Rat - Destiny by Birth Month

Best Birth Months for Rat

January, May, July, August, December
 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Click to check your birth month in Chinese lunar calendar.

Born in January

January is the beginning of a new Chinese year, when every family eats well, so the Rat born in this month may live a wealthy life on the heritages and lacking no food. However, the good financial situation may lead them to be unenterprising and achieve nothing the whole lifetime.

Born in February

Rat born in February may rise in the ups and downs, but can happily live most of their lives. They are gentle, elegant, and talented, especially in written, which may help them get a stable job in the government. But being timid, they cannot take the important positions. In their early lives, job may not be that satisfying and they need to work hard. They may get lots of help from last generations, but the heritage is not much. They can live in harmony with brothers and sisters, and help each other in many aspects.

Born in March

Born in March, when Qingming Festival (Tomb-sweeping Day) falls, people with Chinese zodiac Rat may not lack of food and clothing, but always run into sad things. They are timid and pessimistic with weak characters and cry a lot, but kind-hearted. The characters may lead them to live a lonely life. However, as long as they keep a peaceful mind and being contentment, the happy later lives are awaiting there.

Born in April

Born in April, the beginning of summer, they may live a plain but busy life. The base persons may bring them troubles every now and then, but they can solve them with good luck. They inherit a little and seldom get help from relatives and others. Fortunately, they may have a helpful wife or husband and have great opportunities to achieve success in middle ages.

Born in May

May is the busy season for planting grains. Rat born in this month may live a glorious life from their intelligence, fearless fighting spirit, and hard-working personality. They get little help and support from parents. However, they may get support outside the families, which help their career move forward difficultly but in general smoothly and bring them good fortune. By middle age, they may be a very rich and respectable person.

Born in June

June is summer. Although the sunshine is bright, it is hot. Rat born in this month may easily get sick from the high temperature, so they should better live somewhere close to water. Their ancestral base is very thin and there is no inheritance can be followed. But they may get help from others. The strong and tough characters can help them rise in the dilemmas, and finally achieve success in career.

Born in July

Born in July, the beginning of autumn and a time of harvest, Rat people do not have to work hard to spend a wealthy and happy life. The big heritage and rich parents help them a lot. Their brothers, sisters, partners, and offspring can live in harmony and support each other. They are broad-minded, generous, and born to be lucky.

Born in August

Rat born in August may live a wealthy life. Being smart, beautiful, literary talented, and wisdom, they easily win people’s attention. Their parents are rich and helpful. They also get lots of help from others. Their career is like the rising sun and may become more than more successful. They usually look good and may get a good partner.

Born in September

people born in September in year of the Rat has steady personality, and may spend a lifetime happily and safely. But they are timid with no ambition, and afraid of being in charge of something, so it’s difficult for them to be someone important. They are also withdrawn, do not talk too much and do not good at making friends. But the relationship between husband and wife is excellent, so is the relationship with offspring.

Born in October

In October, the grain has been collected. The Rat needs to find food around. Rat people born in this month may live a difficult and dull life without disaster but with a lot of ups and downs. Ancestral foundation is shallow, and the relatives are helpless. They have ambitions and good knowledge, but lacking good opportunities. Their goals may be seldom achieved.

Born in November

People born in November in year of the Rat may live the early half life difficultly and later half life happily. They may be not born into a rich family, so the early life is difficult. In the middle age, they may get great supports from others, which can help them develop fast in career and achieve success in a short time, so to live a happy life then after. Their lifetime as a whole has no big disasters and dangers.

Born in December

December is a nice month for Rat, as the food is cooked and wine is prepared for the coming Chinese New Year. Those born in this month may have a good family background financially and their parents love them very much, so they may live a life happily. They are smart, honest, and love to help the poor and those in difficulties, so respected by many.

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Questions & Answers on Rat - Destiny by Birth Month
Asked by Oishwarja from BANGLADESH | May. 31, 2024 17:50Reply
What's My future?
I'm a rat Born on 12 may ,2008 .
Can I live aboard and be rich and happy?
Will I get 80% on my exam always?
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith | Jun. 02, 2024 23:21

Well, you would live a happy life in 2024 as you have more good luck than bad luck. And you may got chances to show your talent so I think you may get good grades.
Asked by Dilraj singh from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 29, 2022 06:37Reply
Born on 24/1/1985 and struggling in my business. What should I expect in coming years?
Born on 24/1/1985 and struggling in my business. What should I expect in coming years?
Answers (1)
Answered by Dave | Oct. 10, 2022 00:23

It is predicted to be a plain year for you. Keep working hard and do not give up and it might be a great year in 2024.
Asked by Alex L from USA | Apr. 24, 2020 00:24Reply
What will my prospects for job and love be in this year? I’m born in December 7, 1972.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sasha from UKRAINE | Apr. 27, 2020 00:47

2020 is Ben Ming Nian for you. Then you may face several difficulties in career and love life. It is suggested to keep the modest attitude towards people around all the time. The harmonious interpersonal relationship will help you get promotion chances. For love, if you are still single, you are highly recommended to join in more parties or other social activities.
Asked by MUHAMMAD from TURKEY | Mar. 15, 2020 01:16Reply
I'm rat 16/8/1996
Will there be travel and immigration to Europe this year, new work and prosperity 2020?

I'm rat 16/8/1996
Answers (1)
Answered by Michelle from UKRAINE | Mar. 15, 2020 19:28

Well, 2020 is Ben Ming Nian for you. There would have several difficulties in your career and wealth. But you can make full use of you intelligence to solve them all. Thus don't worry. The prediction shows that there would have several chance to travel and immigration.
Asked by Lee from USA | Feb. 02, 2020 17:42Reply
Will 2020 bring better luck than 2019?
My 2019 was absolutely horrific. So far 2020 has been very depressing and sad. Will this year get better or us my bad luck here to stay? April 1984
Answers (1)
Answered by Ray from CANADA | Feb. 02, 2020 21:19

Lee, the prediction shows that the situation would change into a better stage in 2020. You should have more confidence.
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