Year of the Rat

China Zodiac Animal - Rat

2020 is the Year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Metal Rat, starting from the 2020 Chinese New Year on Jan. 25 and lasting to 2021 Lunar New Year’s Eve on Feb. 11. Rat is the first in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. The Years of the Rat include 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032...

An interesting Chinese legend about the ranking of the Rat goes that the Chinese supreme deity Jade Emperor held a birthday party and would decide the order of the zodiac animals according to their arrival times. Originally, the hardworking Ox departed early and should be the first one to reach. However, the Rat hid in the Ox’s ear and jumped down when arriving, occupying the first place. Thus the Rat had since been the No. 1 in the 12-year cycle and represents spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, and flexibility.

What’s more, the vitality of the Rat including the high fertility and high survival rate also makes it a lucky sign for couples hoping to conceive.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Zi
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Shui (Water)
Yin Yang: Yang

Years of the Rat
The following chart will tell you if you were born the Year of the Rat and people should pay attention to the start and end dates as the Chinese zodiac is based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

A more simple way is to fill in your birthday in “Find your Chinese Zodiac” to get a quick and accurate answer.
Rat Year Start End Element
1924 Feb.5,1924 Jan.23,1925 Wood
1936 Jan.24,1936 Feb.10,1937 Fire
1948 Feb.10,1948 Jan.28,1949 Earth
1960 Jan.28,1960 Feb.14,1961 Metal
1972 Feb.15,1972 Feb.2,1973 Water
1984 Feb.2,1984 Feb.19,1985 Wood
1996 Feb.19,1996 Feb.6,1997 Fire
2008 Feb.6,2008 Jan.25,2009 Earth
2020 Jan.25,2020 Feb.11,2021 Metal
2032 Feb.11,2032 Jan.30,2033 Water
Lucky Signs for People Born in Rat Year
Lucky Numbers and Colors of Rat Lucky Flowers and Directions of Rat

Lucky Things for Rats:

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3 Lucky Colors: gold, blue, green Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast

Things Should be Avoided:

Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9 Unlucky Colors: yellow, brown Unlucky Direction: west
Personality: Rats are smart, quick-witted, strong-willed, and ambitious.
People who were born in the Year of the Rat are always called Rats whose characteristics tend to be more quick-witted with a keen observation and foresight. Rats also have a bright and optimistic personality which makes them adapt to changes in any environment and easily get help from others. However, though Rats are ambitious in career, they may not be qualified to become great leaders due to the stubbornness and the lack of empathy and humility. 
  • Strengths
    Savvy, quick-witted, positive, intelligent, bright, versatile
  • Weaknesses
    Lack of courage, captious, undetermined, stubborn
  • Rat Men: Rat men can think quickly and have a good memory. They are curious about everything, get to the bottom of things, and have a strong thirst for knowledge. Meanwhile, they hold on to their own views but seldom have the courage to take action. Men with Chinese zodiac Rat sign also attach importance to the family.
  • Rat Women: Rat women are smart and sensible in the life, taking a cue from somebody’s words or facial expressions. They also take a good advantage of their strengths and avoid showing weaknesses. All of those make them considerate and their families could be taken care of. However, they may lack the ability to cope with stress. 
  • Personality by Five Elements: Which Type of 'Rat' Are You?
    People born in different years of Rat show varied personal characters because the traditional Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing) will affect the personality.
Types Years of Birth Personality Traits
Wood Rat 1924, 1984 Independent, traditional, enjoying great popularity but a bit pessimistic.
Fire Rat 1936, 1996 Energetic, brave, self-disciplined, sometimes sharp and harsh.
Earth Rat 1948, 2008 Honest, hardworking, having strong adaptability, of high self-esteem.
Metal Rat 1960, 2020 Persuasive, irritable, sensitive with strong self-awareness, like to be the center of attention.
Water Rat 1912, 1972 Alert, intelligent with good thinking, but conservative in practice.
  • Rat’s Personality by Blood Types
    • Blood Type O: With outgoing and optimistic character, they are extroverts ready to help others. Good communication skills make them have fewer conflicts with others and popular among friends.
    • Blood Type A: They are typical submissive people, always keeping themselves in the second place but putting others first. They are empathetic, perceptive, and quick-witted but not assertive enough to capture opportunities.
    • Blood Type B: Having an unsociable personality, they are straightforward in expression and tired of using a euphemism. However, they are easy to trust others so that they suffer losses.
    • Blood Type AB: Rats with blood type AB look gentle and generous outwardly but sometimes they are arbitrary and indifferent. The high efficiency at work makes them deeply valued by bosses.
Love Compatibility of the Rat
Want to know the love compatibility between you and your partner quickly? Just check it on the “Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Test” according to the names and dates of birth.
  • Best Matches: Ox, Dragon, Monkey
    Ox is the most faithful partner for the Rat and they can build a romantic relationship together. Rat’ straightforwardness and confidence will attract Dragons and they can find more fun in life and help each other at work. Monkey will also be a great partner and the couple of Rat and Monkey can not only support each other but also be tolerant of each other’s shortcomings.
  • Bad Matches: Horse, Rooster
    Both the Rat and the Horse are independent and proactive but it is hard for them to understand and communicate with each other. The Rat people cannot stand the picky from a Rooster partner and they may have a lot of conflicts.
    Rat''s Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals
  • How to Get along with Rats

People with Chinese zodiac Rat sign are emulative in a relationship and they want to find a capable and excellent partner, especially in the career. If you think they are money-oriented, then you are wrong. They don’t care too much about money or outward appearance. What matters for them is about inner feelings and the chemistry. Though Rats look flirtatious, they are honest and faithful once they choose to build a relationship and hope so are their partners.   

