Fantastic Zhengzhou Landscape

Today, you will visit one of the oldest cities in China - Zhengzhou city. It had been the capital city of the Shang Dynasty 3500 years before and famous for its technology on melting of bronze and the ceramic industry. There ever unearthed the oldest original china. Besides of its long history, you also can enjoy the unique sights of this city.
Upon arrive at Zhengzhou airport, you can take the taxi proceeding to the downtown. The base fare for the taxi in Zhengzhou is ¥7.00 net and you will spend around ¥35.00 net being transferred to the city center. Or, you can go to the No. 5 exit of the airport directly after getting off the plane. There, you can take the airport shuttle bus there to head for the downtown as well. The bus fare is ¥16.00 net per person for the nearly 30 kilometers' distance. The first stop for the bus is Civil Aviation Hotel but you are advised to get off at its second stop Zhengzhou Grand hotel near to the railway station. After that, take the No. 32 bus at the bus station nearby and head for the Museum of Henan province. In the museum, there displays various kinds of the famous cultural and historical relics, as well as the well-known bronze wares with 3000 years' history. You will be shocked by the wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. After your visiting there, go out to take the No. 42 bus in front of the museum and move on. Please get off at the Garden Crossing stop and change to another bus K903 to arrive at the NanXiajie stop at West Avenue. The Feb, 7th cenotaph is just 45 meters away. Before you go there, you can have a stroll along the Fe 7the road, which is the assemble place of commerce and local flavor. You are recommended to have meal at “Waterfront” restaurant or you may prefer to taste the steamed stuffed-bun. After having lunch, enter the Feb, 7th cenotaph and known more about the massacre of this matter. (On February 7 the Northern warlords Wu Pei-fu, who were backed by British imperialism, butchered the strikers. This became known as the February 7th Massacre. )
You can take the bus return to the railway station. Find the No. 16 bus there and head for its terminal, in which exists the Yellow River key point of interest. In this scenic spot, you will fully enjoy the giant beauty of the well-known Yellow River, for the River dashes out of its last gorge and formed a hanging-river here. It is 30 kilometers away from the downtown and about one hour's drive. There, you cannot miss enjoying the magnificence and majesty of the Yellow River from distinct angle during the 5 view sections' sightseeing. Moreover, there are other meaningful temple and stone carving for your appreciation inside of the area. Finally, you can take bus back to the railway station. You can take the bus to the airport there and leave on your plan.
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