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Qingdao Tours

A beautiful seaside city - Qingdao is a famous and important place for international trade. Our private tour package will attract you by its charming seascape as this city is surrounded by the sea on three sides. You can visit Mt. Laoshan, Taiqing Palace and the Xiaoyushan as well as the Zhanqiao, which is the No. 1 Bathing Beach. The distinctive cuisine, famous for its fresh seafood is a must during your trip. What's more, the Sailing Competition held in this city during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 makes it a major attraction.
Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city, is renowned for its rich history and culture. The famed Mt. Laoshan is not merely a scenic mountain but also one of the birthplaces of Taoism. Standing atop the Xiaoyushan Hill Park, you will gain a wonderful panoramic view over the city, the island, the Zhan Bridge, the blue sea and clear sky. A private 3-day Qingdao tour package will cover all these attractions in the city and an excursion to the Mt. Laoshan.
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Independent Travelers
Here we would like to introduce a classic private vacation itinerary in the south suburb of the city. You may enjoy the charming natural sceneries and cultural relics as well as the beautiful legendaries.
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Hot Spots:

Taiqing Palace - Take the southern line of visiting the Mt. Laoshan, you will find the Taiqing Palace at the peak. Originally built in the Northern Song Dynasty, this palace is the largest Taoist building of Mt. Laoshan with an area of 30,000 square meters. The whole palace consists of three parts-the Sanqing Hall in the middle, the Sanguan Hall to the east and the Sanhuang Hall to the west.  

Xiaoyushan Hill Park - Although this park is just 60 meters above the sea level, it supplies the best vision of overlooking the Zhan Bridge, Small Qingdao Islet, Lu Xun Park and some other scenic spots. From the park's main building-the three-storey Lanchao Pavilion, you could get a marvelous landscape featuring azure sky, blue sea, green trees, red tiles and yellow walls.

Small Qingdao Island - This island is situated to the southeastern end of the Zhan Bridge, which is covered with lush trees and is surrounded by the blue Qingdao Bay. A 15.5-meter-high white lighthouse is erected on the island, which could give a great night scene for this city.
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