Jobs & Careers for Rats
  • Best Jobs: Artist, musician, cafe owner, actor, author, photographer, doctor, teacher...
Rats are active and independent. Unrestricted work and freelance work are more suitable for them, instead of being a staff of a large company. They also prefer individual work with innovation to the cooperative work, enabling them to become a good café owner, an author, or a doctor. What’s more, most people born in the Rat Year are intuitive-sensitive with a talent in art and have a profound understanding of life. So the artist, musician, photographer, and actor all are listed on their best jobs.
Health & Fitness Advice
People born in the Year of the Rat always have a lower immunity since childhood as the immune system isn't up to par. They often catch colds and suffer some small diseases, but luckily, no big illnesses need to be worried. They are also sensitive about climate change as the higher or lower temperature will make them sick, thus the Rats should keep an eye on the weather and temperature, change garments according to the season. It is also suggested that they quit smoking and drinking alcohol.  
Rat's Fortune in 2021
The life of Rat people will become much smoother than last year. If they know how to seize the opportunities, they would have a large chance to achieve successes, especially in terms of career and wealth. Because of favorable fortune of career, they can also harvest more money through hard work. Based on Rat’s fortune in 2021, they can try and practice as bravely as possible, then most of results would be positive. However, although the overall fortune is excellent, Rats still need to pay attention to their mental and physical health. Learn to express negative emotions, so that life can become more wonderful.
Rat Luck in 2021
  • Career: They rarely make mistakes in the workplace due to their rigorous attitude. With the harmonious interpersonal relationship, Rat people can obtain achievements as long as they catch the golden chance timely.
  • Wealth: Besides the guaranteed salary, Rats can increase the wealth quickly by making some appropriately investments. However, they should know how to save and manage wealth in the whole year. Otherwise, the hard-earned money would be wasted again and again.
  • Relationships:  Single Rat people would have a large chance to meet soul mate in 2021 as long as they treat love loyalty. Besides, this year is very suitable for engagement or wedding. Although there may be some quarrels between young couples, the ending is definitely sweet and beautiful.
  • Education: Rats’ grades will be improved a lot in this year, which is popular with classmates and teachers. They can also join in more school activities to practise their manipulative ability and thinking skill.
  • Health:  Although there would have some minor diseases, it won’t have any problem as long as they receive treatment in time. Do not stay up late for study and work as this will bring serious safety risks. Whether go out with friends or have family trip, it will be very beneficial to physical and mental health.
Rat Zodiac Eminent Personalities
George H. W. Bush (41st US President): June 12, 1924, Wood Rat
Prince Charles (Prince of Wales): November 14, 1948, Earth Rat
Eminem (Rapper): October 17, 1972, Water Rat
Katy Perry (Pop Star): October 25, 1984, Wood Rat
Cristiano Ronaldo (Football Star): February 5, 1985, Wood Rat
Tom Holland (Actor): June 1, 1996, Fire Rat
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Questions & Answers on Year of the Rat
Asked by Stacey from SINGAPORE | Oct. 26, 2020 20:33Reply
Fire Rat 7 April 1996, will my career progress in 2021? And how will my health be.. im concerned
Please help to advise me on this ! I would like to know more about the above, thanks
Asked by VIDUSHI CHAUDHARY from INDIA | Jul. 15, 2020 00:51Reply
I completed M.Sc. in 2019 & gave exam gor &, PhD,but still could not get admission..
My date of birth is 8 April 1996.When will I get success in my career?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeremiah from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 20, 2020 02:26

You should keep the positive attitude. The prediction indicates that you may achieve some successes at the end of 2020 or early 2021. You shouldn't give up.
Asked by APARNA04 | Jul. 02, 2020 14:17Reply
Success in career
My daughter Radhika has just completed college degree in 2019 and is currently working as research assistant here in US. She wants to become a medical doctor.
She recently took medical college entrance exam (MCAT) on March 14, 2020 and did not do very well so she took the same exam (MCAT) again on June 20, 2020.

Will my daughter be successful and be able to get admission to a medical college to study and become a medical doctor?

Answers (1)
Answered by Brooke from DENMARK | Jul. 06, 2020 00:35

According to the prediction, she need to study hard and prepare for exam very well. In this way, she may have a possibility to pass the exam.
Asked by APARNA04 | Jun. 26, 2020 14:18Reply
Marriage prospects
I am asking for my daughter Radhika Srivastava born November 1, 1996 at 10.56AM in Baltimore Maryland USA.
She has had some serious liking for some colleagues boys during her college years. she just graduated from college and studying higher.
She does not have a boyfriend at this time as much as i know

i would like to know what are her chances of marriage and when? will it be a love marriage of her choice or arranged marriage and will it be successful?
Regards and thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Gavin from CANADA | Jun. 29, 2020 01:13

According to the prediction, she would have a high possibility to find soul mate next year. Maybe she need to have more time to join in social activities and make more friends. In this way, she may find the right person much easier.
Asked by Vishal from INDIA | May. 26, 2020 00:42Reply
Will be switching my Job, infact planning to move to a new role altogether
My DOB is 24th July 1984 . I am a software Engineer with 11 years of experience, and planning to move to a new Role in a new company this year, though in the Software field only. I am highly stressed as this Role is totally new , and I won't be having any experience in this , though I have started studying for it. How are the prospects for me to switch to a new company. And also how will that new Role and new Organisation, will be for me.
Answers (1)
Answered by Caleb from FRANCE | Jun. 08, 2020 01:00

Hi, you should have more confidence about yourself. Actually, you will adapt for the new work environment as soon as possible. And you will make some breakthroughs. Generally speaking, you can handle this.
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