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It is predicted that people born in the year of the Rat will encounter many changes in 2023 in many aspects. They should be cautious and act carefully in case of the bad changes. Be low-key in workplace and work hard, which may bring them higher salaries and help them get promoted. Do not start a romantic relationship in a hurry, because according to the Rat's horoscope in 2023, they may meet Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. Luckily, those in dating may get married and those married can live a happy life if they keep a reasonable distance from the opposite sexes. They would not suffer from big physical problems, but they’d better care more about the physical conditions of their elder family members. 

Rat Fortune in 2023


Possible promotion; be low-key; not a lucky year to change the job

For people born in the year of the Rat, they may not be the most outstanding employees in their workplace in 2023, but perform better than most of their workmates, hence there is a great possibility for them to get promoted. However, if they get promoted in a short period of time, it is easy to attract jealousy from others. In order to avoid troubles, stay low-key. It is not a lucky year to change the job. Instead, they are advised to stay in the current company, learn more professional skills, and read more related books, which help enhance their competitiveness in the future. 


Generally lucky; do not spend too much on the date

In term of wealth, it is generally a lucky year for people with Rat sign of Chinese zodiac. Thanks to their good performance in work, they may be paid with a higher salary. For those self-employed, as they get recognized by more and more customers, their business will welcome a periodical growth, which would bring them more profits. In addition, people born in Chinese zodiac Rat year may earn a little from funds and stocks, especially after they seek advice from experts. One bad thing is that the singles may meet their Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and lose money on them. So this year, they are not advised to spend too much on dating or send expensive gifts to their dates just known. 

Love and Relationships

Singles should be cautious to start a relationship; those married keep a safe distance with opposite sexes

According to Rat fortune prediction in 2023, those having been dating for years may get married. However, while preparing for the wedding, they may have different ideas with their lover, which may cause conflicts. Be patient and communicate more with each other. It is not a big deal to give way to love and lover. The singles may meet some charming opposite sexes; it is advised to know the person well before officially starting the relationship, in case of wasting time in Mr. or Mrs. Wrong and getting heartbroken. Those getting married should keep a safe distance with opposite sexes and spend more time with their partner. 
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Eat reasonably; not a right year to get pregnant 

The Rat horoscope prediction in 2023 shows they would not meet big physical problems this year. But they intend to join more business parties and friends gatherings, during which they are likely to eat and drink more, which can bring heavier burden to their stomach and lead to bigger weight. To keep healthy, do not eat too much and try to give up junk food. In spare time, do more exercises. As for females, it seems not to be a right year to conceive a baby, as they may suffer from some gyneoopathy, although not serious. Also, Rats should pay more attention to the physical conditions of their elder family members. 

Luck Prediction for Rats Born in Different Years

• Born in 2008: In 2023, they may feel it difficult to focus on study, attracted by video games or exciting parties. Their parents should know this beforehand and take some measures to help them. They can be healthy and safe, under the premise of eating healthily and doing sports carefully.
• Born in 1996: In term of career, many troubles and difficulties would be waiting for them this year. Be conservative when making investment. For the singles, it is not an auspicious year to start dating. To keep healthy in a long run, they’d better change their bad living habits. 
• Born in 1984: According to Rat fortune in 2023, the high pressure from work intend to make them nervous and impede them to do a great job and get a higher salary. So this year, they are advised to make a consumption plan. For singles, it is not likely they will find their Mr. or Mrs. Right.
• Born in 1972: It intends to be an unsmooth year in general. Be patient and kind to workmates in case they make troubles. Keep a safe distance from other opposite sexes. Do not spend money randomly to avoid personal economic crisis.
• Born in 1960: The Rat fortune prediction in 2023 shows they are likely to make more minor mistakes this year in company, indicating that it’s time to retire and live a carefree life. Their physical condition may not be stable, so it is necessary to take a physical examination.
• Born in 1948: Most of them can live a leisurely retired life in 2023. Take good care of the wallets and do not make unplanned investment. Eat healthily and keep doing some suitable exercises. If feel not fine, go to hospital in time.

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Questions & Answers on Rat\s Horoscope in 2023
Asked by Silvia from BANGLADESH | Jan. 09, 2023 05:42Reply
How will I make right decision for my future?
I'm a earth rat born in September, 2008. This year is kinda challenging for me to study. I have to focus on my study. cuz this year and the coming year, I have very important exams which will affect my future and my career way too much. And I can't make a decision for my future. What should I do?
Answers (2)
Answered by Rosie | Jan. 09, 2023 18:12

Decrease the time spending on having fun, but increase the time on study and seek suggestions from those excellent studetns to improve the efficiency. Good luck~
Answered by TB | Jan. 18, 2023 15:06

Best way, keep concentrating on your studies and give it your top priority. No matter the outcome the result will give you opportunity in all fields. If you don't study the opportunity will decrease which will cause you more headache. Even if you do not know what you want to become or do, if the results are there you can decide later when you get the results because you might run into a situation, or experience more life which will dictate what you want to do as a passion. Sometimes passion does not lead to money but satisfaction of work. Sometimes if you go for money the job you do won't make you happy but the end result with money will overcome your happiness. Find the balance.
Asked by Cara from CANADA | Jun. 21, 2021 18:21Reply
Born1972 water rat July: Will I get back with my ex boyfriend
I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. We have know each other since high school and actually hooked up back then. I broke up with him because he can only spend 1 day a week with me and said this would continue for 5 years till his kids grew up. Can you see us getting back together?
Answers (1)
Answered by William | Jun. 28, 2021 01:35

Well, according to the situation, you should give up and establish a new love relationship. You deserve better person.
Asked by Janet from AUSTRALIA | Mar. 15, 2021 15:49Reply
I am a wood rat. Should I sell our house now or later?
I’m not sure if we’re making the right decision. To sell our property now, and build our forever home - which we have already paid a deposit on the land. Or should I wait to sell until the end of the year? And then we have another property which will title next year - which we’ve already paid deposit for.
Should I be more cautious? Or are we making the right choices as we do want to move out of this property and build our forever home.
Answers (2)
Answered by Eira | Mar. 22, 2021 02:18

Oh, according to the situation, you are suggested to sell the house next year. In this whole year, you can make some investments and save some money.
Answered by TB | Jan. 18, 2023 15:09

If you live in Australia, don't sell and keep. Value of housing will only increase and will never decrease.
Financially if your capable of keeping it and getting another investment properly do it, if not then stay in that house until you can to build your wealth.
Asked by Naya | Mar. 13, 2021 23:09Reply
Looking for Serious Relationship , Single, Female Rat- Jan 1985
When do you see being serious relationship leading to getting married female (17/01/1985)
Hi, I was born 17 January 1985 at 4:25 am (Punjab, India) I am female single/never married.

When(year/month) do you see being serious relationship leading to getting married?

Thanks in advance!
Answers (2)
Answered by Max | Mar. 14, 2021 20:23

The prediction shows that May and July are auspicious months for you to fall in love with someone and establish a stable relationship. Good luck!
Answered by jeanevev | Jan. 08, 2023 18:20

I am a wood rat what business that I can open or start 2023.
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