Lanzhou Bicycle Tours

BC-LZ03 : Breathtaking Experience

This bicycle tour route lead you from the gorgeous Maiji Caves to the southeast of Tianshui City. Don't take thought for the road condition for the National Highway will supply cyclists a great help.

Itinerary: 8-Day Lanzhou - Lintao - Longxi - Wushan - Tianshui - Maiji Caves

The destination of this journey is the gorgeous Maiji Caves to the southeast of Tianshui City. The National Highway No.310 between Lanzhou and Tianshui will supply cyclists a great help. Set off from Lanzhou, your first stop along the National Highway No.310 is Lintao County which is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) to the south of Lanzhou. The next day, you should head to Weiyuan which is about 130 kilometers (81 miles) to the southeast of Lintao. En route, there are some options for you to visit the Majia Kiln Site and the Baling Bridge of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), or view the Shouyang Mountain in the distance.

On the third day, you should continue the journey about a half day to the ancient Longxi County on the Silk Road. In the remaining time, you could pay a visit the verdant Renshou Mountain and the historical Longxi Hall. The next day's journey is also easy that you could leave Longxi for Wushan County after having a breakfast leisurely. Upon arrival in Wushan, you could have a relax afternoon by enjoying the local hot spring.

Set off from Wushan early, you could get to Tianshui City after cycling about 110 kilometers (68 miles). En route, you could have a rest in Gangu County. Lodging in a local hostel, this night you could have a try of the local food and snacks. In the next day, you could cycle to the Maijia Caves to the southeast of the city center. The journey is about 45 kilometers (28 miles). Then, you could spend the rest in exploring those caves.

On the last day, you could return to Lanzhou by bus easily or start a journey from Tianshui to Baoji and then Xian of Shaanxi Province.

BC-DH01 : Hami Excursion

As one of the most representative grotto art of China, Magao Cave has never failed to stun the tourists. Cycle to visit the most renowned sights in Dunhuang and tour along the most challenging section to Hami. As you go further, more surprise awaits you here.

Itinerary: 5-Day Dunhuang - Liuyuan - Malianjing - Xinxingxia - Hami

Upon arrival in Dunhuang, you could cycle to Mogao Cave and spend one day there. Staying over in Dunhuang City, you should head northward along the National Highway No.215 to Liuyuan Town the next day. This flat journey is about 120 kilometers (75 miles) passing through Gobi.

Setting off from Liuyuan, you will head to Malianjing and then Xinxingxia of Xianjiang Uygur Autonomous Region today. This section is also in the vast gobi but you could arrive in Xinxingxia in the early afternoon due to the short distance.

This day you will have the most challenging section to Hami. You have to finish the 200-kilometer (124-mile) road in the desert. Starting from Xinxingxia, there is a long desolate journey without food and water supply. Almost in the midday, you could get to Luotuoquanzi where some simple inns can be found for a lunch and a rest. Then, you could head to Hami directly. En route, it is suggested that you look for a shadow resisting the fierce sunlight of Xinjiang. And, you'd better to stop marching in the broiling midday

In Hami, tasting the numerous local snacks is a must. After visiting this City in one day, you could head to the Tianshan Mountain and then conclude the cycling in Urumqi.