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China Visa Renewal and Extension

Generally speaking, it is not possible to renew, extend a China visa or change it into another type once it is issued. However, if you want to spend more time there, want a multiple-entry visa, or need to have a different type of visa, you can - in many circumstances - apply within China.

Currently, it seems that one month is the standard period for regular tourist visa extension. However, the accumulated length of the extended stay cannot exceed the duration of stay on your original visa.

Where to extend or renew China visa?

The procedure is very similar to applying outside through Chinese embassy, but you must go to the Public Security Bureau (PSB) Exit and Entry Administration office of county level or above. Smaller centers might not have good English speakers so it is a good idea to take a Chinese friend with you if you can. Ask at international hotels if you are not sure where the PSB Exit and Entry Administration office is.

When to apply for China visa renewal and extension?

According to the regulations, you have to submit application for extension at least 7 days before your visa expires. The PSB officers will issue you with a receipt once they accept your application and make the final decision within 7 days. If you apply too late, you may overstay and are subject to a fine and possible deportation.

The new visa runs from the date of issue (a small difference compared with those issued outside China which do not start until entry) and the old one is cancelled at the same time. So, you cannot have two concurrent visas.

How to extend or renew my China visa?

The required documents you must prepare in advance include your passport, a recent passport style photo, a registration form of temporary residence, and proof about reasons for extending or renewing your China visa, for example, if you apply for tourist visa extension, you need to submit a travel itinerary.

In normal cases, the applicant should come in person to the PSB Exit and Entry Administration office to submit the application. Upon arrival, complete a visa application form and attach your photo onto it. Then submit the application.

In the following situations, the applicant can have others or an agency submit the application:
1) The applicant is under 16 or more than 60 years old, or with mobility difficulties.
2) The applicant is not a first-time visitor to China and has a good stay record for the past visits.
3) There is an inviting entity or individual funding the applicant’s visit.

How to get the registration form of temporary residence for overseas visitors

The residency registration comes from the regulation that all foreigners must register their accommodation details within 24 hours after entering China.

If you are staying in a hotel certified to accommodate foreigners, it can provide you with a hotel accommodation registration slip. If not, you must obtain an accommodation registration printout from the police station for the area you are living in and where you should already have registered. So if you are staying in a non accredited hotel or with friends or in an apartment but have not registered, you should either register or stay in an accredited hotel for one night in order to get the slip.

How much does it cost to extend a China visa?

For nationals of most countries, the fee is CNY 160. For some countries, the fee may differ. US citizens need to pay CNY 760 for an extension while UK citizens need CNY 469.

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Questions & Answers on China Visa Renewal and Extension
Asked by Pamela C from PERU | Nov. 14, 2019 00:49Reply
Visa Extension- Registered accomodation
I arrived here on August, but nobody told me I have to register my accomodation, and now my visa is expiring and it's getting late now, do you know how long can take to get the accomodation registered? And after that, can I make my appointment to go to the PSB and complete all the process? Please I need help!
Asked by Sari from INDONESIA | Nov. 13, 2019 21:17Reply
Can a child with L visa register to public school on China, primary school
Can a child with L visa register to public school on China, primary school
Asked by ami from BELGIUM | Nov. 12, 2019 23:31Reply
Visa renewal
Hi ,

I am an exchange student with an x2 visa which will expire on the 6th of jan. My final exam however is on the 10th, is there any possibility to extend my visa. If yes, when should i apply for it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ann from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 13, 2019 18:51

Yes, it's possible to extend it. You can extend it around 20th of December.
Asked by Name from KENYA | Nov. 09, 2019 20:22Reply
extending marriage visa
please do I need to go for medical check up when extending my marriage visa ?
Answers (2)
Answered by Danniel from USA | Nov. 11, 2019 00:22

Dear, what is the type of your visa? The Q1 or S1 type? If yes and you have a residence permit, you don't need to go for medical check up when extending or renewing the residence permit.
Answered by Tony from KENYA | Nov. 12, 2019 04:42

My visa has not stated for Q1 or S1 but after married and sent my documents to the migration they gave me one year marriage visa
Asked by Moji from IRAN | Nov. 09, 2019 05:41Reply
Passport renewal
I changed my passport because it was close to its expiration but my China visa (Q type) is still valid for another 5 months. Should I renew my visa since the new passport number is different from the old one?! And should I again register my accommodation in a police station?!
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith from CANADA | Nov. 10, 2019 21:49

You don't need to renew the visa. Please take both passports when entering China again. If you hold a Q1 and wanna use it to enter China, you don't need to register your accommodation again in a police station.
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