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Hong Kong simply bursts with vibrancy and excitement. Whether you take our China tours from Hong Kong or merely a day trip in Hong Kong, you will have an amazing experience to tick from your bucket list.

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Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong?

To enter Hong Kong you need a passport that is valid for at least six months. Travelers from more than 160 counties can visit the region without a visa with a stay ranging from 7 to 180 days according to nationality. Check the list of Hong Kong Visa Exemptions for Foreign Countries/Areas. When satisfying the above conditions, you will be issued with a landing slip on arrival at Hong Kong Immigration points. Look after the slip as it is required when you leave.

Travelers who are not exempt need to obtain a visa before arrival. It is almost impossible to obtain a visa on arrival.

When is the best time to visit Hong Kong?

Enjoying a subtropical climate, the city is suitable for travelling all the year round. However, tropical cyclones and squally thunderstorms happen fairly often from June to September. The best time to visit is from October to the end of the year when the weather is pleasant most of the time.

We suggest avoid planning your private Hong Kong tour packages during the Canton Fair in late April and late October. During these two periods, hotel room rates are at their highest due to a high demand.

Is English widely spoken in Hong Kong?

Yes, English is widely used in the region as one of the official languages together with Chinese. There are plenty of English signs in places most visited by travelers. Also, hotel staff, waiters and shop assistants in the tourist centralized area are all able to communicate in English.

What is the currency in Hong Kong? Where can I exchange money?

The currency is the Hong Kong Dollar. Moneychangers are everywhere in the city with varying exchange rates and service fees, so it is quite easy to get local currency.

For your information, you may exchange a small amount of HK dollars at the airport upon arrival in case you need it to get into the city. When you are in the downtown area, you can exchange money at the banks with the best exchange rates. The star-rated hotels all provide convenient money exchange services to their guests. Customers with AMEX cards can draw HK Currency through ATMs directly and those with VISA and Master cards can draw local currency from marked ATMs.

Can I use my electronic devices in Hong Kong?

The common power voltage is 220 Volt 50 Hz AC. British Standard three-pronged outlets are widely used in the region. Most hotels ranking above 3 stars provide electrical outlets of both 110V and 220V in the bathrooms. As the shapes of sockets and voltage vary among countries, a portable plug adaptor is usually necessary. You can buy one at the convenience stores in your local country or when you arrive.

I see some of your China tours from Hong Kong do not offer guided service in Hong Kong. May I know the reason?

Due to the higher cost of living in Hong Kong, guided tour charges are much higher than any other city in mainland China. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a good urban transport system and widespread use of English. Therefore we usually just book the hotel accommodation in Hong Kong and offer independent travel ideas to reduce the cost for the clients.
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    4.89 Reviews
    Posted on September 15, 2019
    It was a good Hong Kong tour which provided considerate service. The guide explained in detail. The attractions were beautiful and distinctive. I was very satisfied with this tour!
    Sean Smith
    New Zealand
    Posted on September 09, 2019
    The Half-day Hong Kong Island Tour can be taken into consideration if you want to visit some famous scenic spots in a short time. It saves time and effort and is accompanied by a professional guide with a careful explanation. The scenery is very beautiful and you can have a glimpse of the Hong Kong culture.
    United Kingdom
    Posted on September 04, 2019
    We went to many famous scenic spots in one day. We ascended the Victoria Peak and the harbor and overlooked the whole city. We also experienced the traditional life of local fishermen and tasted fresh seafood in Aberdeen. That's great! I would like to recommend this Hong Kong tour to my friends!
    Andrew Eliazo
    Posted on August 26, 2019
    The service and quality of the Hong Kong tour were of high standards. The itinerary was reasonable and was fit for the people who visited Hong Kong for the first time. I had an excellent travel experience!
    Chris Suzuki
    Posted on August 20, 2019
    The itinerary of the 3 days Hong Kong Tour was rich in many famous attractions. We visited Victoria Peak, the highest peak of the city, to enjoy the panoramic view of Hong Kong and the beautiful harbor. The sight of the Repulse Bay was peaceful, with broad beach and warm seawater. It was amazing that many fishermen in Aberdeen took the old boats as their homes. The hotel was luxurious and comfortable and provided considerate service. I liked this Hong Kong tour. Highly recommend!
    United Kingdom
    Posted on August 11, 2019
    I was very satisfied with the excellent Hong Kong tour with superb service. I’d like to go to Hong Kong next time!
    Pam Manley
    Posted on August 06, 2019
    I started my Hong Kong tour in the afternoon because the pick-up was available to choose from. The itinerary was organized well and the time was allocated reasonably. The guide was enthusiastic and gave us plenty of free time to enjoy busy Hong Kong. It was so beautiful that we took so many photos. We also tasted very fresh seafood caught by the local people in Aberdeen. It's amazing!
    Andre Holding
    Posted on July 29, 2019
    It was a great Hong Kong tour. The itinerary was tight and there was no shopping. The guide was very professional and helped us a lot. The cost-effective tour was suitable for a family trip!
    Judy Choi
    Posted on July 25, 2019
    We were very satisfied with the Hong Kong tour. The service attitude of the guide was very good and answered my questions professionally. The scenic spots and the history and culture of Hong Kong were explained all the way. My family and I had a good time!