1960 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Rat

Which type of Rat are people born in 1960 Chinese Zodiac Year?

1960 Chinese zodiac is the Rat, and according to Chinese Five Elements, the Rat people born in this year belong to Metal Rat. To identify them according to Gregorian calendar, people born from January 28, 1960 to February 14, 1961 are Metal Rat and people born from January 1 to 27 in 1960 belong to Earth Pig.

Lucky Signs for 1960 Metal Rat

 Lucky Numbers: 3, 5

 Lucky Colors: blue, white

2019 Horoscope for Metal Rat Born in 1960

The Metal Rat born in 1960 have a good fortune luck but they should pay attention to their health and try to get along well with their lovers.

Some of the Metal Rat people have already retired now, but they may still have a pretty good income. In 2019, they have such a good luck that may win the lottery. And there is also a high possibility of winning the first prize in the lucky draw. But they should learn to save money in the daily life, or there may be nothing left.

Their relationship with their lovers is good this year. But remember not to quarrel with each other and learn to tolerate and understand each other.

Actually, the Metal Rat are kind of mean, they do not want to spend their money on social activities. And they always leave others an arrogant impression, which easily leads to popularity problems. In 2019, this situation will get worse and worse, and even affect their work.

The Metal Rat born in 1960 are easily to fall ill in 2019, especially those who like smoking are easier to get pulmonary or respiratory diseases. For the sake of your own health, try hard to give up smoking.

2020 Horoscope for Metal Rat Born in 1960

The fortune in career is OK for Rats born in 1960. There won’t be big change in their workplace. In daily life, Rats should cut down their expenditures. Otherwise, they will not be able to save money in the end of the year and make ends meet.

The luck of health for them is not good in 2020. It is very likely that they will be infected with the cold when the seasons change. Therefore, the most important thing for them is to take care of themselves. They are advised not to go to dangerous places like river bank in 2020.

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Personality Traits of the 1960 Chinese Zodiac Metal Rat

The Metal Rat are honest, frank, and optimistic, and will not get depressed no matter how terrible the situation is. They have a quick respond and strong environmental adaptability. They treat people kindly.

But most of people born in 1960 year of the Rat are self-centered. They always think of themselves first. They are impatient, suspicious and kind of vain. 

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People with Chinese zodiac Rat born in 1960 have a pretty good luck in career. After middle age, they can easily become a manager. Their position may be relatively high, possibly a manager in political or military field. If they cannot become managers, there will also be a huge increase in wages. But remember that they must keep their feet on the ground in order to make achievements in their careers.

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They also have a good fortune luck. They can catch the information in the market, so it is easy for them to make a lot of money in investment. They also can earn a huge amount of money easily if they start their own business. But they should be patient either in investment or in business, or they may lose their money.

Love and Relationships

Their love and relationships are not good enough, there may be some ups and downs. The Metal Rat have a lot of admirers in their lives. But when facing some emotional problems, they often make the wrong choices. It is suggested that when they get along with the opposite sex, they must keep control of themselves and stay sane.

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They have a relatively healthy body. But pay attention to lungs and respiratory systems, especially for those who like smoking very much, because they are easier to suffer from lung or respiratory diseases. For their own health, quit smoking is a good way to keep healthy.

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