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Rat’s horoscope in 2024 is full of ups and downs, but generally satisfying. Their lucky month is the first lunar month, when they would be blessed by much fortune, especially in career and wealth. Their career and wealth horoscope is also great in February and September. For those seeking for a new job, do it in May and October, when the success possibility is much higher. The singles may meet their true love in March and May while those married need more effort to protect their marriage in November. The dark month is April, when their life would be full of obstacles. In June, they’d better pay more attention to their health and safety, when the horoscope in this aspect is poor. 

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Rat Fortune in 2024

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/10/2024 – 03/09/2024)

The fortune for people born in the year of the Rat is not very good in the first lunar month in 2023. It is predicted that they may have conflicts or quarrels with others. So this month, they are advised to speak and act It is a lucky month for people born in the year of the Rat and most things will go on smoothly. They intend to do a great job in workplace and won appreciation from workmates and leaders; in turn, be given more chances to prove themselves. In other words, they would be closer to their career goals. Financially, more income and bonus would be on the way, supporting them to live a worry-free life. The businessmen would also gain satisfying profits through creative sales promotions. Their horoscope in love is average without too many ups and downs. The bad prediction is that they may suffer from physical discomforts due to overdrinking and unhealthy diet habits. 


(03/10/2024 – 04/08/2024)

The Rat luck prediction in February of 2024 stays at a high level. Especially in career, they may be recognized by more people around and achieve some short-term goals. However, they are advised to stay low-key and modest to avoid causing jealousy from others. Also, be careful with their words and behaviors to avoid offending someone unintentionally and bringing themselves troubles. Although being blessed by good luck in wealth, they’d better stay clear-minded and don’t be greedy and impulsive when making investment; otherwise they would suffer a great loss. The love fortune is on a downtrend; they’d better be more patient to their partner and spare more time accompanying him or her.


(04/09/2024 – 05/07/2024)

Entering March, people with Chinese zodiac Rat sign are likely to meet some obstacles in work. Sometimes they may feel like standing at a crossing and don’t know which direction is right to go. At this time, be patient and consult some professional and experienced predecessors before making the final decision. For businessmen, it is advised that they make a thorough investigation on the newly met commercial partners before the program really starts. Their wealth horoscope is also not steady, so don’t invest a lot and spend money with a plan to make the ends meet. The good thing is that the singles may meet their Mr. or Mr. Right and the life for the married people would be harmonious.


(05/08/2024 – 06/05/2024)

According to Rat’s 2024 luck prediction by month, their luck in April is not good. Although working hard, they may not finish their tasks smoothly. What’s worse, their chance for promotion may be “robbed” by someone suddenly. Don’t give up and try best to do a good job, meanwhile waiting for another chance. Bear in mind opportunities are for those prepared. For the young Rat people, stay away from “bad guys” like those addicted to gambling; otherwise they may be dragged into terrible situations. The married people may argue with their partner over trivial matters. Be more tolerant to avoid the things going worse.


(06/06/2024 – 07/05/2024)

Coming to May, the horoscope for people born in the year of the Rat is going toward a good direction. Those seeking for a job would finally get one after several failures; although the salary may not be as high as they’ve expected, it would be enough to cover their daily bills. For others, their work tasks would be finished on time; when facing difficulties, they would be luckily to receive help from others. The singles may meet someone attracting them; be brave to pursue him or her and it’s very possible they would be paid with a sweet relationship. The physical status may not be very good. When feeling not good, go to see a doctor and get cured timely. 


(07/06/2024 – 08/03/2024)

The Rat's luck in 2024 indicates that disputes and conflicts may arise among their leaders in June. Remain neutral and try not to get involved, otherwise they may be that scapegoat and lose their job. If they are a businessman, read every term of the contracts carefully in case of being cheated. The wealth luck is not at a high level, so don’t dream of earning a big amount from investments. The health prediction is poor. Watch out for accidents: drive the car carefully and do not go to dangerous places. If possible, buy a life insurance in advance. Life is not always bitter. This month, their lover would give them enough care and support and always accompany them when needed.


(08/04/2024 – 09/02/2024)

This may be a bumpy month. In term of work, they may encounter sudden accidents and make serious mistakes, which would make them feel quite depressed. But they should know every coin has two sides. Learn a lesson from the mistakes and it could be useful experiences in the future. Due to the mistakes, do not expect any bonus. But the basic wage would be enough to pay for their daily necessities. The body would be in quite good conditions; just remember to stay indoor in bad weather. Those unmarried may quarrel with their lover over some unimportant things; think more from the other side's point of view and be more tolerant.


