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Listed as a World Heritage site, Pingyao dates from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and is one of China's finest old cities. These tour packages will ensure that you savor this historic place with its ancient city wall and unique Ming architecture to the full. The private Pingyao tours include travel to Ming - Qing Street, Chenghuang Temple, Ri Sheng Chang Financial House, the Wang Family's compound, the Qiao Family's Compound, Shuanglin Monastery, etc.
As the first banking centre, Pingyao is now the best wholly preserved old Chinese town with features of Ming and Qing dynasties. The imposing City Wall has well protected the city for centuries, thus the inner city streets, stores and courtyards remain as in a time capsule. Apart from the above spots, a private side trip to the Wang's Family compound should not be missed as it is the essence of Chinese folk culture.
This 3 days’ private Pingyao tour will lead you to have a deep exploration in the historic and cultural Ancient City of Pingyao by visiting the Ancient Ming-Qing Street, Ancient Government Office, Security Guard Company, Rishengchang Exchange Shop as well as Pingyao City Wall. The Wang’s Compound will impress you for its grand scale and magnificent buildings. Besides, admiring gorgeous chromatic sculptures at Shuanglin Temple will add more value to your trip.
This 4-day tour to Pingyao & Datong will take you to deeply immerse in the cultural atmosphere of Pingyao Ancient City. A visit to the Shuanglin Temple and Qiao Family Compound can be a highlight of this itinerary. Besides, the Hanging Monastery, Yungang Grottoes as well as Huayan Monastery in Datong will leave you a wonderful memory.
This private one day tour is a great choice for travelers who want to have a side trip outside of Pingyao Ancient City. You will spend around eight hours with your friendly private tour guide to learn the history of old architectures and Buddhist artistic sculptures by exploring the old Shuanglin Temple as well as impressive Wang Family's Compound and Zhangbi Ancient Fortress.
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    4.718 Reviews
    Posted on April 02, 2020
    The Pingyao trip was relatively smooth. The itinerary was well arranged and the guide was experienced and detailed. The hotel we stayed in was clean and we could have a good rest.
    Posted on March 20, 2020
    I booked a 4-day Pingyao tour with my parents on Travel China Guide. We were very satisfied with this group tour. The guide took good care of my old parents. The hotel was of high quality and the buffets were palatable. We had a plan to make another trip to Xi’an on TCG!
    Posted on March 03, 2020
    My first trip to Pingyao was impressive! I was so glad that I traveled with TravelChinaGuide, you had an elaborate arrangement of the 3-day private Pingyao tour.

    Our guide was very responsible for the tourists. In addition, the vehicle and accommodations were satisfactory!
    Posted on February 09, 2020
    Above all, thanks for Doris’s perfect arrangement of our 4-day Pingyao tour to Datong. We had a very conscientious guide, and there was no problem with the communication between us. She also gave us helpful advice about our next trip to Xi’an in China. The car was always clean and the driver was very friendly and skillful.
    Posted on January 19, 2020
    The Pingyao Ancient Town tour was very wonderful. One pity was that I had a fever in the car. Thanks to our warmhearted guide, she bought the drug for me and I recovered under her care. In the evening, she helped me to change a warmer room as I felt cold in the prior room. She was so nice and responsible. Besides, there was no forced shopping. It was really my best tour!
    Alena Moore
    Posted on December 30, 2019
    This Pingyao Ancient Town tour was very wonderful. The guide offered us a reasonable itinerary arrangement and comfortable hotels. There was no compelled shopping. When visiting Security Guard Company, we saw many ancient boxes and weapons and knew the history of the security industry. In ancient China, the staff in this company benefited by guarding and delivering goods for clients. It was really a cultural tour. We were very satisfying!
    United Kingdom
    Posted on December 10, 2019
    This Pingyao Ancient Town trip had reasonable arrangements, good accommodation and vehicles. We were not very tired after one day’s travel. Very thankful for the careful and responsible service of our tour guide. She introduced this ancient city in detail and we had a deep understanding of its architectural style and feature. At first, I was worried that there would be a mandatory shopping. But, the fact showed that no shopping detour happened in our group. Our guide also recommended some economic and delicious specialty to us, so kind. I really recommend you to choose TravelChinaGuide! 5 Stars!! ... More
    Posted on November 18, 2019
    I was a free independent traveler before because I thought I could grasp time and choose spots according to my own preferences. It was my first time to join a tour group, and I found many advantages. My friends and I booked a Pingyao Ancient Town tour, and the whole trip was very satisfying. Reasonable itinerary, enthusiastic tour guide and comfortable accommodation all added great joy for our trip. Our guide was easy-going and the driver was polite. Their high-quality service gave me wonderful memory of Shanxi. Very appreciated their hard work, I would use TCG for my next trip! ... More
    Posted on October 28, 2019
    On our Pingyao Ancient Town trip, we stayed in a beautiful and clean hotel. The guide organized a great schedule for us. The driver was kind and frank. The whole journey was full of joy!
    Posted on October 08, 2019
    This was the second time we traveled with TravelChinaGuide and we had a wonderful Pingyao Ancient Town tour. The itinerary was in accordance with the description on their website. Our guide was very careful, responsible and told us some matters needing attention. There was no forced shopping. We had a blast in every spot. A worth tour!
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