Explore Minorities Cultures in Northeast Inner Mongolia

HT03: 7 Days Private Tour of Hailar - Hulunbuir Prairie - Shiwei - Moerdaoga National Forest Park - Genhe - Deer Tribe in Aoluguya - Ergun - Manzhouli - Hailar
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Highlights of the Tour:
Experience cultures of several ethnic minorities, including Mongols, Russ and Ewenkis.
 Admire the picturesque landscapes varying from prairie, to primitive forests, lakes, wetlands, and farmlands.
 Explore the culture of the mysterious reindeer herders of Aoluguya.

Departure: Itinerary valid from July 1 until September 1 every year.
Day 1 Arrival in Hailar
Upon arrival, you will be met outside the city airport or railway station by our professional guide and driver. After a warm welcome, your guide will take you to your hotel in Hailar. You can spend the rest of the day as you wish, either resting at the hotel, or exploring your surroundings. Please ask your guide or the hotel staff for advice on possible activities. 

Accommodation: Zhongcheng Holiday Hotel
Day 2 Hailar - Hulunbuir Prairie
Hulunbuir Prairie
After breakfast, you will be escorted to the heart of the Hulunbuir Prairie, 40 minutes' drive from Hailar. The drive is delightful with herds of cattle and flocks of sheep dotting the wide prairie under the blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Upon arrival, our guide will accompany you to the site of Aobao sacrifice to experience the mysterious religious culture of the Mongols.

After lunch, you can either choose from several self-paid activities such as horse riding or go-karting, or you can simply take a leisurely walk along the gurgling Mergel Gol River to enjoy the sunset. In the evening you will join a free campfire party after dinner, where you can mingle freely with the local Mongolians. Afterwards, you will check into a Mongolian yurt to have a good sleep.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Mongolian Yurt
Day 3 Hulunbuir Prairie - Shiwei
This morning, we will set out for the next destination of this private Inner Mongolia tour, the town of Shiwei, 3 hours' drive away. En route, we will pass through a stretch of white birch forest, one of the most memorable scenic drives of the trip. Located at the border with Russia, Shiwei Town reflects a strong Russian influence, both in the town buildings and in people's living habits. You will wander around the town in the company of our guide after arrival.

Dinner is not included in our price. However, the guide will gladly accompany you to a local family to enjoy Russian cuisine, should you be interested. Today night you will stay at a Russian-style wooden house called Mukeleng House.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: A Local Mukeleng Guest House
Day 4 Shiwei - Moerdaoga National Forest Park - Genhe
Mongolian women wearing their traditional costume
After breakfast, you will be guided to a Russian wooden house built over 100 years ago, and thereafter you can enjoy a tranquial walk along the Argun River, which forms the boundary between China and Russia. From the Chinese shore of the river you can gaze at the Russian villages on the opposite river bank. 

After lunch, we will continue our 7-day Inner Mongolia tour package to the Moerdaoga National Forest Park located about 1.5 hours away by car. Moerdaoga is the largest national forest park in China. Inside the park you can stroll along wooden walkways located deep in the thick coniferous forest. Breathing in the cool, fragrant forest air will leave you feeling refreshed. 

From the forest, you will be escorted to Genhe City, located about 40 minutes away, where you will spend the night.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: A Local Mukeleng Guest House
Day 5 Genhe - Deer Tribe in Aoluguya - Ergun
Our guide will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast for a 40 minute drive to Aoluguya. In Aoluguya you can interact with the locals, and observe their mysterious lifestyle. Members of the ethnic group are all Ewenki people whose ancestors came from Siberia over 300 years ago. This is the only ethnic group in China which still makes a living by hunting and domesticating deer. Here you can visit the unique dwellings of the locals, and you will also get an opportunity to come into close contact with the beautiful deer.

After lunch, we will drive for one hour to Ergun City. Our guide will help you check into a local hotel. You can then spend the rest of the day as you wish.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Ergun Tianyuan Hotel
Day 6 Ergun - Manzhouli
Ergun Wetland
We will set out today's private Inner Mongolia tour to the Ergun Wetland. Climbing to the top of a hill inside, you can have panoramic views over most of the wetland, and the leaf-like island located in the middle of the wetland. The views from this viewing point are amongst the best sights of this tour. 

You will spend about 2.5 hours in the reserve before having lunch at a nearby restaurant. After lunch, the tour sets out on a 3-hour dirve to Manzhouli, which borders Mongolia to the west and Russia to the north. Buildings in this city typically combine architectural features of China, Russia and Mongolia, presenting a unique scene. 

You will have a dinner of both Chinese and Russian flavors in the evening. After that, our guide will lead you to a local hotel for check-in.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Manzhouli Hotel
Day 7 Manzhouli - Hailar Departure
Matryoshka Doll Square
This is the last day of your one-week Inner Mongolia tour package. In the morning, you will be guided to the landmark of Manzhouli - Matryoshka Doll Square which is famous for hosting the largest Russian nesting doll in the world. The central attraction stands at 30 meters (100 feet) high, and is painted with images of girls from China, Mongolia and Russia each facing in a different direction. Then we will proceed to Hulun Lake. There you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the wide lake melting into the sky at the horizon.

At noon, we will have an all-fish feast at a local restaurant, and afterwards we will continue to admire the delightful prairie and lake. Another good way to take in the scenery would be go on a self-paid boat ride on the lake.

Afterwards, you will return back to Hailar City by a 3-hour car ride. Along the way, the picturesque prairie-landscape will absorb your attention. Upon arrival, the guide will escort you either to the hotel or to Hailar Airport according to your own arrangement. The 7-day private Inner Mongolia travel package ends at this point.

Meals: Chinese breakfast, Lunch
 Friendly Tips

During peak seasons, there are flights to many cities in China from Manzhouli, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hohhot, Harbin, and Chengdu. You can board your departure flight to any of these cities from Manzhouli airport instead. Please consult your travel consultant for information on any additional tours you might be interested in.
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