(09/03/2024 – 10/02/2024)

The horoscope in career and wealth turns better in the 8th month of Chinese lunar calendar. Even though, they need to be very careful, especially when meeting challenges; otherwise, they would have to return back to the starting point and start again. In addition, try to get along well with workmates to create harmonious office atmosphere. Businessmen should be cautious of traps when negotiating with newly-met commercial partners. The income from work would be steady; but they need to take care of personal belongings when going out. Some minor diseases may occur on them; go to hospital timely and get cured as soon as possible. In term of love relationship, if the two sides quarrel very often, then they may end with breakup.


(10/03/2024 – 10/31/2024)

In September, the Chinese zodiac luck prediction for Rat people goes towards good directions in many aspects. In career, although problems and difficulties may be still there, someone would help them solve or overcome them. In term of wealth, in addition to regular income from work, they are likely to make additional money from investment. But don’t be greedy and put money in one basket. The elders should spend more time and energy maintaining health. Whenever feel uncomfortable, go to see a doctor on time. In daily life, do some proper exercises to improve the immunity. The singles could expect to meet their true love and spend some happy time together.


(11/01/2024 – 11/30/2024)

This month, the life for people born in the year of the Rat would be full of both challenges and opportunities. The employees may find a better job; but the competition in the new company would be quite fierce; so think twice before making the choice. When managing wealth, don’t ignore the long-term profits and focus on present income only. For those dating someone, the differences between the two sides start to show up and they need to make efforts to help the relationship continue and develop smoothly. They themselves would not have a lot of physical disorders; but pay more attention to the health of the elder family members. 


(12/01/2024 – 12/30/2024)

Rat’s horoscope in the 11th month is not satisfying. They may meet some obstacles in work, which would influence the progress of their work tasks. Keep calm and find out the ways to clear them up. If could not solve them independently, turn to workmates or leaders for help actively. For businessmen, their wealth luck is poor in the later half month. Expand the business with both short-term and long-term plans to avoid great losses. For those having a lover, keep a proper distance with other opposite sexes; otherwise rumors may arise and ruin their relationship. 


(12/31/2024 – 01/28/2025)

This month, they would not have chances to show their talents and ability in workplace. Keep learning more knowledge and improving themselves; opportunities would come someday. The income may decrease a little and they are advised to fit the spending to income and cut the expenditure on unnecessary items. The office workers should be cautious of lumbar discomforts and do some exercises regularly. In term of love relationship, singles are highly advised to pursue love patiently so as not to scare the other side away.

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Questions & Answers on Rat\s Luck Prediction by Month 2024
Asked by Rooster | May. 14, 2024 06:54Reply
Hi I am a 69 Nov Rooster. Will I have lottery luck this year ? Please also advise about my health.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lori | May. 14, 2024 20:55

You luck in wealth mostly located on your career and investment, no lottery. For health, you need to be aware of gastrointestinal diseases.
Asked by Quit from SINGAPORE | May. 06, 2024 08:27Reply
Can I quit
Hi can I quit my job? Sep’72 RAT. Work stress disturb my peace and happiness and health.
Or will they retrench me ?
Will I win lottery ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lori | May. 08, 2024 00:58

It's predicted that you will make big progress in your career. Maybe it's a turning point for you and you may get a new work to show your talent and capability. You wealth luck is not bad, but it land on your salary.
Asked by Darl from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 11, 2024 19:31Reply
I am a wood dog born August 13 1994 what will be the prediction with in terms of travel abroad ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Marcy | Apr. 14, 2024 20:07

It's predicted that you are in the best health condition in July in 2024, so you can travel abroad that time.
Asked by J from USA | Mar. 21, 2024 05:32Reply
Relationship & life
I’m a rooster 1981 & he’s a rat 84. We only met 4 months ago. Love at 1st sight we’ve been togeather since our first intimate time together. Is this real. Is he really gonna be faithfully loyal & true? If approached will he cheat? Does he fall in love easily with all different different woman or can he be devoted to one girl?
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia | Mar. 24, 2024 20:05

To be honest, Rooster and Rat are bad matches in Chinese zodiac. But it's just a matter of horoscope and things may be different case by case.
Asked by Natalia from USA | Feb. 29, 2024 07:16Reply
Love life
I am a (female) Rat born June 8 1996, Me and my son are trying to get away from a toxic environment for years (my family/ controlling spouse) Will I succeed this year in moving away from them especially with a new love interest, whom I think I trust.
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey | Feb. 29, 2024 19:18

This year is good for you and it is a luck time for you to get rid of many bad things. Hope everything is good for you and life would become better.
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