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Questions & Answers on China Culture
Asked by Aks from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 20, 2021 06:24Reply
Best date and year for marriage.
I am year of the Dog (December 2, 1994) and my fiance is Year of the Monkey (January 21, 1993). What date and year the best date for marriage?
Asked by E from USA | Nov. 19, 2021 12:53Reply
My lucky numbers
Taurus May 20,1971
November 20, 2021 Lucky numbers?
Asked by Twanie from USA | Nov. 18, 2021 08:17Reply
Looking for love and wealth
Hi I'm a October pig single for almost 2 years I'm willing to meet someone else but I'm definitely still in love with my ex Pisces 1989 snake. I know the snakes and pigs are not favorable but what are the chances he will change to come back to me and marry me. Will I receive settlement payments?
Asked by Katrina Porter from UNITED KINGDOM | Nov. 17, 2021 18:27Reply
Am I a 🐉 29-December -1988
Born 29-12-1988
What lies ahead for me now.
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