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 Asked by Mr. Russ(China)
I'm Canadian and have been married to a Chinese lady got two years. We got married and we now both live here. What is the procedure for me to qualify for a long term (5 year) permament visa if I plan to stay longer here? I have now been living here for more than four years.

 Answered by Mr.Charles
It is very difficult to get a permanent visa. Please read the Regulations on Permanent Residence of Aliens on the website https://www.travelchinaguide.com/embassy/visa/refusal.htm, then you know the regulations are so strict and rigorous.

  Asked by Ms. Lily(USA)
Hi, I'm a US passport holder. My 1 year Chinese Visa will expire soon, but I need to stay longer for another five days. I don't think I'll have time to renew it prior to my trip.
So my question here is, can I extend or renew it while in Beijing? I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

 Answered by Mrs. Lorna(USA)
Yes, you can extend the duration of your visa at the Exit & Enter Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau before it expires.

  Asked by Ms. Marja(AUSTRALIA)
I am a German passport holder with a working visa for Australia, wishing to travel soon - is it possible for me to obtain a visa from one of the consulates in Australia (or possibly new Zealand, as I may be traveling here in the next few months)?? Thanks :)

 Answered by Mr. Mac
Yes, you can apply from one Chinese consulate in Australia which is near to you because you hold Australian work visa which permits you stay in Australia for a long time. If you apply in New Zealand, you maybe can't get it because you just a temporary visitors to New Zealand. Please bear in mind that single entry tourist L is only valid for 3 months, please don't apply for it too early.

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Asked by SC from CANADA | Feb. 14, 2020 15:24Reply
Residence Permit expires while outside of China
Hi, I am currently working in China and have gone through the process of obtaining a z-visa. I have a work permit card (my company keeps on file), residence permit in my passport, and am registered with my local PSB.

I was outside China on vacation when the coronavirus outbreak started and I have chosen to keep myself and my family away from China and now my residence permit (visa) in my passport has expired.

What are my options for re-entering China?

A)Start the Z-visa process again?
-obtain ALL documents again? Or would fewer documents be needed because I have my work permit card and my company has all of my documents and paperwork from my original application?

B)Come in on a tourist visa and then change it back to a residence permit?

C)Other options that I am not aware of?

Also, I am not in my home country. But this country does have a Chinese Visa Application Center.
Asked by Keita Bangaly from GUINEA | Feb. 13, 2020 18:34Reply
How to get visa
I am a Guinean student in China in Changsha, currently our university running winter vocation and I would like to visit South Korea. So how can I get the tourist visa and what documents to provide ? Thanks for reading and understanding.
Asked by Gilbert Edgett from UNITED STATES | Feb. 13, 2020 09:02Reply
Can I go to Taiwan to reset my 60 days re-entry to PR China on my 10 yr multiple entry tourist visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by Darcy from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 14, 2020 18:33

Yes, you can.
Asked by David from RUSSIA | Feb. 11, 2020 08:53Reply
About visa
Hello Sir. I am in Shanghai. Currently I have x1 visa and my visa was about expiring, and I got documents jw202 from another university in another city Jiaxing, and I went to local visa center and they give me one month visa, and question is - can I extend my visa to x1?
Answers (1)
Answered by Selina from USA | Feb. 14, 2020 18:32

Currently, it's hard to say. You can wait until the one month visa is going to expire and go to the local visa center to see if you can convert the one month visa to X1 visa.
Asked by Arslan from PAKISTAN | Feb. 10, 2020 18:29Reply
Visa extension because of corona virus
I have my business visa and it is my first time . which is valid till march due to corona virus its so hard to travel china kindly let me about the visa extension ..
Answers (1)
Answered by Kira from USA | Feb. 11, 2020 18:57

Auslan, it's not possible to get China visa extended outside of China. Therefore, if it expires before you enter China, you need to apply for a new visa.
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