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4 Days Golf Tour of Zhuhai

Firstly, you may visit the Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue, the landmark of the city; second, you can visit the Meixi Paifang Scenic Area, which combines the Chinese traditional architecture form and the local custom in Zhuhai, thus giving visitors a unique glimpse of Chinese culture. Then play golf in some local nice golf clubs to your heart's content.
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1. Zhuhai International Golf Club
Zhuhai Interntaional Golf Club has a seaside golf course that has 18 holes of par 72 of international standard. The golf course occupies 296.5 acres and the yardage of the fairways is 7,007. Since it was set up in 1985, it is one of the earliest golf courses in China. The landscape there is very unique. You can enjoy the pleasure of golfing while admiring the attractive mountain scenery as well as the appealing seascape. 
Address: Tangjiwan, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
Tel: 86-756-3311673
Fax: 86-756-3311174
2. Zhuhai Lakewood Golf Club
Zhuhai Lakewood Golf Club was set up in 1996 and was  designed by the famous designer J. Michael Poellot. Occupying an area of 380 acres, the golf course is a hilly course that has 18 holes and 72 pars. The entire length of the fairways is 6,730 yards. There are two different types of courts. The mountain court shows difficulties of the design on each hole, which fully tests the player's skill. The lake court is more for leisure, the picturesque landscape of lakes and mountains sent player carefree and joyous feelings. Besides, complete clubhouse amenities are available. The club is really a nice place for both experienced golfers and those who just play for fun.
Address: South Mountain, Jin Ding Town Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
Tel: 86-756-3383666
Fax: 86-756-3399706
3. Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club 
Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club is an 18-hole 72-par plain golf course that was opened in October 2003. It covers an area of over 395 acres and the fairways are 10,870 yards. It is thirty minutes' drive from both downtown Zhuhai and Zhuhai ferry terminal, which makes it a very convenient court to get from Hong Kong. Among the 18 holes on the court, only three of them require the golfer to hit across the lakes. Thus it is a nice court for the average golfers. A range of excellent amenities including a big restaurant offering both Chinese and Western food are provided for golfers to fully relax and refresh themselves from the stressful work and life.
Address: Jinwan Avenue, Golden Coast, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province  
Tel: 86-756-7631888/7631818
Fax: 86-756-7631890
4. Oriental (Zhuhai) Golf Club
Set up in 2004, the Oriental (Zhuhai) Golf Club is the youngest one of the current five golf clubs in Zhuhai. Located in the Hengqin Economy Development Zone, the club is close to Macau and is the nearest one of the five clubs from the downtown of Zhuhai. As a plain-type course, it occupies an area of 457 acres. There are 18 holes and 72 pars and the fairways are 7270 yards. It will be very challenging to play golf here since there are a few water barriers.
Address: No. 1, Huangdao North Road, Hengqin Economy Development Zone, Zhuhai
Tel: 86-756-8688188
Fax: 86-756-8688987
5. Zhuhai Pine Valley Golf Club
Situated in the western development zone of Zhuhai, the Pine Valley Golf Club was set up in August 1997. It is 45 minutes' drive from the downtown of Zhuhai and less than 2 hours' drive from Hong Kong. The hilly golf course covers an area of 800 acres, and has 18 holes and 72 pars measuring 7,050 yards. Currently, another 9 holes are being built, thus it will become a 27-hole golf course to meet more requirements for golfing.
Address: Wushan Town, Doumen County, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
Tel: 86-756-5573888
Fax: 86-756-5573388