1948 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Rat

Which type of Rat are people born in 1948 Chinese Zodiac Year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1948 is the year of the Rat. And based on Chinese Five Elements, it belongs to the Earth. So the Rat people born in 1948 are the Earth Rat.

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, this Earth Rat year is from February 5, 1948 to January 28, 1949. Those people who born from January 1 to February 4 in 1948 are Chinese zodiac Fire Pig.


Lucky Signs for 1948 Earth Rat

Lucky numbers: 2, 3

Lucky colors: blue, gold, green


2021 Horoscope for Earth Rat Born in 1948

Most Earth Rat people born in 1948 has retired in the year of 2021. The Rat fortune in 2021 shows that it will be easy for them to get some honors or benefits on policy. If they have enough energy, they are suggested to start own business, which may bring small achievements to them. 

The love life between they and their partners will be stable in the whole year. Even if there are several quarrels, it won’t influence the relationship a lot. When meeting difficulties in daily life, they are suggested to solve them together. 

In 2021, Earth Rat people should pay much attention on the health situation. The chances of getting sick will be higher than last year. Generally speaking, people at this age need to take physical examinations regularly. Maybe some of them may often fall into loneliness and irritability. At this time, they need to find suitable ways to relieve stress and maintain a good attitude.

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Personality Traits of the 1948 Chinese Zodiac Rat

People born in 1948 Chinese zodiac Earth Rat year are always very realistic. Therefore, they generally do not gamble or speculate. They always keep their promise and hope that the same would be true for those who dealt with them. In addition, they have strong environmental adaptability and outstanding ability to adapt to changes easily.

However, paying too much attention to reality will make people feel that they are selfish and stingy. Moreover, they are often self-righteous and like to demand others with their own standards and ideas. They are foolhardy and lack long-term vision in doing things.

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Most of the people born in 1948 year of Chinese zodiac Rat have retired at home. But they are likely to gain more fame if those who have worked in officialdom, scientific research or education and culture, most of the fame come from their former disciples or successors who have inherited their skills. For Rat people who want to achieve more in their career, it is suggested that they do not put too much pressure on themselves. They can also help the younger generations to make progress.

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In their old age, their financial fortunes have tended to be in a balanced state and will not fluctuate any more. The wealth accumulated before enabled them to lead a relatively stable life in their later years. Due to the change of policy, their pension will also be increased. Moreover, they will also receive additional government subsidies and money from their children. But the elderly need to guard against being cheated. Health products must be bought at regular pharmacies if needed.

Love and Relationships

The Earth Rat will live a relatively happy life in the rest of their lives. Through decades of getting along with their spouses, their feelings have become very strong and their children are also very filial. However, they should better get rid of nagging, do not interfere too much in children's affairs, because they have their own way of handling things. They can travel with their lover to accompany them more if circumstances permit.

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Generally speaking, they will live a pretty healthy life. However, with the growth of age, they must prevent the occurrence of senile diseases, such as cerebrovascular diseases, heart diseases and tumor diseases and so on. When exercising, they should do what they can and do not overdo it. Be careful not to fall when walking. Furthermore, it is very necessary to go to the hospital regularly for physical examination.

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