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Lanzhou Tours

Labrang Monastery, one of the six major Gelugpa monasteries, still preserves the most complete education system and institutions of Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a treasure house which houses inestimable Buddhist scripture rolls, paintings and other art works. Every dawn the sacred Morning Prayer marks the start of the Lamas assiduous practicing. This private Lanzhou tour itinerary will lead you to explore the monastery.
This weeklong Lanzhou & Zhangye tour package will show you the beautiful Danxia landform of the Rainbow Mountains. You can also stop by Buddhist Shrines like Giant Buddha Temple, Wooden Pagoda Temple, and Mati Temple Grottoes. Moreover, a visit to the Yellow River is included as well and you can have a full view of this rushing river at the White Pagoda Park.
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Independent Travelers
Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province, is situated on the upper course of the Yellow River. With mountains surrounding it on the north and south, and the Yellow River flowing through it from east to west, the city is scenic and attractive.
This private trip encourages travelers to enjoy the natural beauty and the cultural charm of the south area of Gansu province by visiting the Zheyang Mountain Scenic Area, the Guiqing Mountain Forest Park and the Hadapu Old Town.
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