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This city was the starting point of the famous Silk Road during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). Luoyang is one of China's seven ancient capital cities. It is noted for its places of historical interest such as the Museum, White Horse Temple, the Shaolin Monastery and Longmen Caves, all of which are included in our specially devised private package. The Peony - the national flower of China, emphasizes the city's importance. The Shaolin Martial Arts have inspired people world-wide, and should not be missed during your trip.
Luoyang, an ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, is dotted with extensive and profound cultural and religious relics. The Shaolin Monastery is the origin of the world famous Shaolin Kungfu. Longmen Buddhist Caves is a landmark in the history of China's grotto art. Both of them along with many other attractions form the unfailing charm of the city.
Take a comfortable ride to Dengfeng and immerse yourself in Buddhist culture in the Shaolin Temple. Explore the extensive Pagoda Forest and watch the spectacular Shaolin Kung Fu show. Finally, to complete this Luoyang day tour, take a tour around the Longmen Grottoes - a world cultural heritage site.
LY03: Luoyang Classic Day Trip
This Luoyang classic day tour will take you to Longmen Grottoes to view the fascinating natural landscape as well as Buddhist rock carvings and stone tablets. Besides, you can also view the well-decorated White Horse Temple and stroll along the bustling Old Street.
Besides historical relics, Luoyang is also famous for gorgeous peonies, also known as the 'queen of flowers'. If you travel to the city during April, it is highly recommended that you attend the Peony Culture Festival in addition to appreciating the stone carving arts at the Longmen Grottoes.
In this 3 days boutique trip, you will pay a visit to the majestic Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang; have a nice glimpse of the Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou and learn authentic Shaolin Kung Fu. You will also see the magnificent Dragon Pavilion and palatial Shanshan’gan Guild Hall in Kaifeng.
Hot Spots:

Longmen Caves - one of three major cave systems in China. These grandiose caves filled with immense Buddhas are wealth created by the ancient Chinese. The grottoes were densely carved on the cliff of two mountains: Xiangshan and Longmenshan. Valuable relics, like niches, inscriptions, stupas, and sculptures are richly housed here. Longmen Caves was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage in November 2000.

Shaolin Temple - Situated in the Song Mountain, about 12 kilometers from the west of Dengfeng City, it is the most reputable and longest standing temple in China. The temple is the ancestor court of Zen and the birthplace of the Shaolin Kung Fu that has become the treasures of Chinese martial arts after perfecting from generation to generation. Now the Shaolin Temple has become the only tourist destination for Zen and Martial Arts training. The main scenic spots in the temple are the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Grand Hall, the Sutra Depository, Hall of Thousands of Buddha and the Pagoda Forest.

White Horse Temple - Known as the first temple of Chinese Buddhism, its history can be dated back to 1900 years ago. In 64 AD, the Emperor Mingdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty dispatched envoys to the Western Regions to make a courtesy call for Buddhism. Three years later, the envoys and two great Indian monks returned with scriptures and Buddha statues which were carried back by white horses. In the next year, the emperor ordered to build a temple in Luoyang and named White Horse Temple to enshrine the services of the white horses.
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    4.727 Reviews
    John Caccavale
    Posted on May 16, 2021
    Everything was good. Responsible tour guide, reasonable itinerary and excellent explanation... I thought highly of the Luoyang tour!
    Raul M. Chester
    Posted on March 06, 2021
    I booked this 3 days boutique trip to Luoyang for my parents, a perfect itinerary. My parents spoke highly of this tour. They had a great time in Luoyang and there was no forced shopping.

    Special thanks to their guide who was so considerate to remind the attention matters!

    The hotel was nice. Extremely satisfied!
    Jessica Sweitzer
    Posted on November 28, 2020
    A satisfying tour! The whole itinerary was well designed and we had much fun. The travel agency had knowledgeable local guides who spoke good English. They arranged meals at good restaurants and they tasted delicious!
    We will certainly choose TravelChinaGuide travel agency the next time we go to China! The Luoyang essences day tour deserved your choice!
    Posted on August 04, 2020
    A cost-effective Luoyang classic day tour! We had gone to Old Street and experienced local people's daily life as well as the strong historical and cultural atmosphere. We were grateful for the guide’s kind assistance. Surely we recommend TravelChinaGuide to everybody who likes to visit China. A happy memory in Luoyang!
    United Kingdom
    Posted on July 07, 2020
    Extremely satisfied! Warm-hearted tour guide and well-planned meals and hotel! The old people were taken good care of in our group and we had a good understanding of local customs. They were truly interesting! I had fun on the 3 days trip to Luoyang. I hope you do!
    Posted on June 17, 2020
    An unforgettable trip to Luoyang! The thorough itinerary, classic scenery, delicious local food impressed me a lot. Our guide took us to visit Old Street where we ate local specialties. Well, our guide was thoughtful and looked after us well. His spoken English was well, just like a native speaker. With his explanation, we knew much about Luoyang. The Luoyang classic day tour was worth your time!
    Lana Odwyer
    Posted on May 27, 2020
    I had great fun on the Luoyang package tour! Shaolin Temple and Longmen Grottoes were worth a visit! We enjoyed our time there. We would be happy to recommend travel china guide to our friends.
    Posted on May 06, 2020
    Our tour guide was very nice! High-level hotel with personal service let us sleep well. A wonderful trip on the Luoyang tour!
    Posted on April 02, 2020
    This was a praiseworthy Luoyang trip with my family except for my daughter’s carsickness. The tour guide took good care of her all the way, so that we didn’t miss exploring some wonderful tourist attractions like White Horse Temple where standing vivid Buddhist statues and valuable stone tablets. The guide’s humorous explanation also interested my daughter so much that she forgot the discomfort of motion sickness. Quite a competent guide, high praise for him!
    Posted on March 21, 2020
    We had a good time on the one-day Luoyang trip. The guide was very careful and the explanations were interesting and detailed! On the return trip, the driver transferred us back to Luoyang Railway Station and they watched us enter the station before leaving. So sweet!
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