Rat - Fortune in 2020

Rat Fortune in 2020

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Overall Luck:

People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rat have a not bad luck in 2020. They have pretty good luck in making money. They might easily pass examinations and get promoted. The 2020 Rat fortune in love relationship is also good. They may meet someone they like through the elder. However, the fortune in health is not good. They may easily get heart problems and diseases of respiratory system. And they are suggested to drink less alcohol and do more exercise to relax.

Rat people are easy to be more pragmatic or more indifferent in 2020. The following are detailed Rat fortune prediction in 2020 in terms of career, wealth, love and relationships, and health.

Rat Fortune in 2020


More opportunities, may get promoted

Rat people have a good luck in the aspect of career in 2020. They may easily meet someone who can help them get promoted. Besides, they might pass examinations easily and get some qualification certificates. It is a good year for them to study further, apply for a better job and fight for promotion.


Get benefits through qualification certificates, earn more

The people with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac has a pretty good luck in wealth. Rat people is easy to get the support of the elders in 2020 and get benefits through qualification certificates. They can also easily make a fortune from the financial industry. However, they might lose some money if being too willful. 

Love and Relationships

Possible love affairs, avoid going to entertainment places

The fortune in love and relationship is pretty good for people born in Rat year. They may start a good relationship in 2020, but they need to do some efforts or seek help from the elders. They may easily have love affairs in this year. They are not advised to go to those entertainment places and drink too much, otherwise they may easily be dissipated. 
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Possible respiratory and heart problems, need more exercise

Rat fortune in 2020 is not very good in health. They may have problems such as respiratory problems, heart pressure and other hidden dangers. They should exercise and relax more. They can also learn some breathing methods that regulate the body, or participate in some activities. In order to avoid unfavorable health risks, they are not suggested to drink too much.

Luck Prediction for Rats Born in Different Years

Age: 12

Rat people born in 2008 may have a good fortune in study if they can study carefully and learn from predecessors. For the luck in wealth, they can get the assistance and support of elders. The fortune in health is not that good but OK and they may fall in love with someone in 2020.
Age: 24

In 2020, the Rats will have good fortune in career. They may have both challenges and opportunities in work. At the same time, they will have opportunities to enrich their knowledge. Besides, they have the energy and courage to face any difficulties and dangers. They are not suggested to pursue people or thing doesn’t belong them. For fortune in love, they may face some setbacks. As for health, they are healthy but still need to keep fit.
Age: 36

In 2020, the horoscope for Rat people born in 1984 are quite good in some aspects. With strong ambitions and efficient work, they may get promoted. However, they may have some minor health problems due to hard work. They will make a fortune since they are in the rising period of the business. In love and relationship, they may have some small problems.
Age: 48

For the fortune in relationship, they may have problems in their marriage. The fortune in career and health are also not good. They might face the bottleneck in their careers and be uncertain of their further development direction. Their children will bring a lot of headaches to the Rats born in 1972. And they may have an unhealthy body.
Age: 60

They love money but they don’t accumulate great fortune as much as other Rats. The fortune in health is not good in 2020. They should do more exercise to keep fit and go to the hospital for physical examination regularly.   
Age: 72

In 2020, they should handle the relationship with their partner in a good manner, otherwise they may have lots of conflicts which may bring harm to the whole family. Also, they should take good care of themselves to avoid illnesses falling upon them. If they are still working, take the initiative to struggle for more benefits for both the company and themselves, through which they will get satisfying income. 


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Questions & Answers on Rat\s Fortune in 2020
Asked by Kol from INDIA | Jun. 13, 2020 12:00Reply
I am 13 Nov 1972 born. What will be my health, wealth ,career and financial situation?
Answers (1)
Answered by Andrew from CAMEROON | Jun. 14, 2020 19:50

In general, there is no big problems in your health aspect. You should know that the stable job can bring stable income. Thus you should find a nice job first and then accumulate wealth step by step.
Asked by Mahesh from USA | May. 10, 2020 19:19Reply
Career related in 2020
My birthdate is 25 th january 1973, born in india
Please let me know my career path in 2020
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellen from CANADA | May. 18, 2020 01:25

Although you may face several difficulties about your career in the year of 2020, you can solve them one by one. Keeping the positive attitude is very important during this period of time. In this way, you may find several golden chances to have some developments.
Asked by tse from INDIA | Mar. 15, 2020 23:04Reply
what is there in year 2020. for born on 26 march 1972. in wealth, career, and love life.
my birth date 26 march 1972. can you please tel me what the year 2020 for me in wealth carear and love life thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Peggy from FINLAND | Mar. 21, 2020 00:13

In 2020, the stable job will bring stable wealth. Besides, you can earn some extra money from some low-risked investments. Besides, you would have a large chance to meet your soul mate from social activities. Good luck!
Asked by Chris from CANADA | Feb. 19, 2020 21:34Reply
Wood rat career and finance
Mar. 1st 1984 Canada Wood rat. I seem to be having some misfortune in my work place. Leadership is very difficult to please. I love my job but I feel my leaders are very jealous of my success. How will the rest of my money and career be in 2020? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Carolyn from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 23, 2020 19:02

The situation would become better in 2020. You can make some breakthroughs in career. And the relationship with leadership will become harmonious.
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