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The 6 days Inner Mongolia tour package from Hohhot to Ordos provides a richer travel experience. Fascinating natural scenery of Xilamuren Grassland and Singing Sand Ravine, historical relics such as the Dazhao Temple and Genghis Khan's Mausoleum, as well as the traditional folk activities won't fail you.
Hohhot, translates as “the Green City” from Mongolian and abounds in historical and cultural relics, among which the Tomb of Zhaojun, the Wuta Temple and the Dazhao Lamasery are must-sees for a Hohhot tour itinerary. In addition, as it has been aptly named, the region enjoys lush, green Prairie-like grasslands, known as the Gegentala Grassland is the top destination with many Mongolian ethnic features.
The mysterious religious culture of Mongol, Russ and Ewenki, the picturesque landscape of prairie, coniferous forest, and wetland are the highlights to attract you to this Inner Mongolia one week vacation trip.
This trip is full of famous tourism sites, such as the historical site of Xanadu, and the natural scenery of wide prairies, sandy lands, geological wonder of a glacial stone forest, and alluring lake views. Along the journey, you will find many wonderful places with spectacular landscapes, offering you inspiration to get great camera shots.

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    Erythrina Lomeli
    Posted on September 15, 2020
    The driver was very steady and friendly. Xilamuren Grassland riding and Singing Sand Ravine were fun. Good hotel locations, convenient for travel.

    The guide also explained the local history and customs to us enthusiastically. Satisfactory Inner Mongolia tour!
    Posted on July 26, 2020
    We enjoyed the Inner Mongolia trip very much. Vast grassland, blue sky, white clouds, horseback riding, sunrise appreciating, and immersed in the grassland, we felt so relaxed! Later we visited Dazhao Temple, one of the landmarks of Hohhot. We saw the Buddha statue made of silver and the Brilliant religious murals. We also went to Singing Sand Ravine with a beautiful desert.

    It was my first time to see such a clean and soft sand. Here special thanks to our tour guide for his good service and perfect arrangement all the way. The service of TravelChinaGuide was also satisfactory! They would ask us if we were satisfied with our schedule. So sweet! Such an excellent travel agency with considerate service will be recommended to several of our friends planning trips to China! ... More
    Posted on June 30, 2020
    Camel riding in the desert was a great experience! It was just a little dry and it is better to prepare some water. What impressed me more was Genghis Khan’s Mausoleum. Our guide introduced us to the life of Genghis Khan in detail, but I just remember he was the founder of the Mongol Empire. The special cuisine in Inner Mongolia was authentic beef and mutton. And the yogurt was also very delicious!
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