Qingdao Bicycle Tours

BC-QD01 : 8 Days Qingdao - Jimo - Xingcun - Rushan - Wendeng - Rongcheng - Chengshanwei
Upon arrival in Qingdao, you can spend one or two days to ride through this charming coastal city in east of China. You are recommended to find a comfortable hostel in the South District of the city near the sea where you may appreciate the sea scenery through your window and most of the highlight spots are distributed along the coast line. If you happen not to bring your own bicycle, you can rent one from the local outdoor supplies renting shop. The recommended shop is Qingdao Ziyouxing Bicycle Renting Shop (Add: No. 12, Huiquan Road, the South District; Tel: 0532-85895928 or 13964888795).
You can start your bicycle tour from Zhanqiao, the symbol of Qingdao. Then continue cycling along the coast, you will pass through the Little Qingdao Island, Zhongshan Park, the Badaguan Scenic area, the Ocean Park till the terminal Shilaoren National Tourist Area for Holidays with a total distance of about 20 kilometers. Return to your hostel in the afternoon.

On the third day, cycle about 37 kilometers to Jimo city which faces the Yellow Sea in the east and the Mt. Laoshan in the south. Take a bicycle trip to Mt. Heshan which is located about 4 kilometers south of Aoshanwei Town in Jimo city. You can take the coach at Jimo coach station (Add: No. 2 Wenzhou Road; Tel: 0532-83773833) or the minibus. The Mt. Heshan is a branch range of Mt. Laoshan and you can visit it in any season. The yearly average temperature on the mountain is 12 degree centigrade, not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter.

The third day and the fourth day you will ride from Jimo to Rushan via Xingcun. The distance from Jimo to Xingcun is about 44 kilometers. You can relax yourself in a hot spring on your way. Stay overnight in Xingcun when the third day's tour ends. The fourth day will be some tiring by riding through about 83 kilometers from Xingcun to Rushan, a small port city of Weihai in the southeast of Shandong peninsula.
On the fifth day, you may relax yourself at the Silver Beach with over 20 kilometers continuous soft and gentle sand beach located at the southeast coast of Rushan city. The Silver Beach Holiday Resort belongs to the classical Oceanic Climate and it is fitting for visit all year round.

On the sixth day, continue cycling about 60 kilometers from Rushan to Wendeng along the No. 207 provincial road. Upon arrival, you can pay a visit to the Bible Mountain which is about 20 kilometers from the city center and is located in the northwest of Gejia Town. Or you can spend some time to tour around the inner city to feel the atmosphere there. Stay overnight in the city.

On the seventh day, cycle about 50 kilometers from Wendeng to Rongcheng. There are a lot for you to visit in Rongcheng such as the Stone Island Holiday Resort in Stone Island district, the Holy Water Site in Yaxi Town and the Safari Park on Shendiao Mountain in Chengshan Town. You can spare your time to visit some of your favored places.

On the last day, cycle to Chengshantou, the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula to enjoy the coastline scenery. Your 8-day bicycle trip ends here.