Which Type of 'Rat' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Rat (1924, 1984)

 Personality: Most Wood Rats are obedient and conservative, and they respect rules and traditions. As peace lovers, they seldom squabble with others. They are hardworking but in a lack of patience. Persistence is their shinning point of character. They are kind of subjective, but they are modest enough to learn from others.

 Career: Affecting by Wood of Chinese Five Elements (Wu Xing), they are imitative and creative, so they are always those people who put forward good ideas, but most of them are in a lack of action, and lose many chances. They usually arrange their work in a good order, but they are short of patience and willpower, so sometimes only half the work is accomplished. With more team spirit and persistence, they could gain remarkable accomplishment.

 Wealth: The wealth fortune is pleasant in the entire life for people with Chinese zodiac Rat sign and Wood of Five Elements. When they are in economic crisis, they have a few friends coming to help. If they develop a habit of making savings, their fortune in wealth will be thriving.

 Love: They tend to show their love in detailed actions, and they are not good at sugared words. Most of them could find complementary life partners, and their marriage life will be sweet and everlasting.

 Health: They may suffer some physical injuries when they are youngsters, but well fed and clothed in twilight years.

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Fire Rat (1936, 1996)

 Personality: People born in the Year of the Rat with Fire element are frank and outspoken when facing friends and lovers, but they may offend others unconsciously. Polite and sunny, they behave straightforward and not afraid of showing their real feelings. Honesty and generosity are usually their first impression on others. However, sometimes they seem to be rebellious under strict rules.

 Career: In workplace, Fire Rats are not shrewd enough in dealing with relationships with colleagues, but their carefulness and industry help them win much popularity. All their gains in career come from their sweats in breakthrough. With quite independent personality traits, they’d better get occupations like writers, reporters, photographers, journalists and designers.

 Wealth: Their fortune in wealth is quite stable during the entire life. It is wise for them to form a habit of saving money, which would be of great help in the future. Their luck in easy money is unfavorable, so they should avoid making high-risk investment or participating in gambling activities. In their later years, the financial status is well-off.

 Love: In terms of love, they always have pleasant luck in relationships. Most of them are romantic, with special charm and attraction to opposite sex. In their late middle ages, they may be lucky enough to start a new relationship. The problem is that they may suffer economic loss if they get cheated in love when they are young.

 Health: They are well fed and raided in childhood, but they should pay attention to liver disease at middle age.

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Earth Rat (1948, 2008)

 Personality: They are smart, acute, enthusiastic and flexible people according to Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis. Confronting with problems, they are bold and courageous. They love to take risks and challenges, full of spirit of adventure. In other people’s eyes, they are industrious, reliable and decisive. However, they have high self-esteem, even a bit selfish sometimes.

 Career: Their career develops smoothly and steadily on the whole, and they are capable of solving any problem they meet. With their own talent and brilliance, they could strive for a fruitful career. Anyway, as long as they make improvement step by step, they would be good leaders and bosses. Facing competitors, they need to take precaution against others’ traps.

 Wealth: Earth Rats' fortune in money is quite flourishing, and they seldom suffer great loss in investments. Most of their wealth comes from their daily accumulation.

 Love: They are passive in relationship. If they are brave to seize the chance, they would find their true love. In marriage life, they tend to show their care actively.

 Health: They keep a dynamic vigor from a child to an adult, but their fitness at old age will trouble them a bit.

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Metal Rat (1960, 2020)

 Personality: People born in the Year of the Rat with Metal of the Five Elements are hot-tempered and jealous. With strong sense of egoism, they are very sensitive to others’ views. Most of them are quite positive and active about life and their persistence seldom get frustrated in adversity. Meanwhile, they tend to be possessive and stubborn, and no one can easily change their mind.

 Career: Attributed to their intelligence, they can make quick progress in learning new skills. Once they set goals in career, they will take actions and efforts soon. Due to their outstanding eloquence, they could be brilliant persuaders and speechmakers. With nice interpersonal relationships, they are respected by people around, which may make them good leaders. If they can take good control of their temper, they may change their destiny and create a brighter prospect.

 Wealth: Their luck in wealth is quite favorable throughout their life time. As long as they devote efforts, their finance will be maintained in a worry-free condition. Besides, they are good at financing, which brings them handsome income. Although suffering accidents, they will not lose much. They aspire for high life standard, so they usually have spending problems.

