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International Cycling Race Route

Route 1 : The Eighth Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race in 2009

2009 Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race
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On July 14, 2009, the Eighth Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race (“the Race” for short in the below passage) will be held in Xining City, Qinghai Province, China.

Since the first race in 2002, Qinghai Lake assembles huge crowd of riders and fans from all over the world in every July or August. It is already the highest altitude, one of the highest-leveled and largest-scaled cycling races in the world.

The Race of this year will last for 10 days from July 17 to 26. The total distance is 1355.9km which includes 1280km racing, 5.9km parade riding and 70km transfer. The maximum altitude during the race is about 3792m, while the minimum is about 1880m.

Totally 147 riders from 21 teams will participate in the Race, including 3 UCI pro-continental teams (Czech PSK, Netherlands SKS, and Venezuela SDA), 13 UCI continental teams (Australia CDU, Australia Praties, Britain Rapha-Condor, China Hong Kong Team, China Max Success Sports, China Qinghai Tianyoude, China Marco Polo, Croatia Loborika, Denmark Capinordic,

2009 Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race

Iran TPT, Poland Utensilnord, South Africa Neotel-Steg Computer and USA Jelly Belly), 4 national teams (from Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and China) and 1 regional team (Taipei Giant).

The opening ceremony is on the night of July 17 in Huzhu Autonomous County and the race will cover a prologue and nine stages. Starting at Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, most of the race is centered on the remarkable natural wonder Qinghai Lake, the largest inland saltwater lake in China. The magnificent natural scenery en route that the riders will enjoy surely is a pleasant experience in this stiff competition.

The schedule of the 2009 race is as follows: Map of Qinghai Cycling Race Route
Date Stage Time & Activities Distance Route
July 14 to
July 16
Team registration & Training 8:30 - 11:30
14:30 - 17:30
14km Duoba Base Line 103;
Duoba Base - Shangshijia Village - Zhamalong;
Duoba Base 109 National highway
July 17 (Fri) Prologue
(Huzhu County)
08:30 Leave hotel
12:00 Start race
14:30 Finish race
Award ceremony
Transfer after opening ceremony
4.8km South Street - South Ring Road - Weibei Road - East Street
July 18 (Sat) Stage 1:
Xining City- Ping'an County - Zhaba Town - Tongren County
08:30 Leave hotel
09:50 - 10:50 Sign in
11:00 Start race
15:10 Finish race
Award ceremony
Xining Central Square - Wuchalukou - Shengli Road - Tongren Road - Lanxi Expressway - Adai Expressway - Zhaba - New 203 Highway - Tongren Dehalong Road - Zhongshan Road - Xiaqiong Road - Tongren County Government
July 19 (Sun) Stage 2:
Tongren County - Bao'an Town- Xunhua County
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
12:20 Finish race
Award ceremony
(95km) Parade riding: 3.3km
(North of Prefecture Government - Xiaqiong Road - Zeku Road - Dehalong Road - Zhongshan Road - North of Prefecture Government) X 6L - Xiaqiong Road - Zeku Road - Dehalong Road - Regong Bridge - Hedong Road - Old 203 Highway - Bao'an - Xuntong Road - Xunhua Tuoquan Road - Jishi Street - Xunhua Square Cross
July 20 (Mon) Stage 3:
Xunhua County - Zhaba Town- Ping'an County - Xining City
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
14:20 Finish race
Award ceremony
Parade riding: 2.6km
(Xunhua Square - Tianchi Road - Huanghe Road - Guangchang Road - South Ring Road - Tianchi Road) X 6L - Square Cross - Jishi Street - Tuoquan Road - 202 Highway - Mt. Qingsha - Ping'an - 109 National Highway - Xining Bayi Road - Dongguan Street - North Huayuan Road - Qiyi Road - Changjiang Road - Xining Central Square
July 21 (Tue) Stage 4:
Xining City (Duoba Base) - Qinghai Lake
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
12:50 Finish race
Award ceremony
Duoba Base - Duoba Toll Gate - Xidao Highway - Daotang River - Qinghai Lake (at 2108.1km mile stone and 109 National Highway)
July 22 (Wed) Stage 5:
Qinghai Lake - Bird Island
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
12:50 Finish race
Award ceremony
Qinghai Lake (at 2108.1km mile stone and 109 National Highway) - Heima River - Bird Island (at 52.8km mile stone and West Huanhu Road)
July 23 (Thu) Stage 6:
Bird Island - Xihai Town
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
13:30 Finish race
Award ceremony
Bird Island (at 52.8km mile stone and West Huanhu Road) - West Huanhu Road - 315 National Highway - Gangcha - Ha'ergai - Xihai Gangcha Road - Xihai Street  Xihai Cinema
July 24 (Fri) Stage 7:
Xihai Town - Menyuan County
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
14:30 Finish race
Award ceremony
Xihai Cinema - Haibei Power Plant - Xida Road - Heilin Yakou - Datong Duolin - Datong Chengguan - 227 National Highway - Heiquan Reservior - Qingshizui - Menyuan Xiguan Street - West Street - East Street -  Menyuan Square (east side)
July 25 (Sat) Stage 8:
Menyuan County - Huzhu County
08:50 - 09:50 Sign in
10:00 Start race
13:50 Finish race
Award ceremony & transfer
Transfer after race: 70km
Menyuan Square (east side) - Dongchuan Town - Ganchankou - Weibei Road - Huzhu East Street (east of China Mobile);
Transfer: Ninghu Expressway - Lanxi Expressway - Xidao Highway - Duoba Base
July 26 (Sun) Stage 9:
Xining Circuit Race
08:30 Leave hotel
09:50 - 10:50 Sign in
11:00 Start race
13:30 Finish race
Award ceremony
99km (100m West of Provincial Transportation Department - Wusi Road - Xinning Road - Xiguan Street - Ximen Bridge - Changjiang Road - Wuchalukou - Wusi Road) X 18L

According to the organization committee, this year's race will neither be postponed nor cancelled for the outbreak of H1N1 flu, considering the participating teams' event calendar. If any participating team can not travel to China at last to contest, they will invite other teams that have applied for the event to come.

