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Praised as the 'Oriental Venice', Suzhou features a scenic water town with numerous ponds and streams. Our exquisite 1 - 6 days private Suzhou tour package will enthrall you with the unique and lingering charm of its city landscape, especially the fantastic gardens, which have high reputation for their tranquil beauty, featured landscapes and delicate architecture. Besides touring in Suzhou city, you will also have side trips to Hangzhou, Tongli and Zhouzhuang water towns to explore the traditional towns in east China.

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144-Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy

China's 144-hour visa free transit policy makes a layover in Shanghai and its surroundings without a visa much easier than ever before. This policy gives travelers from 53 countries or regions the ability to visit the Shanghai Municipality, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province for up to 144 hours with a visa exemption. This makes it easy to visit great places like Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and water towns like Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang and Tongli. We can help you plan your layover tour to meet your interest.

What are the things to do in Suzhou?

Visit Suzhou Gardens
What makes Suzhou an attractive place for many travelers is the city's classical gardens. It is nicknamed the City of Gardens for possessing more than 60 gardens. Some of the best well-known are the Blue Wave Pavilion, Lion Grove Garden, Humble Administrator's Garden and the Lingering Garden. These four gardens respectively show the artistic styles of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Often two or three gardens are sufficient for most visitors although each of them has its own features. If you are keen on architecture, history and scenery, Suzhou Gardens won't disappoint you.
Enjoy the performance in the garden
Learning Tai Chi in Suzhou
Explore the Water Towns in Southern China
When traveling to cities in the Yangtze River Delta, a trip to one of the ancient water towns is well worth experiencing. One can enjoy the old streets, antique residential houses, charming waterscape, various bridges and traditional folk customs.

Some of the most popular water towns are Tongli, Nanxun, Zhouzhuang, Luzhi, Wuzhen and Xitang. Though built hundreds or even over one thousand years ago, these water towns have integrally retained their original style and historical charm. Only a short distance from Suzhou, any of these water towns makes a very good choice for a day-trip.
Water Town Trip Distance Main Features
Tongli 40 minutes Ideal to see garden-style architectures and stone bridges in a laid-back atmosphere
Xitang 1 hour 15 minutes The largest one which is abounding with old bridges, lanes and waterside corridors
Zhouzhuang 1 hour Rich in cultural landscape, the earliest developed and most popular one
Nanxun 1 hour 15 minutes Most tranquil, ancient buildings of Ming & Qing Dynasties, as well as western style architecture
Wuzhen 1.5 hours The liveliest, ride a small boat with black awning, amazing night views
Luzhi 50 minutes The smallest, less touristy, tranquil atmosphere permeates the place
Visiting a water town may take you back to the ancient time of China
Travel to Famous Cities via High-speed Trains
The advanced high-speed rail network enables people to travel by train from Suzhou to the famous cities like Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing and others from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you have ample time, you may also extend your private Suzhou tour to these cities based on your interests.
Destinations High Speed Trains Travel Time
Shanghai G7213, G7029, G7211, G7031...
93 departures from 06:37 to 22:22
25m - 46m
D3125, D2281, D3135, D3025...
22 departures from 05:27 and 22:43
28m - 59m
Hangzhou G7581, G7355, G7587, G7591...
11 departures from 08:28 to 17:28
1h32m - 2h04m
D3125, D2281, D3135, D3141
4 departures from 08:03 to 13:36
1h45m - 2h10m
Nanjing G7072, G7032, G7076…
87 departures from 06:17 to 22:18
1h12m - 1h57m
D636, D2206, D3072...
23 departures from 06:46 to 23:41
1h15m - 1h59m
Beijing D312, D314 at 19:58 and 21:54 11h01m - 11h09m
Xian D306 at 23:41 10h25m
The above schedules are only for your reference. If you wish to extend your Suzhou tour to other cities via train, please contact your travel consultant for more information.

