days voyage, you could have a good rest in the deluxe cabins or suites or the private balcony, enjoy the delicious food made by the Austria chefs in the imperial restaurant, and taste the champagne in the explorer bar. Besides, our onshore excursion arrangements will offer you a chance to explore the thousands of years' inland culture, appreciate the splendid scenery of the three gorges dam, and get to know the life of the pristine migrants from the three gorges area. Yangtze Explorer is the home of the most spacious and luxurious deluxe cabins and suites among all Yangtze cruises, which offer you the most comfortable and thoughtful experience just as the international five-star hotels. The cabin features warm colors and natural materials giving enchanting neo-classic style: the soft Italian leather, French fabric, luxury timber and exotic facilities background the amazing gorges and river scenery sweeping past the large-sized private balcony. Yangtze Explorer comprises 38 deluxe cabins which are entirely different from other Yangtze River cruises, 20 standard suites and 4 deluxe suites, particularly the elegant and sophisticated imperial suites of which make Yangtze Explorer the most advanced cruise on Yangtze River. In order to offer you an more enjoyable cruising, Yangtze Explorer offers various lectures on culture, which help you learn more about local conditions and customs throughout the journey while enjoying the best facilities and services. The cruise also offers movies, Tai-chi playing, cooking class, mahjong playing, chess, bingo games, staff performance and other entertainments, or you can take a catnap on the deck enjoying the breathtaking scenery and sunshine of the grand canyon.

  • Library
  • Business Center
    Deluxe Cabin
  • Standard twin cabin
    Standard Twin Cabin
  • Restaurant


Year Built2008Renovated/
Total Passenger124Star-Rating5-star
Length (m)91.5Width (m)16.4
Deluxe Cabins38Area (sq m)31
Suites20Area (sq m)39
Jade Suite1Area (sq m)81
Mandarin Suite1Area (sq m)81
Celestial Suite1Area (sq m)110
Imperial Suite1Area (sq m)110