As last year, a tantalizing 300,000 U.S. Dollars is up for grabs in this year's event. We wish every rider will play extraordinary and make a good score!
Route 2 : The Seventh Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race in 2008
The Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race ("the Race" for short in the below passage) is held in July or August annually in Qinghai province since the year 2002, which has become one of the highest-leveled, largest-scaled as well as the highest altitude located international highway cycling races in Asia. The race is 1354 km in distance and an average of 3000 meters in altitude lasting 7 to 10 days. The route is designed with the Qinghai Lake in the center and the surrounding area extended and the cyclists can have the chance to enjoy the magnificent natural scenery en route.

Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race

To make it convenient for those who would like to have a try to cycle along the Race route, we will offer the below detailed itinerary for reference which is based on the seventh race ended in July, 2008. The Race lasts 10 days riding the route as Xining - Qinghai Lake Hotel - Bird Island - Xihai Town - Guide - Xining - Minhe - Ledu - Ping'an - Xining - Menyuan - Huzhu - Xining.

The first day starts with 3.8 km prelude race in Xining city. The starting and finishing point is the intersection between Wusi Road and Jiaotong Lane. The racers will pass through Xiguan Avenue, Huanghe Road, then turn left when reaching the Wucha Road till the terminal Wusi Road.

The second day's cycling is from Xining to Qinghai Lake Hotel (146 km). Start from the provincial Agricultural Bank of China (north of Central Square) and pass through the Wucha Road, Wusi Road, Haihu Road to Haihu Bridge. Continue cycling along Chaidamu Road and Xidao Road, transit Huangyuan county, reach the Riyue ( Sun and Moon) Mountain, pass the Daotang (backflowing) River till the terminal point 2108.1 km away from G109 national passway. En route, the attraction will be the Riyue Mountain which is 3,520 meters (11,549 feet) above the sea level. From the top of the mountain there is a superb panorama of the beautiful landscape - both prairie and farmland.

The third and fourth day's cycling are along the bank of Qinghai Lake, that is, from Qinghai Lake Hotel to Bird Island (121 km) then to Xihai Town (152 km). On the third day, start from the terminal of the second day, pass Jiangxigou, Heima River, Shinaihai and reach the point 52.8 km away from Round the Lake Road. On the fourth day, continue cycling to Gangcha County, Hargai, Gangcha Road, pass Xihai Avenue til Xide Cinema. The must see attraction on the road is the Bird Island. You can stop to have a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

On the fifth day, cycle 172 km from Xihai town to Guide County. You will experience the harsh weather on Laji Mountain at an altitude of 3858 meters. But you also have the chance to see the spots less visited by travelers. Go down the mountain, you can visit the Guide town featured with clean water and green hills. You can also pay a visit to the reputed Yuhuang Pavilion. The route starts from Xihai Cinema, pass through Gangcha road, Haiyan county, Huangyuan county, Moduoji, Zhaha Road, Laji Mountain, Guide Zongsan Road, Heyin Road, reach Guide Hotspring Hotel then turn left for another 50 meters to the end.

On the sixth day, return Xining from Guide County. It is 115 km in distance and the highest altitude is 3800 meters during this section. En route, you may pay a visit to the well-known Ta'er Monastery. Start from 50 meters east of Guide government, cycle along Zongsan Road, 101 provincial highway, Xita express way, Kunlun road exit, Huanghe road, Wucha road, Wusi road and finally reach the terminal provincial Transportation Bureau.

On the seventh day, the route is follows with Xining - Minhe - Ledu - Ping'an - Xining (214 km). The road is flat and the climate is suitable. The well worthy recommended tour attraction is the Qutan Temple which is the most well-preserved architecture cluster of Ming dynasty in the Northwest area in China. The construction is imitative of the Forbidden City thereby called "Little Forbidden City". You can cycle from Changjiang Road, pass Qiyi Road, Jianguo Road, Bayi Road, Mingxing Road, Yunjiakou Road, Lanxi express way, Minhe Road, the North Avenue, Huangshui Bridge, G109 national highway, Dongguan Avenue, the North Garden Street, Qiyi Road and at last get to the intersection between Bayi Road and Delingha Road.

The eighth day's cycling is from Xining to Menyuan County (151 km). This section is a trial for the cyclists since they need to climb over the high altitude Daban Mountain and go cross the steep slope and rapid bends. But the scenery is extraordinary on Daban Mountain. There you will be surrounded by the gentle fog and golden rape flooding before your eyes. The fragrance is spreat far and wide. The route is as follows: Start from the Agricultural Bank of China, pass through the right direction of Wucha Road, Shengli Road, Xiaoqiao Avenue, Datong, Qingshizui, the West Avenue and arrive at the Square of Menyuan county.

On the ninth day, transfer to Huzhu County from Menyuan County (168 km). Start your cycling from Menyuan Square, go through Dongchuan, Ganchan Gate, go up Weibei Highway, pass Nanrao Road, the South Avenue and in the end reach the Cultural Center on South Avenue.

The last day's race is ended up with the cycling around the route as the Provincial Transportation Bereau - Wusi road - Xinning road - Xiguan Avenue - Ximen gate - Changjiang road - Wucha road - the Provincial Transportation Bereau. They will run 20 circles with the total distance of 110 km. Then ends the 10 days' cycling race.

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