Love: As they have a pleasant character, their charming wit attracts a lot of pursuers. There are many rises and falls in their love life, and they have a fragile heart in relationship. They cannot withstand betrayals and squabbles. If they give more tenderness and care to their soul mate, they will get a sincere affair.

 Health: They may suffer a lot of common sicknesses in childhood, but heath take a turn for better since adulthood.

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Water Rat (1912, 1972)

 Personality: In terms of Water Rats' character, they are alert and incisive. They are deliberate and sophisticate when coming across sudden changes. Shrewd in money matters, they are also observant and careful in life. Most of time, they tend to be introverted. They are born with sympathy and gratitude, so they are willing to help other people in need. Women with Water element like gossip, but they keep frank to friends and lovers.

 Career: In their destiny, the luck of career is flat in early times, but they can gain a lot of achievements at their middle age. In their life time, if they can seize valuable opportunities, they could make something eventually. With nice fortune in career, they are good at deal with fellowship; while with working capability, they could gain double results with half the effort. Their talents help them win recognition from big companies. In detailed actions, they are a bit hot-headed.

 Wealth: If they progress in a down-to-earth way, the money will come to them itself. They have a lot of interest in financing, so they have a command of rich experience in investment. They are adept at business, so they get nice luck in wealth in their entire life. It would be good for them to make some investment in stock and funds. Their Five Elements sign, Water, is also a symbol of affluence, so opening up their career with a partner would be worth a try.

 Love: Water Rats' fortune in love and relationship is average. As they are over careful, they prefer to be alone than stay with their lovers. When they are youngsters, their relationship may go through rise and fall, but everything becomes better when getting to middle age. Most male Water Rats can marry virtuous and smart wives, and women could find a reliable soul mate. Although their love is not romantic enough, usually they would harvest a long-standing relationship.

 Health: Their physical situation is quite worrying when they are kids. If they can put more time in regimen, they could build up their body in maturity.

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Questions & Answers on Rat Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by princess from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 13, 2018 05:16Reply
year of the rat love year of the sheep? im in relationship with someone botn at july 21 1991.
i am confuse if he is really my right one since he is the father of my daughter but we always part and quarrel..
Answers (1)
Answered by Aiden from SINGAPORE | Feb. 13, 2018 20:22

Although you have different interests and hobbies, you can give space to each other. When meeting difficulties, you can face and solve them together. If you try to find something in common, you will become more intimate. If you wanna obtain a happy marriage life, you both need to abandon your childish thoughts and become mature enough to take responsibilities.
Asked by Catherine Neal from UNITED STATES | Sep. 07, 2017 14:01Reply
Would a wood rat be better in a career as a cop, cook, or paramedic
I'm currently 45. Yes I know best time to start. Birthdate is March 7, 1972 born first 3 hours of the morning.
I'm at the crossroads of my career. I'm wondering if I would make a better security guard, own my own food truck with a pig (1971) or become a paramedic.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa | Sep. 10, 2017 23:02

It is not late to start and you are suggested to choose the career that you are most interested in. You will be successful once you are ambitious. Good luck!
Asked by Kyi from MYANMAR | Jul. 03, 2017 01:33Reply
I'm female Pig born on Sept. 13, 1971.
I would like to know my new job information as soon as possible.
Please answer me and suggest me.
Answers (2)
Answered by Larson from FINLAND | Jul. 03, 2017 04:05

Keep working hard and you will be able to get the good result after August. You have pretty good career luck and should act more positively. Don't haste to find a new job, instead you need to embrace more possibilities and carefully seize the right one.
Answered by Kyi from MYANMAR | Jul. 04, 2017 03:22

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your kind reply.
We got many encourage about your reply.

Best Regards,
Asked by EFF from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 30, 2017 04:27Reply
My birthdate is 9th February 1985. How is my money situation in 2017 and will i get married?
Answers (1)
Answered by Allen from BELGIUM | Feb. 04, 2017 02:11

EFF, you have pretty good luck in work this year. Work hard and there is very likely to be salary increase.
You are lucky in your love life as well. If you are single, it is very possible for you to find a partner this year. If you are in a sweet relationship right now, maybe you can think about getting married. :)
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