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 Asked by Mr. Russ(China)
I'm Canadian and have been married to a Chinese lady got two years. We got married and we now both live here. What is the procedure for me to qualify for a long term (5 year) permament visa if I plan to stay longer here? I have now been living here for more than four years.

 Answered by Mr.Charles
It is very difficult to get a permanent visa. Please read the Regulations on Permanent Residence of Aliens on the website, then you know the regulations are so strict and rigorous.

  Asked by Ms. Lily(USA)
Hi, I'm a US passport holder. My 1 year Chinese Visa will expire soon, but I need to stay longer for another five days. I don't think I'll have time to renew it prior to my trip.
So my question here is, can I extend or renew it while in Beijing? I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

 Answered by Mrs. Lorna(USA)
Yes, you can extend the duration of your visa at the Exit & Enter Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau before it expires.

  Asked by Ms. Marja(AUSTRALIA)
I am a German passport holder with a working visa for Australia, wishing to travel soon - is it possible for me to obtain a visa from one of the consulates in Australia (or possibly new Zealand, as I may be traveling here in the next few months)?? Thanks :)

 Answered by Mr. Mac
Yes, you can apply from one Chinese consulate in Australia which is near to you because you hold Australian work visa which permits you stay in Australia for a long time. If you apply in New Zealand, you maybe can't get it because you just a temporary visitors to New Zealand. Please bear in mind that single entry tourist L is only valid for 3 months, please don't apply for it too early.

- Last modified on Jul. 17, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassies and Consulates
Asked by John from USA IN CHINA | Aug. 01, 2020 23:19Reply
visa extension
Recently an officer at Guangzhou Entry/ Exit department stated it is possible to renew your visa extension as many times as you want provided it doesn't exceed original visa. Is there true. Can anybody provide a reference to the policy or law? Foshan keeps telling there are now flights and I can fly home. They haven't said must, just indicate the uncertainty of next application and imply I should leave.
Asked by Wang from CONGO | Aug. 01, 2020 23:04Reply
Change X1 Visa to S1 while in china
Hi, I’m a Congolese (DRC) working in China. My wife who’s also from the (DRC) wants to change her student visa to S1 type. I would like to know if she can do that without leaving China. Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lydia from BRAZIL | Aug. 02, 2020 23:29

Yes, it's possible.
Asked by Charles from SWEDEN | Aug. 01, 2020 05:52Reply
144 hours visa but transit in China

I'm planning to travel to China next year (if it's open for tourists at the timepoint) and wonder if the following itinerary eligible for the 144 hours visa if they still apply if after the COVID-19.

I'm planning to travel from Frankfurt to Qingdao and stay there for 5 days then fly out from Qingdao to Macau. However, the flight I found requires me to transit in Shanghai in order to continue my fight to Macau.

So does it still apply for the 144 hours visa despite the transit in Shanghai?

I'm a Swedish citizen.
Answers (1)
Answered by Amy from USA | Aug. 02, 2020 23:41

Charles, if you have transit in both Qingdao and Shanghai, you will not be eligible for the 144h visa-free transit.
Asked by Nichoals from CANADA | Jul. 31, 2020 11:57Reply
Hong Kong SAR Passport 2020
Hi, I am a Hong Kong citizen and currently living in Vancouver, Canada. I have my Hong Kong passport but it expired 3 years ago. My questions:

1. Where is the location and the contact number for me to renew my HKSAR passport?
2. What documents that I need to apply for a new passport?
3. How long does it take?
4. How much does it cost?

Thank You
Answers (1)
Answered by Donald from CANADA | Aug. 02, 2020 23:39

1. You can renew it at the Chinese consulate in Vancouver. Contact number: 604-416-0040 (2 - 5pm)
2. You can browse the required documents on the website of HK immigration department.
3. The process takes about one month.
4. Cost: 32 pages: HKD 370 or USD 48; 48 pages: HKD 460 or USD 59.
Asked by Irina from RUSSIA | Jul. 31, 2020 08:45Reply
Chinese visa application
I’m currently stuck in Vietnam for 4 months already, I am Russian. My husband is stuck in China because he works there. When will it be possible for me to get back to China? How can I apply for a new Chinese visa?
Answers (1)
Answered by James from USA | Aug. 02, 2020 20:58

Irina, you need to wait until China lifts the entry ban for foreigners. At that time, you will be able to apply for a new Chinese visa.
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