What is the best time to visit Suzhou?

Best time to visit: March to May & September to October

Suzhou has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The weather is often mild and moist, neither too hot nor very cold. As the seasons change, Suzhou Gardens greet visitors with different beauty. The exquisite garden architecture coupled with blooming flowers in spring, lush green trees in summer, glorious colors in autumn and silver-coated scene in winter will bring you an unforgettable travel experience.
Welcome to Suzhou!
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    4.811 Reviews
    Charles Blane
    Posted on October 15, 2019
    Our driver was thoughtful and dutiful who provided us with a cool and clean driving environment! Our tour guide was cheerful and easy-going. He made us involved in the team and shared a wonderful time together. During the whole Suzhou tour, we were relaxing… It’s a splendid tour in Suzhou!
    Brad Lyer
    Posted on September 25, 2019
    A perfect trip! We had enough time to view beautiful sights as well as to have a good rest. The wonderful scenic spots were great! Referring to accommodation, it was tidy and quiet! The itinerary put everything in order. Sincere thanks were expressed to our tour guide!
    Raino Cwu
    Posted on September 17, 2019
    The Suzhou tour was terrific! Many classic scenic spots were covered in our itinerary, including Humble Administrator's Garden and Tongli Ancient Town. The former was one of the most famous classical gardens in China. The latter one had a long history and we appreciated its profound culture! What’s more, our tour guide was professional and warm-hearted. The itinerary he planned for us was great! And our driver was responsible and dedicated who survived us a comfortable driving environment. Thank all of you guys! ... More
    New Zealand
    Posted on September 09, 2019
    Both our tour guide and driver were dedicated. On the Suzhou tour, we had visited Jinji Lake Scenic Area which was located in Suzhou Industrial Park. A bit different from that in my impression. As the darkness fell, it showed a special beauty with lights on and more beautiful! The classic gardens are really wonderful!!
    Padani Nicanor
    Posted on September 04, 2019
    I finally chose the travel agency ---TravelChinaGuide for my Suzhou tour. It was fantastic! Our tour guide gave us a sincere greeting at the airport. Well, during the Suzhou tour, she planned a great itinerary for us. We saw beautiful sceneries, ate delicious local cuisines and knew more about local customs. All of these attributed to our qualified tour guide. With her efforts, our Suzhou tour came to a happy ending!
    Craig Goel
    Posted on August 27, 2019
    A satisfying trip! Our tour guide was great, so was our driver. With their company, we enjoyed ourselves during the Suzhou tour. The best service, tidy hotel and detailed explanations were brought to us. Highly recommended!
    Posted on August 19, 2019
    Our tour guide was funny and dedicated! The well-planned itinerary made our Suzhou tour unforgettable. We had taken a tricycle to visit the Suzhou Old Town. This was an ancient part of Suzhou where we had seen many archaic buildings. Very fascinating!
    Joe Buchman
    Posted on August 11, 2019
    We had visited Suzhou Museum on the Suzhou tour. The ancient paintings, calligraphy, porcelain, and handicrafts were displayed in the museum. With the explanations in detail, we knew more about them. They were amazing! In the meantime, our tour guide was very professional and qualified. I would like to choose her as my tour guide again on my next Suzhou tour! Thank you!
    Kathy Serna
    Posted on August 05, 2019
    We had a pleasant Suzhou tour! The scenery in Suzhou was really charming! Our tour guide was humorous and enthusiastic who had told us something interesting. When he guided us to view the sights, he was dedicated and responsible and qualified! Another person I wanted to talk about was our driver who sent us to the destination with the shortest time. I would like to express my sincere thanks to them for their good service! A relaxing and pleasing trip!
    Marcos Swader
    Posted on July 31, 2019
    Great satisfaction was going to our Suzhou tour! Both our driver and tour guide were amazing. The well-planned itinerary, comfortable accommodation, and tasteful local cuisines left me a profound impression!
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