Shanxi - Pingyao Hiking Tours

Pingyao 01 : 5 Days Taiyuan - Pingyao - Linfen - Yuncheng
Upon arrival in Taiyuan, make your way to Jiannan coach station (Add: South Jianshe Road, Taiyuan city; Tel: 0351-7071219) and take the coach from Taiyuan to Pingyao. There are many choices from Jiannan coach station such as bus Nos. 11, 23, 201, 611, 619, 801, 805, 809 etc. En route, you can get off the coach at Qiao's Compound for a visit.
Pingyao Ancient City
The Qiao's Compound is about 50 km from Taiyuan city and the journey takes about 1 hour. In the afternoon, continue to wait for the same coach to Pingyao old town. Stay overnight in a local guest house in Pingyao.

The highlight of the second day's tour will be wander around the old town of Pingyao taking in the sights including the Ming Dynasty Ancient City Wall, Rishengchang Exchange Shop, Ming and Qing Street and the Old Feudal Official. The all-in ticket costs CNY120.00 and covers around 20 scenic spots. Pingyao old town was construceted according to the traditional Han Chinese town planning and architectural style. Four main streets, eight minor streets es and 72 small lanes incterconnect to form a neat grid. The town's dwellings were built either in the style of courtyard houses or man-made cave-houses. Old temples along with shops are still scattered throughout the town which brings back memories of its flourishing past. In the afternoon, hike to the Shuanglin Temple which lies in the north of Qiaotou village, about 6 km southwest of Pingyao old town. It is famous for the painted sculptures that adorn its walls. The admission ticket costs CNY25.00.
Ming-Qing Street, Pingyao Ancient City
On the third day, head to Hukou Waterfall to enjoy the largest magnificent yellow waterfall in the world. You can take the train from Pingyao to Linfen which is located in the southwest of Shanxi province with the journey taking about two and a half hours. Upon arrival at Linfen railway station, take the bus No. 11 to Yaomiao coach station (Add: at the entrance of Qiaojiazhuang Village, South Waihuan Road, Linfen city; Tel: 0357-2512720). Then take the coach to Jixian for about 3 hours. Hukou Waterfall lies 25 km southwest of Jixian town so you should continue to take the coach there for about one and a half hours. The journey is a bit tiring but the rewards are spectacular owing to the splendid waterfall scenery that will immerse your senses.

October is the best time to visit Hukou Waterfall. But you need to bring your warm clothes with you since the temperature is quite low there. One and a half hour is enough for the visit there. Stay overnight in Jixian town.

On the forth day, return to Linfen city. Walk around in the city to soak up the atmosphere. Then you can take a coach or train to Yuncheng city. Yuncheng city is about 143 km from Linfen city and the journey takes between 1.5 to 2 hours by coach or 2 to 2.5 hours by train. In Yuncheng, you can hike to have a city tour to Yongle Palace, Pujiu Temple and Iron Ox of Yellow River.

On the fifth day, depart Linfen city according to your schedule.

Hiking in Other Destinations of Shanxi: Datong, Taiyuan
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